Trump Pitch To Host G7 Seen As Ploy To Help Failing Business | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Pitch To Host G7 Seen As Ploy To Help Failing Business | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. " I will drain the swamp!" said the biggest swamp monster of them all!!! He must think he's the king not the president…

  2. Money laundering.

  3. Why are we letting any President make money on any government affairs. No hotel stays at owned property or requred visits at personally owned golf resorts. And yes I'm no fool that other Presidents may have steered money towards family or friends. But President Trump doesn't even try to hide it. If you like this vote him back in 2020. Otherwise vote this crooked greedy man out in 2020.

  4. How many more violations of the constitution does he have to commit before Pelosi starts looking past her donors?

  5. Trump sold Doral to Putin after he saw bedbugs.. Lmao
    Putin must really be a moron to listen to a jackhole like trump
    Two clown shows…

  6. I was just watching your election day comments again and was enjoying how stupid you looked. I See your still at it.

  7. Trump's business is failing? No! I don't believe it! No way! He's such a successful businessman! /sarcasm #IMPEACHNOW

  8. You can't help your business by hosting a party there.

  9. What difference does it make if it's against the law, when the law apparently doesn't apply to Trump or his family?

  10. More so to line his pockets. Usually, former presidents wait until they leave office to make money from speaking arrangements. President Trump doesn't care about whether or not it is inappropriate for appearance sake.

  11. Deutche Bank invented a 20-foot pole, for people they wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

  12. Don't you get it, the 🤡 doesn't care about our GOVERNMENT! COME ON!! 🇺🇸☮️🇺🇸😎

  13. The clown doesn't care about our constitution unless it benifits him. THE THE CONSTITUTION IS ALL GOOD!!

  14. Oh! Bar and the 🤡 just want to rub it in the AMERICAN PEOPLE!! WOW!!

  15. I don't understand why the EU nations don't just kick the us out of the G7. They can let the US back in when the US becomes more of an ally, rather than a antagonist. Same is true for Russia, when and if.

  16. The location should be camp David , but why should any Leaders show up they know Russian creep Putin will be there . It will be very embarrassing for our nation if World Leaders get eaten alive by bedbugs at slumlords Trumps place .
    ( Camp David ) is a no brainer!!

  17. Use the 25 he has lost his minde.

  18. Putin requested the 2020 G7 Doral as venue. there are bed bugs but Putin plans to bug the beds and bedrooms of all EU and Canada guests. A gold mine of intel. why does Rachelnot look into what is the obvious reason. One knows that Putin is the real 45 and Trumpery is just his valet.

  19. Democrats are very quiet, they should grow a set!

  20. Hmmm, I wonder whose money Barr is laundering.

  21. Obviously Trump's going broke – Barr's propping up one of his hotels in December $30,000 to help his old buddy out!

  22. Watch, Chump is going to blame the immigrant workers at his hotel for the bed bug infestation. I bet in reality his hotel is a dump made with low quality building material.

  23. FBI, if you're listening…

  24. lets just turn off every communication devices when that person is talking bs………………………..

  25. Oh wouldnt it be nice to see the cops go in there all guns a' blazing in a Bust!!

  26. im siad to the real american people
    look a mexico , president like dubmass trumpeting'
    bin president for mor de 30 years
    finaly mexican people take awy
    but now ue people have eno like tha meybe worst

  27. Criminal president and Moscow Mitch side by side screwing America!!!

  28. Can trump continue to fool “all of the people all of time” to partly quote Abe Lincoln

  29. Does he understand what his saying , by the way , does he knows the meaning of G7 . Barr is doing this for trumps. Is this Barr really knows what he's doings. What else he got that did not failed? Russian influence.

  30. Mr Bedbug Trump will lie about everything. First it was rats ,rodents and now bedbugs.
    What hotel dumps.
    The laws don't apply to him, cuz he's the king of Isreal and the chosen one

  31. Looks like there might be another bankruptcy in Donnie's future!

  32. You Yanks have a great president….. not

  33. When are you people going to wake up? This woman (?) has been lying to you non stop for the past 3 years. This network is horrible for non stop lies and conspiracy theories.

  34. Under performing business belonging to an underperforming human I think human!!!
    Now that's surprising. Hahahahaha 😂 😂

  35. Stable genius is violating every law that was established to keep the office free from outside influence and profiting from the office. HEY PELOSI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!

