Trump ups the ante in trade battle, slaps China with more tariffs

Trump ups the ante in trade battle, slaps China with more tariffs

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  1. Rob to be Robbed ?…. hard to believe !.
    Let me help you to Find a Thief in your own Country : [Military Industry].

  2. Loser always have Stupid reasons to Deny.

  3. And which countries are going to suffer through, this and get punished by both sides.

  4. Great! It’s about time. China has Muslims and Christians executed daily or sent to re-education camps! F China. Everything they produce has been ripped off from the US (aided by Hillary, Frankenstein and others including little Adam Shute)

  5. You'd have to be a fool to think China wasn't expecting Trump to do this. This will be his downfall. Mark my words. The Chinese rulers are shaking each others hands today. They will own America by this time next year.


  7. No one but you dare to challenge China. Thank you Mr president.

  8. Customer is always right and since the USA trades at a deficit with China that makes us the customer.

  9. Quite frankly, I believe the President has completely lost his mind

  10. The better way is not selling anything to the many other countries and see what gonna happen?!

  11. China accounts for around 80% of U.S. rare earths supply, materials used in many high-tech goods, ranging from consumer items like electric cars all the way to cutting-edge weapons and communications systems.
    In June, China more than doubled tariffs on U.S. rare earths imports for refining to 25 percent. On Friday, Beijing said it would add an additional 10 percent on top of that tariff rate starting next month

  12. Were these companies complaining about China forced to do business with that country???

  13. Trump has the strongest political backbone I've ever seen! If I have to pay more for goods, so be it! I back the President's move and hope China's economy crashes! KAG2020!

  14. Did USS STEEL layoff 200 workers today?

  15. I support Trump!
    He supports our nation like him or not!
    China certainly doesn’t care about us!

  16. Walmart gets 70 to 80 percent of their merchandise from china.
    Not to mention all the dollar stores.
    I would love to see these people hating on China so much boycott Walmart.

  17. So thankful for my president!

  18. What a great President. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  19. If Trump had not started it, China would have bought much more from US. Trump's "trade war" is his political speculation with no economical sense. Now Trump becomes crazy because he is angry on himself for miscalculating at the first place.

  20. GOD BLESS TRUMP AND THE US! Love from Europe

  21. i will be glad to pay 15% more for everything i buy if is made in USA . TRUMP 2020

  22. I support my President. We Americans can endure, China gave us cheap goods that are not of great importance.

  23. I hope President Trump hits them with more tariffs next month and the month after, screw them

  24. I am from India I love president Trump very much for his hard working against china

  25. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Well recession here we come!!!

  27. Bravo President Trump, hit the commie regime harder, dont let it breath as it will retaliate otherwise.

  28. China will learn the hard way, that messing with New York Born and Bred, Red White and Blue American Patriot Donald John Trump, will not end well for them. What they did to Obama, will never, ever be tolerated by our Beloved President. If they think the Hong Kong uprising is problematic, imagine the unthinkable, when the mainland Chinese rise up against their Communist Regime when their economy really tanks from all the tariffs they are being bludgeoned with by the Maestro. Great balls of fire, China will soon know who the BOSS is.

  29. He means business. China is in panic mode.

  30. Winning trade wars is fun and easy.

  31. Thank you, President Trump. We're just sick and tired of yrs of abuse and thievery from China. Balanced trade, or no trade.

  32. it gets darkest just before sunrise…wait them out! I would rather we not deal with that communist nation…I would gladly pay a bit more for something made right here at home! I support local business!

  33. God bless mr presedent trump china is a thief

  34. Free trade doesn't mean unfair trade. All in all, China continues stealing American jobs and technology, which costs the US each year roughly $1 trillion dollar (yes, it's trillion with a T). This needs to stop! "The Chinese regime has repeatedly violated international trade laws and norms, and the U.S. and its allies have allowed them to go on for too long", says usatoday. The decision to impose tough sanctions on China is long overdue. Trump's actions send a clear message: China's era of intellectual property theft is over! Imposing higher tariffs on Chinese imports is the result, and it's the right thing for Trump to do.

  35. Finally we have a President that will not grin and bare it. I have never understood why the Democrats will stand up for about anything except getting financially screwed!

  36. We must stop buying Chinese junk forevermore. No more Chinese junk!!

  37. AMERICANS….fix your Trumpy Dumpy problem………….before others in this world do it for you

  38. Ha ha ha ….
    China will respond ! It is in their culture !
    There will be no trade deal until after 2020 Presidential election.

  39. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  40. More tariffs. China must be punished.

  41. Great! Give me more reasons to stop going to Walmart.

  42. Reality TV itellectual fraud does more damage to America pretending to fix damaged America.

    God damned America, the cesspool of white retardation clearly.

  43. God bless and protect President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence.

  44. I don't get it if we can put tariffs on China why can't they put tariffs on us…?

  45. If USA was your company and Trump is your employee. Would you fire, Sue or reward him? For me I will shoot the son of a @@@th

  46. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎆🎆👏👏👊👊💪💪Usa! Usa!

  47. American must realize the fact thst without some sacrifices you can't achieve the aim, trump is doing whatever he can to help the US great again, he must take on communist China who is in the way

  48. I’ve read many comments on here. Most of you are delusional. This is not pre-1980. Consumers are the only losers. Flexing muscle from a guy with bone spurs is a joke.

