Transmission #5 – The Data Marketplace is getting built way ahead of time

Hello, I’m Henri Pihkala – CEO at Streamr. I’d like to welcome you to Transmission 5. This week, I’m in London to give a talk on Streamr’s technical development. If you’ve been watching updates of that talk on Twitter, you’ll already know that I released some exciting news. Thanks to the brilliant dedication of the development and design team, we’ve managed to halve the time we thought it would take to build our Marketplace. Now, we’re happy to confirm that our Marketplace will be functional by the end of Q2. But what does this mean for the Streamr community? Well, firstly, in a matter of months, we’ll have participants on the Marketplace. That means people buying and selling data. In the last few months, our partnership team has been working hard to sign up key players, including data providers. Now their efforts are starting to show real results. I’ll talk more about that at the end of the video, so hang in there. Releasing the Marketplace also means that the companies and organisations trading information on our platform will use DATA coin to make those trades. When I said in Transmission 3 that this will be a fully functional Marketplace, not a prototype, I really meant it. When the Marketplace launches within the next three months, we hope that hundreds and soon thousands of buyers and sellers of real-time information will be using DATA coin to make transactions. Ensuring full utility for DATA coin is something we discussed back in our “all hands” meet up in January. We wanted to stand out from the hundreds of other projects out there whose tokens are currently speculative only and have no utility. There’ll be no clearer demonstration of our token’s full utility when the Marketplace is launched in under 15 weeks and Streamr has an opportunity to really start disrupting real-time data markets worth hundreds of billions. Okay, so while that’s super exciting news, that’s not all that’s happened in the last month. So, let me give you a quick roundup before telling you what’s been happening with partnerships. Firstly, we’ve made multiple hires over the last few weeks. I told you about the set up of Streamr Labs in Transmission 4. That meant six new people for Streamr’s technical development. But we’ve made hires on the biz dev front as well. They include Carl Rodrigues, Anders Eklund and Ilmari Kontulainen. All of them bring different talents, contacts, and skills to the table and so I welcome them to the Streamr family. Secondly, we’ve started to roll out our new brand. Thank you! We told you a few months ago that we were working on this. Well, this week our community in London got an exclusive look at the new logo. Our website, applications and other assets will start to change over the next few weeks and the new brand will be right at the heart of our Marketplace user interface when it launches in the next quarter. Congrats to our Chief Design Officer Matt Innes for getting this over the line. We also repurposed our Rocket Chat to make it a place for technical and business development. We’re going to be promoting the channel with some interesting giveaways so be sure to sign up. Last week we also migrated our blog to Medium. If I can ask a favour from our dedicated supporters that would be to show us some love and get clapping on the blog posts you like most. Finally, let’s talk about partnerships. Lots of people in our community have been asking about that and I mentioned how busy our biz dev team has been. Happily, we can now announce that we have more than half a dozen in the bag. These include longer term R&D partnerships with smaller crypto and open source projects as well as intimate cooperation with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Starting this week, and over the next eight weeks, we are going to be revealing who those partners are. So stay tuned! And if you want to be the first to know what’s going on be sure to sign up to our many social media platforms. Bye!

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