Turnberg girls on Family Feud!! ..the big ending!

Turnberg girls on Family Feud!!  ..the big ending!

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    all you showed me was the same old same old !!!
    u liar .

  2. That was stupid what was good about the ending?

  3. I'm a simple man….& nothing I'd like more than to be in the middle of that at 4:33

  4. I will always be cheering for people to win Fast money on Family Feud.i like to see winners!i am not favoring for winners. it is just a better feeling to see anybody win on Fa$t Money. most of is a very happy sight!

  5. It looks like a Soccer mom convention.

  6. I was thinking movie theater, cause I’m going today.👍😁😎

  7. MILF does a body good …..


  9. A family of MILF's

  10. 20,000 split five ways is chump change and not worth being getting groped by a comedian for.

  11. Where is the one that has the win on the first round?

    "There are three stooges…. Name Curly's wife" …

  12. Where the hell was the big ending?!? Click bait!!!!

  13. Yeah I figured movie theater dang all them blondies

  14. Hottest bunch of cougars.

  15. “Mad libs” first thing came to her mind. She needs to be a school teacher

  16. All them fargo womem. Give amazing dome…… swallow it to the root.

  17. Good thing these questions were challenging, eh?

  18. I'd break it off in any one of them gals.

  19. I’d fuck everyone of those bleach blonde bimbos

  20. did he say "Birfday" geeezzzz

  21. I really thought her tits were going to come out

  22. Michelle was a TV news anchor in Fargo until:

  23. Why did I watch this? What was the point? Who are the Turnberg girls?

  24. Heck, I just liked the blonde hair bouncing all over!

  25. I would have said Mad Magazine myself. Alfred E Newnan said it best "What Me Worry?"

  26. The big ending? How about a big dislike for wasting my time? Nothing to see here.

  27. Wowsers.those women are beautiful.

  28. They did an extra pause before revealing the total for "filling" for added drama.

  29. Richard Dawson would have stoped the clock and had them put at least 3 seconds back on it when that dumb ass buzzed her mistakenly .

  30. MAD TV….can I get your number…uh oh hot dog!"

  31. NO!!!!! Why are we even commenting on this??!! People are actually seriously making real comments! Why is this even a video? Click bait I guess , super stupid and inane Americans. Happy about answering dumb meaningless questions and jumping around like spastic fools.

  32. So who are they anyway? Actors? Why is this video even on here i dont get it? Because there are 5 hotties and no ugly dudes?

  33. One of these days Steve will get tagged for inappropriate touching.

  34. The Turdburglar Sisters!

  35. Who else is here because of five hot blondes?

  36. WTF! I thought something was gonna pop out of a shirt, or we were going to get a quick money shot!

  37. She was unnecessarily buzzed for sure

  38. That was…umm…not that big of an ending.

  39. they're all kind of milfy

  40. Mad Lib? LOL, I guess Steve is the first black man this GOP gal has been with since the time she banged her college basketball team.

  41. I’d be grateful if someone’d explain the significance of this video. I’d expected something funny, or wonderful, or strange, something *interesting*, but all I saw was a buzzer error that had no effect of the game. So what am I missing? I don watch the show, but it seems straightforward enough.


  42. I would not like him putting his arm around my wife!

  43. Why the heck was this recommended by YouTube. I have never watched any game show video and this wasn't even close to interesting. What the heck?

  44. Nicely done Steve Harvey

  45. Why are 50% of the contestants black on the show? Blacks make up only 13% of the population. That is racist.

  46. somehow they made this game for even DUMBER people than with Richard Dawson and the fat guy. at least in those SOMETIMES you had to name an event or something from history….

    way to go, Steve…….🙄

  47. In uk this tv show is called family fortunes

  48. And…. What the he'll was so great about this clip? What a waste

  49. The one in the red is the hottest one

  50. They are still all delicious!!

  51. nice. 20000 split 5 ways and then the taxes. wtf do they really win lol

  52. all that wonderful blonde hair bouncing around…..mmmmm….

  53. Richard Dawson would have her answer and counted the final question.

  54. I just wanted to be in the middle of these sisters jumping up and down. Hell I don't even need a reason.

  55. No Hattie Eley yes

  56. They stole 5 seconds from her. It is a good thing she won.

  57. Family Feud producers and lawyers sweating there – what if she didn't get the points? They would have to cough up surely as a voided contest due to technical errors?

  58. … what was "the big ending"?

  59. Fuckin nigget you touched her. Swiss German Portuguese says

  60. Why post this video?????

  61. Beautiful women! ❤

  62. Michelle is big time hot

  63. What a waste of five minutes

  64. what is a turnberg ?

  65. I once saw an episode of family Feud where the first lady got something like 186 points, and the second lady couldn't break through 200.

  66. the big ending?  of what? they won the money like tons of families do..  is it a big ending because they are all blonde?  WTF?

  67. Should've added a couple seconds when they buzzed her for the answer they actually accepted. She said they got paid per point so if she was able to come up with movie theatre, or car they would've been taking home a bit more.

  68. All those ladies are very beautiful woman

  69. I’d like to bounce them five broads up and down on my dick

  70. All of them are extremely yummy 🙂

  71. what was the purpose of this?

  72. Mad Libs… WTH?

  73. And the point of this was……..?

  74. She would have had time to answer the last question if they had not gave her a buzz for her day before answer that they accepted in the end.

  75. the Milf family 🙂

  76. Harvey is PREJUDICE

  77. Filling worse than root canal?

  78. Cheap-ass show, plus too much is in the hands of the judges. Seen some families get CHEATED, imo. A few years ago we started seeing families that lost return for a second try bc people started complaining when it seemed someone got short-changed. Judges now are a lot more lax. REALLY good thing they got Steve to host after so many flops. He's the best thing that ever happened to this show, and I've been watching since "Old Smarmy" Richard Dawson.

  79. Magazine ! #MadMag

  80. That was messed up. She could have answered that last question possibly bcuz she got buzzed on the 1st question twice & she answered correctly after the 1st buzzer. Family Feud… Come on yall. Pay attention. Luckily they won in spite of but yall need to get it together b4 yall mess up someone else's chance of winning. Every second counts in this game.

  81. were those blondes all twins ?

  82. I thought there'd be HOOTERS in this Video!!!

  83. Notice, she had a black Post in her tongue!!! Good time after the show?

  84. I'm still waiting for the big finish… ???

  85. Shrieking morons!

  86. Kick her off the ser

  87. I would love to eat a turnberger

  88. If I ever see you I'm beating you for 3:43 seconds. What a waste…

  89. Always roots for the black family.

  90. The fact B. By. B.

  91. My answers are as follows:

    One week
    Movie Theater

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