  36. If there's any justice, they'll be thrown out and there won't be a party.

  37. Any respectful person would not want any association,with tht trumps, or their businesses!

  38. Remember when the GOP were screaming about Obama doing unconstitutional things every other month?

  39. Is Doral a shithole?

  40. Why do DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICA so much

  41. Yah right, book a G7 mission meeting in Florida in hurricane season. Barr's party sounds like a self-promoting fest.

  42. Why yall tripping? A club would be a nice place to hang

  43. Trump's sons are failing at running his fake empire.

  44. Tronald Dump sounds like "Looney, the used car salesman".

  45. Two words: Mental Case!

  46. AG Barr booked Trump hotel for 30k-50k, top law enforcement officer? So absurd, just to save Trump business from going bankrupt. Trump failing business everywhere needs immediate bail-out

  47. Trade him G7 at his shithole club for his taxes back to 1975 and his high school/college grades. And a dic pic.

  48. Oh No Fox and Racist Friends (AMAZONS, Jeff Bezo is pondering to buy your racist station in 2020). How Yall doing today with the KKINC? The Trump the King Klown in Charge of What? Oh Wait for it; Wait for it; all the King Klowns minions along with LapDog Lindsey Graham can't put the Insane in The Brain Back Together again in 2020. Oh Well King Klown Trump will be indicted and escorted out of the White House our Con Artist ILLEGITIMATE 45th Klown President with a Capital Asterisk for the History Book. VIVA Hilary Clinton whose still his Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. P.S. Please send the real Deal illegal alien Immigrant Melania and Family back to Russia With Love. OOP's I forgot Komrade Putin has his Passport ready for Deportation to Red Square where he really belongs!!!


  49. Hope Florida is ready for all the areas that will be closed off to them not to mention all the protestersthat are probably going to show up.. New York go's through
    This alot can't imagine how Florida is going to handle this

  50. I can't break the 1:18 seconds mark hearing all this nonsense. Ugh…

  51. Video ends without her finishing her thought or getting to get point. WTF Editor?

  52. I hope this won't  happen and the democrats should stop him and accept this violation of the constitution. No illegalities should be done anymore.

  53. How did this low Barr of law and order manage to pass the confirmation process? He snookered Congress aided and abetted by the quislings in the senate.

  54. Thank you God Fuhrer King President Emperor Lord Trump!!!!!!!!😘😘❤️❤️💕❤️💕😘💕❤️💕😘😍😍😍🤗🧐🤴🤴🤴❤️😂😂😂😝😛🤪😏😋😒😚🤩🤩🤬🤔😤🤫💋💋👄👅👄👄💋💋👄

  55. The United States has sunk so low. People should be screaming for this guy's removal. I just don't understand the complacency.

  56. Trump.isn't even trying to hide how corrupt he is.

  57. I don't see how it would be illegal seeing how he'll be a private citizen when the next summit happens.

  58. Fill the swamp, fill the swamp, fill the swamp, fill the swamp!

  59. I tell why Duetsche Bank loaned him 360 million dollars because he is money laundering for a Russian oligarch which in turns has ties to Russian Intelligence that now has "leverage" on a sitting US President.

  60. Trump should have the next summit at his Doral place AT NO CHARGE for the countries. Because it IS a good setup there. He can be superbly magnanimous and win points for doing that. i DOUBLE DARE HIM. And it won't be illegal if its free.
    He could also have the whole place wired, of course. Like a Moscow hotel. And his tax consultant with the unpronounceable name seems to be of Russian extraction…..Vacheratevanurak. Yup.

  61. Hey but Doral is close to Chrome Avenue Detention center and not far from the lovely resort town known as Hialeah.

  62. There's nothing sacred in the U.S. No laws/constitution. SAD.

  63. But But But there's no such thing as white privilege derr..

  64. Wonder if other countries would accept. Or deny ending the org.

  65. trump is beyond awful!!!! We would be so much better off if we could have kept President Obama. Why we are not Impeaching trump is way beyond me!!!!

  66. At what point in time does Trump get indicted for all of his crimes? I'm done with hearing about possible impeachment, I want someone to do something now…

  67. WHEN IS THIS A HOLE GOING TO BE IMPEACHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the illegal things and he's still in office , what is wrong with this country . it's a pity.