  49. Segway is now manufactured in China. I spent $800 on an electric Kick Scooter. The scooter lasted 3 months and I had to throw it in the trash. I'm done buying Chinese products!

  50. Yes, liberate China by economic pressure now even though there are bumps in global economy. You can't avoid going into a operation theater to remove a malign tumor before it develops into a cancer.

  51. president trump do not know about country economy, all his adviser should be blamed for everything what happening in the world.

  52. Everything that comes from China is crap anyway. Stopped buying their junk years ago….

  53. The tie that Epstein was strangled with was a Trump brand. Made in China.

  54. ? I heard that most of the fentanyl coming in is from China. Is that true?

  55. Fight back on racism, and stupidity! TRUMP 2020!

  56. Should have made it 30% across the board on all chinese products if you want to get their attention.

  57. So putting tariffs on the cgoods is not "putting burden on US Taxpayer"

  58. Slap away Mr. President … we don't need any of that cheaply made garbage anyway (or to enrich the garbage [businessmen] that took industry out of the US simply in order to turn a greater profit).

  59. china has been screwing us for years. this amazing prez is doing something about it and dems have their panties in a wad. it's like effing dems want america to fail.

  60. Weak politicians who want to be loved by EVERYONE, have brought us to this point.
    This is why we elected President Trump. He is not a weak politician – he is a strong leader.

  61. Thank you Mr. President Sir !

  62. Anything we get from china is junk anyhow ! Pay a little more now, or pay with your freedom later !

  63. Oh, Donald Trump, he is so AWESOME, no one can buy Trump!! Donald Trump is the best president the US has ever seen!

    China has been f-cking the US for years by imposing high tariffs for any US products sold in China and China was not even taxed or next to nothing for Chinese products sold in the US! And that is only THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG ABOUT CHINA!! China regularly steals many intellectual property on many products, and many more problems relate to trading with China!!

  64. Let them try an sell thier products that are the worst
    Made of any other country
    Go get um Mr.Trump
    Stand tall be high
    NOT like 44 the low side of
    The WORM

  65. Thank you Bill Clinton 🖕🖕🖕for lifting the embargo and giving China the opportunity to become the global menace 😡😡😡that it is today.🖕🖕🖕

  66. The president must be able to make the right choices for the American people independent of popularity.

  67. Wait for it …
    Here comes the fake Chinese employed bloggers with their mis-information.

  68. The President is showing he is determined to be a one term President. The economy is starting on a free fall and it is all due to his tariffs. The very people who voted for him are being hurt the most. JP Morgan said last week the President’s Trade war will cost on average of $1000 a person. And that was only last week!

  69. To cure a virus, one must starve it first

  70. It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to stop trading with a repressive communist regime of China which has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, as well as its belligerent bullying of its smaller neighbors in South East Asia and illegally building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same with impunity.

  71. Chinese rob the US?? You have no idea how hardworking were the Chinese for last 30 years.

  72. Cut off BOC and ICBC

  73. finally, someone has the gut to give china their own medicine. american must back trump and stop buying shoes, clothes and electronics for this tactic to work. basically dont buy anything. once chinnese become completely idle, they will come to the table to negotiate.

  74. China is winning by far.

  75. I am totally with the President,and like paycheck to paycheck guy I am ready to make some sacrifice for the good of the country and my children,so I hope that born here Americans rally behind our President Trump so we can win this new Cold War against the communists in China ok,we naturalized Americans are totally behind the President because we know what the communists are ok,let’s go mr President crush the communists inside and out ,god bless America

  76. The Chinese people are awesome, but the Chinese Communist Party Members can go harvest their own useless organs.

  77. and China SLAPS US back with more tariffs….

  78. America supplied itself and most other countries around the globe with food, clothing and weapons during WWII and we can do it again. Keep piling on the tariffs until every American corporation producing goods in China brings its manufacturing back to the U.S. That will result in tens of millions more jobs for Americans who will then have more money with which to buy American-made goods.

  79. Thank you Trump for getting the low to middle incomers to pay their fair share of taxes.

  80. Unfortunately running the United States of America like a casino. Will be looking at a bankruptcy in two years

  81. Be aware trade wars always turn to shooting wars, I hope Trump can work this out beforehand

  82. Now watch Liberals flock to protect China, one of the most murderous evil Communist governments in history, while they call US "Nazis"

  83. Avoid military war.


  85. Fox Business doesn't understand that China isn't the one who pays the tarriffs, but American importers? Or are they being willfully deceptive. It's one of the 2, and neither are acceptable.

  86. Trump is right. At some point we have to take a stand. He’s only looking for fair trade. Trade with China is not balanced, it needs to be.

  87. China is toughing it out by betting Trump won't get elected and Biden becomes President in 2020. Place your bets now.

  88. You go Trump you're the man you're the first president to stand up in years Trump 20/20

  89. Keep in mind it’s legal for Chinese companies to buy American companies but not the opposite

  90. Thank you CHINA! We don't want to buy your lead based poisoned toys…. contaminated meat… and junk product! America!!!! Get the machines rolling! Time to buy AMERICAN!


  92. Oh and by the way, China isn’t paying the tariffs. The USA consumers pay for it.

  93. It's unstoppable that some country will be greater than the USA.

  94. Mr. President, you got my vote.


  96. What good does Mexican or Canadian labor do for USA?

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