Transmission #6 – Our Data Marketplace launch

Transmission #6 – Our Data Marketplace launch

Hi, I’m Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, and welcome to Transmission number six. Well, it’s out. We’ve got an exact time and date when we’ll launch our marketplace and that Is the 16th of May at 10:10 in the morning local time in New York Our pavilion design for Consensus is locked down and we’re completing our demos which by the way include robots, a car plenty of space for our partners, a cafe and more. In the final hours of the event I will take to the main stage and press this very button to launch the marketplace. That’s when people will start using $DATA to buy and sell real-time information In this last month people around the world realised that society needs to do data differently, so for us Consensus represents not just a moment when Streamr can show people our tech and what it can do But it also allows us to demonstrate that we have something new to say about how the world uses data. Now I should also say that we won’t stop developing our marketplace the day after we launch it. The job of improving the marketplace, increasing its usability, adding functionalities and encouraging more vendors to onboard that will continue for many months yet. So Consensus represents the start of continually improving the marketplace In that regard we’ve made several further hires this month Including Ben Sheppard as project manager for Streamr Labs and Katie Roden as interim head of marketing. They both bring a lot of experience to Streamr. Ben will help us develop new use cases with our partners and Katie is already starting to help us reach a broader audience. Also a few words about partnerships. We’ve announced a flurry of them over the last few weeks. We kicked off with Electrify and Ruuvi, last week we announced a partnership with government-backed R&D heavyweight VTT. Next week we’ll be releasing further partnership news about a US-based company. Now until very recently that company had been working from the kind of old data playbook. Each time you walk into a store or around the city that organisation would help collect and sell location data to advertisers. Now in the wake of the Facebook scandal and the changing climate around data ownership, their CEO wants to work with Streamr to change that and put citizens first by allowing them to take back control over the data they generate. We’ll say more next week, but this is the kind of partnership that shows how Streamr is really helping others do data differently. Looking ahead in the next few weeks to our other upcoming partnership announcements. We’re excited about cars, communications and what we can do for the world’s biggest manufacturers. Thank you as always to all our supporters. We hope you get involved in our marketplace when it launches. Just tell us what works and what doesn’t and finally I can’t say it enough we could not do this without you. So See you soon at Consensus Bye.

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  1. You make our streams come true! <3

  2. Robogasm! Oh man, I would really like to use the real time data of Streamr in the near future! Can't wait

  3. Last transmission was like a music vid, this time hes in a bathroom cubicle. Go figure

  4. what's the meaning of all this???? just say the name jesus..

  5. Very interesting! Can't wait for all the announcements!

  6. Love how transparent you guys are as much as the progress on the product itself!

  7. FFS dude!! ditch the stupid button and just tell who the partners are

  8. Hi Streamr devs, I'm a newbie in the blockchain and aviation world… but I've been following streamr for quite a long time.

    So I am wondering is it possible to livestream the data (in plane conversation, etc) in the aviation world ?
    I mean, we have lots of missing planes for example the mh370… and people are struggling to find the crash location and the blackbox (where they recorded the conversation in the plane + flight data).. they wanna know what has happened to the plane and they can't do anything cos the blackbox is missing.

    Is it possible in the future we can use the blockchain to livestream + store the data in a fast speed?? so we are able to know everything which is happening to the plane at any time. So if the plane crashed / missing, we don't need to find the blackbox to uncover what was happening in the flight.

  9. Henri! Thanks for the honest and open messages to your supports!! Peace!!!

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