Trump ‘on the verge’ of losing support from businesses: Dave Dodson

Trump ‘on the verge’ of losing support from businesses: Dave Dodson

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  2. Professors teach because they are unable to do!!! like this idiot.

  3. Cavutos interviews are simply idiotic…

  4. The truck tariffs were a failure because the US manufactures would not compete, foreign manufactures came to the Us while US manufactures leave. The tariffs had nothing to do with anything because they didn't come to the US until 1990 dumbass, 20 yrs after the tariffs were gone.

  5. Cavuto is fredo in clown makeup

  6. Trump is hurting China regarding soy beans ..or China has targeted the soy bean farmers to hurt Trump. Trump should continue to pay them with the tariff money and then pay them with those funds to change crops.

  7. Fruits and vegetables rotting in the fields because trump wants to deport mexican workers picking in the fields…Farmers miss us Mexicans

  8. A 15% tariff on all imports imposed on all nations exporting to the USA , sounds great?
    Just expect that every nation will also impose a 15% tariff on all US exports in return.

  9. Farmer lose about 1b or 2b a year and the rest lose 500b and this people focus on farmers?


  11. I was taught tariffs don’t work but I don’t think these countries left the US any choice. They’ve been stealing our lunch and laughing in our faces forever. Our politicians have been selling us down the river to feather their own nests forever. That’s why the effects of the tariffs are felt at all. Foreigners own the US in every way, shape and form.

  12. The only business support our President will lose are the American traders doing business in China, i hope those business lose everything.

  13. Cowboy trump, don't mess with the briicks. Brazil, Russia, india, Iran, China , Korea (north), South Africa.

  14. Thanks from China for the 30 year trade surplus. We bought gold with the dollars. The other dollars will be flooding markets soon, we hope Noah built a good boat.

  15. Fake News,, globalism suck,, America first,.Trump 2020

  16. US is going to the dogs. It is too late to blame others for your laziness and poor leadership. US is on the decline and China is on the rise. It is an inevitability that Trump’s silly tariffs will not be able to solve. Trump may not even survive the next election.

  17. The Art of the Deal …. Trump had 7 bankruptcies and will do the same think with the US. Trump will BS his way through everything and will take the countries with him. Trump is clearly the worse business man in US history and the GOP elected him. Trump's real base has had next to no advantage from Trump's tax cuts. The 1% made like bandits and the latest indexing of the capital gain tax cut will benefit the 1% even more. Republicans have completely repudiate free markets. The tariffs on agriculture has destroyed the US farmers. China is not going to buy anything from US Farmers anytime soon. Farmers, Trump has destroyed you chance to export on the world markets. Guess who destroyed the industrial base? The GOP with free markets and destroying all workers rights and until Trump came along, Fox News was all for this.

  18. So so sick of hearing “jumping the shark…”. If you get paid to speak come up With some original lines pence in a while.

  19. No kidding, greed sold us out to China and it wasn't just democrat companies who left and moved. Poor people & working class gripe about the greed of the rich and yet that same greed in them wants the cheapest price so they continued to support the companies who ditched us by buying those Chinese made products. I did without them or paid more. I'm not going to die if I don't have a tv in every room or if every kid doesn't have a cell phone or any game system for that matter. Stop sniveling like your woosies and be the tough Americans you claim to be, unreal!

  20. this guys talking too much I don't think he's got his economics right the country can rebounce very quickly as consumers need the product soya bean who cares changed their industry it's not the American problem that they've put too much soya bean hello changed the industry and I'm pretty sure you can use so you're being for many other things and start selling start selling to other countries I'm pretty sure a lot of the countries are going to be on the same boats because China is corrupt you cannot deal with China that use it a different system their system is to break countries..

  21. Lee is right on the money.

  22. No they do not change by the hour. He is trying to deal with a country who has taken advantage of us for many years. Stop trying to aggrevate the situation. He is not loosing their support. China is our ENEMY…support our president. Perhaps China is receiving bad advice from the previous members of Obama's administration. Have Dems sign the new trade deal for Mexico, Canada and America. Perhaps, you should call into account all the MSM that are trying to make nothing work for America. Pehaps, we should help strengthen our position by supporting our president. He is not ALL over the map. He is doing a GRET job….support frim MSM would help.

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