Trendy @ Wendy: November 5

Trendy @ Wendy: November 5

(dance music) (audience cheering) Okay, look, it’s time for Trendy at Wendy. We normally do it on Monday’s but we ran out of time because Irv Gotti kept talking. (audience laughing) I’m still exhausted. Anyway, welcome back, our friend Ashlee Glazer. Thank you.
Welcome back. Thank you for having me, thank you so much. Okay, Ashlee, I love when we do luggage, Me too.
But this is by far, in my opinion, the best luggage ever. I’m gonna tell you why.
(audience cheers) It’s like one of those old-school trunks. I love it, Ruelala– This is really beautiful–
Has everything amazing for us from Ruelala. Gift season, I feel like this makes me ready for my holiday travel– I want this color right here. These are Vince Camuto. You have the fig, the black, the cream. The four-wheel spinner, you just saw Wendy do but what we both love is the grommets on the ends. Yeah!
Looks so classic. Like an old-school, even if you don’t use it as luggage– For just life, yeah.
Put it in your living room and stack it, you know Yeah, I love that.
Like the old Louis Vuitton luggage type thing. How much is this? So you’re getting the three, you’re getting the 20 inch standard carryon, 24 inch and giant 28 inch. And they all fit inside each other. They fit inside of each other. Okay.
It retails for $1080. (audience gasping) Relax. We’re getting it 81% off at just $199.99 for the set. (audience cheering) A steal.
You can pick which one. They’re really good.
A steal. Very good.
Okay. Mmm, I smell something diamond-like. Yeah so these are from Gabi Rielle. They are set in sterling silver or 18 karat gold, they’re mix and match studs so each row that you see here is a set of three different earrings. Oh that’s nice!
So you get six in one, and they’re all different, I have on the moon and the star, you can put a rainbow, you can put a heart, you can really have fun with it. If you have your cartilage or second or third holes, just go to town. So cute for any–
Cartilage? Yeah this one.
Oh, the gristle. Yeah.
(audience laughing) You can put em in your nose too I’m sure. So you get a set of three? You get a set of three. So keep one for yourself, and the other two give as gifts, it’s holiday season. How much are these?
(audience cheering) The price is incredible. They retail for $136.
That’s a lot. It is, but we’re getting them 77% off you guys, at $29.99.
A steal. So cute for all ages. These! These are–
Cashmere. 100% cashmere, these are from Sofia Cashmere. I know how you love those foot massagers usually and just the softness on your feet.
Yeah. So these are 100% cashmere with the faux pompom, so dainty, they roll up and they’re super flexible so you can keep them with you for under your desk, at the movies–
On the plane. On the airplane, good for snuggling. And the bottom has a gentle grip so you won’t slip around on your wood or marble floors. Let me show you this, gentle, there see? And by the way, I don’t know that these go up to a size 12 like my feet but–
They stretch. They stretch so much.
They’re very, very stretchy. I mean your toes might be hanging off the bottom. (audience laughing) But how much are these cashmere though? So they’re 100% cashmere, they retail for $165 we are getting them 69% off at just 49.99, very good. These are a perfect gift for anybody in your life. They really are.
They’re so good. Mmm the neck. This is from L’Core Paris, this is a Wrinkless Neck. Wrinkless–
Oh we gotta hold it down. Hold it down. Hold it down, it’s LED light therapy, which is the newest technology for anti-aging, texture, and it gets warm when you charge it and then it vibrates. So it’s very soothing, you just need it 5 minutes a day, you can do it while you’re watching Wendy Williams if you’re not here–
I’m doing this for an hour a day.
(audience laughing) You can do it for as long as you like, and over time you’ll see results– Oh the neck of it all. There’s red, blue and green therapy and the directions exactly what it tells you to the back. So this is very expensive. Very expensive, it retails for $2000. Now listen to me, just calm down. You don’t want the neck, you don’t want the neck, you fight it as long as you can, fight the neck. (audience laughing)
It’s true. 93% off, we’re getting it $129.99. (audience cheering) And then we have some amazing skincare. So this is Cocoage, it is 24 karat gold and chocolate mask set bundle. It’s a decadent ingredient, that is a magnetic mask. Chocolate is an instant hydrator– Look what it looks like inside! Can we have inside cam?
Cocoa butter, there’s real 24 karat gold in here, which illuminates the skin, radiance, boosts collagen.
(audience oohs) It’s like watery, juicy–
And it’s a magnetic mask. So it has the little mixer, you mix it up and it pulls the impurities from your skin, taking out the dirt and oil, inflammation, softens and soothes and then you go and put on your super luxurious cream.
Let me feel that. With the same rich ingredients of chocolate and 24 karat gold. You cannot eat it, but it’s a nice way to feel like you’re– Mmm! Satisfying whatever craving, it feels very nice. And between this and the neck– You’re set.
You’re hooked up! Totally.
How much is this? It retails for $2050, we’re getting it 96% off at just $79.99.
Nice. (audience cheering) This one’s for the home, so this is our Bobsweep Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner. Let me see if I can do it with my Louboutin, just to pop it on, it’s so quick and easy, lazy girl’s guide. I can’t do it–
What is that doing? It’s gonna vacuum? Oh it did work, yeah. It vacuums up the floor, so it has a navigational system so you can literally be neck rolling, doing your makeup, skincare, and this will do your whole house for you. Incredible.
All right. It retails for $899– Yeah but this is better than a housekeeper, you don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s better than a housekeeper, you don’t have to talk to anybody, it does everything, it knows where the dirt is. 74% off, $229 you can choose from either color. (audience cheering)
That’s worth it. Ashlee, you always source out the best stuff. Thank you so much. Thank you to our friends at Ruelala, I’m takin everything. If you want in, get these deals before they run out, go to (outro dance music)

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