  68. Why tf Rachel didn’t tell me? She sounds like she got the inside scoop😂😂 is this bank ran by The Russians”?

  69. Barr has 200 friends? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  70. so now, how are you trump supporters doing now? You are all too gullible.

  71. My guess is that when Trump eventually does leave office, he's going to be filing another personal bankruptcy. We're seeing this weird phenomenon of the Presidency making Trump radioactive, which would be a good thing. It would mean the last time we hear of him might be as he leaves the White House for the last time.

  72. Smh Congress, Senate and the Constitution are obsolete this dude have done everything possible to be indicted or impeached yet he still called the President,why should anyone respect this Nation any more? 😭

  73. Come on! Pull the plug on this orange moron. So many legit reasons why he shouldn't be where he is, what is the hold up? And Barr is next in line. They throw their crap in the American people's faces every day. Make it stop.

  74. We definitely do not want it in Canada if he is still President!

  75. He letutin get away with helping his election!!!!,

  76. this trump is a criminal soon on trial , he will bug every room & putin will install all the pee tapes

  77. Doral = Bug Central.

  78. What's getting worse, not better is your sickening show composed of one conspiracy theory after another. Remember the lie that the Mueller probe would end Donald Trump's political career? If you want science fiction, watch the Twilight Zone. If you want political fiction, watch Rachel. Not a shred of truth in anything she says.

  79. Can you say Emoluments Clause?

  80. None of the world leaders would come to Trump's personal hotel's. It would be illegal for them too.

  81. So much for Trump being a great businessesman huh Trump supporters?

  82. Rates of spontaneous projectile vomiting have increased considerably in the past 3 days.

  83. Lawrence O'Donnell quoted one source last night that said the reason he got loans from Deutsche Bank even though he had defaulted on loans before was that a Russian oligarch co-signed the loans.

  84. how can this happen????? cant Barr be removed from office for illegal acts????

  85. Camp David is a legal location!



  88. Is Barr using his own money for $30,000?

  89. Perhaps it will all be under water by then, making the issue mute.

  90. It's just a PR scheme. He doesn't think it will ever happen…

  91. So next POTUS does an emoluments clause review and then demands the money back.
    The way this works is that Department of State picks up the tab.

  92. Rachael, Greenland????? What is in Greenland? Tell your viewers. That is if you know. Why is Greenland a focused asset by 2 other World powers? What activity has been there since WW1 to present day? What natural resources are there? Now about the Paris Climate Agreement… what were the ramifications of that? The actions of just saying the chemtrails is enough. Research. Not you Rachael. The G7 was in my opinion from what I say in part in entirety ( not cut up parts edited to fit a certain narrative ). The Central Banking System and those that have been creating the Global Debt Instrument aka Federal Reserve Notes for literally $0.07 on the $100 bill backed by faith and debt. As for POTUS not taking a single check as income , donated each and everyone of them to a worthy organization or foundation, and has used his own personal finances to help fund /offset the cost of many areas including a third layer of protection from those wanting him say expired. The task this POTUS has been tackling that the last four predecessors had failed in accomplishing so very much needed, promised, or just were incentivized to look the other way. Corruption is the key word and it was spread worldwide long before POTUS 45 took office. The #truthhurtsbutt. The mainstream media is a joke as are you Rachael. But on a serious level, the possibility of you being brought up on sedition charges and misleading the American people pushing your false narratives with no retraction after even being debunked is just yet more well I can't even call what you do is actually journalism. Keep digging girl and get ready. What are your plans when there is no more CNN Fake News Network?Crash N Burn. For fun, check out Zeducation CNN addition featuring "that didn't age well" on YouTube. The list of your wrongful, untrue Sinclaire talking points that were simple working against this great Country insisting division and hate and racism. Not to mention gun reform or the first step in erasing the 2nd amendment. Check out this vlog by my boy Lonnel Harris :

  93. I think he should hold it at his place . At his expense . He claims to have a heaps of money

  94. Worlds biggest ignorant🤤

  95. NUKE Mar-A-Lago!!

  96. Barr spending some of the money he made for the HIT on Jeffery Epstein!

  97. Maybe Trump is offering Doral for free ? Out of the kindness of his heart ?

  98. This presidency will go down as a dark chapter in American history.

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