TSL Plays: Where Am I?!

TSL Plays: Where Am I?!

Does mine rhyme with His-ney-land? Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! Today we are playing “Where Am I?”. Here are the rules! – Ooh, yours fits your personality.
– Woo woo woo! – It fits your personality too.
– Look, it’s sticking on his hair! (laughter) Is mine a place active at night? – I would say no.
– Ya ya. – Is it a shopping mall?
– It’s closer to yes. – Is mine a food place?
– No. – Why you laugh?
– No no. Is it outdoor or indoor? – Wait, yes or no.
– Yes or no leh, hellooo.. – Is it outdoor?
– No. – Is mine indoor?
– Yes. That means it’s not outdoor. – Is mine indoor?
– No. – Is mine indoors?
– Yes. Okay great. – Is mine outdoor?
– No. – Is it a food court?
– No. – Do millennials visit me?
– Yes. – Yes?
– Yes. Orh, your face very convincing. Yess. Is my place a family-friendly place? – Am I easily accessible by MRT?
– No. Do you have to pay to get in me? No. – Do you have to pay to go (here)?
– Yes yes! – Is mine along Orchard Road?
– No. – Do you spend a lot of time here?
– Yes. – Am I a tourist attraction?
– No. Am I a date spot? Hmm no. Huh then go there for what sia? Everything also cannot. It’s not allowed. Wait, did you just say it’s not allowed? Sorry what? – It’s not allowed?
– What? – Not allowed to go dating?
– Ya ya… – Is mine a tourist attraction?
– Yes. – Is mine in central area?
– No. Is my place somewhere people will go? – Like it’s somewhere people consider to go?
– Yes yes. – Am I a food place?
– Have food. – Have food, have shopping.
– But it’s not the main. I’m gonna guess. Am I like Changi prison or something? – No.
– Am I? No? – Is mine on Sentosa?
– No. – Is mine connected to an MRT station?
– Yes. – Does my place have like a signature landmark?
– Yes.
– Is mine connected to an MRT station?
– Yes. – Does my place have like a signature landmark?
– Yes. – Super signature.
– Super super… – Am I a kid-friendly destination?
– Yes. – Do I have something to do with politics?
– No. – Is it in a mall?
– No. – Do I have a waterfall inside?
– Ohh. – Yes.
– Err… Orh, mmm… – Okay, I would like to make a guess.
– Okay go. I am the Singapore Flyer. Eh y’all don’t laugh leh, damn mean leh. Wow. – Do I have a ball pit?
– Oh, yes! – Huh? Ball pit?
– Yes! I smack my leg but actually still don’t know. – Is it connected to an MRT station?
– No. Inside got a lot of fish. – Huh? Is that your question?
– Inside got a lot of fish? – No fish.
– No fish, okay. Am I Jewel? At Changi Airport? (It was at this moment) (that he knew) Ahhh, why you step on my leg? – Oh my god, it’s gonna get even harder cos it’s like around the world.
– Oh lord. – Is mine in Asia?
– Hell yeah. – Is mine a landmark?
– Hell yeah. – Is mine in a winter country?
– No. – Is mine in Asia? – No. – Is mine not in Asia? – Err, yours got multiple.
– Multiple locations. – Is mine part of the Seven Wonders of the World?
– No. – Is mine in Asia?
– Yes. – Is mine like a beach-y location?
– Yes. Is mine in America? Hmm, yes. – Is mine a theme park?
– Yes. Is there a lot of pictures of this place? – Actually no.
– Don’t have. – Can you do activities there?
– Yes. – Is mine in Asia?
– No. – Am I an attraction?
– Yes. Does mine rhyme with His-ney-land? – That was fast man.
– So it’s correct? – Nice.
– Yes. – Does my place snow?
– Have. – Yeah.
– Yes. – Is mine in Japan?
– No. – Is mine a small island?
– No. Am I a statue? – Oh, I need to answer it after this.
– Yes. I think I would like to make a guess. I think my one is Disneyland. Wow, rhymes with Wis-ney-land. – Disneyland.
– His-ney-land. – Alright.
– Nice. See yours? – Alright alright alright.
– Walao, my pop culture like… – Oh yes.
– Okay. – Is it from a movie?
– Yes. – Is it from a movie recently?
– Yes. – Is mine from a book?
– No. – Is mine a movie?
– Yes. – Is mine a movie?
– Yes! – Is it a superhero movie?
– No.
– Is mine a movie?
– Yes! – Is it a superhero movie?
– No. – Is it very popular movie?
– Yes. – Is mine a movie?
– No. I’m the odd one out. I feel very alone. Is mine a comedy? On rotten tomatoes maybe. Hey! That means it must be a bad movie. – Is mine a superhero movie?
– Yes. – Is mine a kids movie?
– Kid? Yes. Is mine a movie that I will watch? – We don’t know you.
– How we know what you’ll watch? We are not you! I think you can act as one of the characters. Okay, I’m trying to piece the information here. – Am I a TV show?
– Yes. Oh finally. – Is mine an old movie?
– Yes. I’m just gonna guess. Is mine the Avengers Headquarters? – No.
-Oh shit, no ah? Eh? – No.
– Wait wait wait wait… No, it’s not! They are two different things. Is mine made by Pixar? – I don’t know eh, I don’t think so.
– Yeah, no. Is it a violence movie? Got some gore, but it’s not violent per se. – Is mine like a place where crime takes place?
– No. – Is it a kids movie?
– Yes. Does the place have an acronym? – Like MRT.
– That means no. That means no. Does mine have wizards inside? – Yes.
– Yes. Ha! Y’all trying to poker face. – People got die inside this movie anot?
– Got. – Am I populated by high school students?
– No. – Are there animals in my movie?
– Yes yes yes. – Got animals?
– Yes. – Is mine a building?
– Yes. – Does mine have a wizard named Harry Potter inside?
– Yes. – Is the movie released this year?
– No. – Is it very violent?
– No. Are there a lot of dogs? Does Batman act in this movie? Oh lord. Lucky you confirm! – Kinda looks like Chijmes.
– Shut up! It’s Hogwarts! – Yes.
– Yes! – Wow, you’re such a MVP.
– Wow, you’re good at this eh. – Okay, so that was difficult.
– It was damn hard, yeah. – I feel like a dumbo now.
– Not really. – It’s quite easy.
– Just because you got one quickly. – He got two right, y’know?
– All yours were easy. – Oh ya, Jewel.
– Ya sia. Wait, why are you holding a card in your hair? Eh, why did you reveal? Thank you for watching another episode of TSL Plays. If you have any other ideas for games, tell us in the comments section below. And if you like this video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and watch our other videos over there. Bye!

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