TWICE TV ‘TDOONG Entertainment Business Planning Team’

Ace and leader Assistant Manager JIHYO Tensed 324% penguin, Assistant Manager MINA Perfect-looking-yet-sloppy youngest Assistant Manager TZUYU TDOONG Entertainment Business Planning Team Ver. Manager JIHYO’s Special characteristic: Best ace of TDOONG Entertainment who has all qualities for a leader/ Manager JIHYO is working with a serious expression (Deep sigh) Q. Manager JIHYO! Are there any problems? I am reviewing the business performance report of TDOONG Entertainment The report isn’t better than I thought I am quite worried Ah! There is the data which manager TZUYU just sent I am thinking of reviewing and organizing it Do you want to take a look at it with me? (Cannot believe her eyes) Business performance report of TDOONG Entertainment Well… Manager TZUYU well … working hard She is from abroad She is trying … Yes… she will do fine, I think… Our Manager JIHYO is smiling but not because it is funny… T.T Manager MINA is doing something in the conference room. Manager MINA’s Special characteristic: She seems forceful outwardly but she is a totally nervous penguin on the inside Professional looking at her facial expression… (Nodding) (Manager MINA is working hard today as well) Of course… We hired the right person (Satisfied) I like her The thing that puts Manager MINA into trouble is… I want to know! I want to know! What is it? What? What? (Human magic font) (Human ami font) (Human old font) Uh…. hmm… Manager MINA … (loss of words) Q. What are you thinking, Manager MINA? Well. Actually… Other assistant managers told me that I ‘look charismatic’ or ‘have the mood’ I was hired recently (Embarrassed) I feel a little burdened I am too nervous to work (TwT) LFOBNI (means looks forceful outwardly but nervous penguin inwardly) Cheer up, Manager MINA! Q. By any chance, do you have a role model here? Actually, Manager JIHYO is my role model. She is so cool when she works, too She is charismatic and has strong leadership. She takes care of me well even when I make a mistake I am so thankful to her and she is so cool. (Touched) Manager TZUYU is going to Manager JIHYO to report something (Isn’t she the perfect example of a career woman?!) (Noble)(Actually clumsy)(Thud) – Manager TZUYU! Are you okay?! (Frankly speaking, it looks so cool, slow-motion + replay) Manager TZUYU ? special characteristic: Really the youngest member of TDOONG Entertainment, possessing clumsy beauty and cuteness / (Manager JIHYO is so cool …♥) Isn’t she so cool?

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