Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?

Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?

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  1. Make sure is 8.50 – 5 = 3.5 NOT"5.00-8.50 = Negative" lol, other than that thank you:)

  2. Easy to understand explanation…thank you!

  3. where do dividend come into?

  4. So when you sell a stock you only get the gains or you get the stock price and the gains ?

  5. Hi can you please explain how I get/ find a broker are they actual people or a computer system

  6. And when you buy a portion of the company do you get a portion of the revenue or profit

  7. Sooo… it’s kinda of the same concept of buying an item and flipping it to change the value. Then, selling it and harvesting the change in value minus what you invested initially…. except there’s no work to flip it.

  8. Do u have to gain more money than your original price like if u buy a share by 10 dollars do u have to sell it if it becomes 21 dollars then u benefit 1$

  9. Can you buy stocks directly from a company ?

  10. How does company determine how manny stocks it’s has for sale I’m confused ?

  11. Another great video

  12. What is the broker getting from all of this? I doubt that the person that created it did it for free.

  13. Chef Ramsay just called and wanted me to let you know that the pepperoni slice is overcooked

  14. I understand this stuff now. Thank you

  15. Did billy bod just get $3.50 for $5.00

  16. Anyone into stocks that is willing to share their knowledge?

  17. What happens when nobody is buying, can you just do nothing with the stock?

  18. thanks man for such a great video! you are awesome.

  19. I love video that are very basic, and everybody could understand. Keep it up

  20. So thankful for these videos. Started a marketing class in my last year and felt it was way above my head until I found these

  21. Great Advice Keep Up The Good Work

  22. Do the brokers have any profit from my transaction with someone else ? For example let's just take your example with the pizza slice from the video , I bought it 5$ and i am selling it 8.5$ . So does the broker have any profit like a percentage of my transaction ?

  23. Hey what is a broker? And if it is a person, what percentage does the broke get from the profit?

  24. Does the broker then take commission? Is that how the brokers make money?
    So for example BB sells his share for 8.50, making a profit of 3.50, however he won’t receive the full 3.50, say for example the broker takes 10% of the 3.50 profit, meaning he would take 0.35, so BB would only receive 3.15 of the profit?

  25. What if no body Wants to buy your stock?

  26. So you can only make money if you trade your stock?

  27. I have a real question for you. Where do I buy stocks if I don't make enough to hire a broker? Let's say I only have an entry-level job or am self-employed. Don't you usually have to buy portfolios, and aren't they expensive?

  28. hello, i have been learning to trade stocks from your videos….was wandering if you could igive me an email to contact incase i have some questions…thanks

  29. What broker should you get

  30. Now all I want is to eat pizza. Thanks.

  31. I have a question. Buyers or seller are supposed to buy fees for broker online. The transaction cant happen for free I guess. Is that true?

  32. I am curious to know how stock market deals with time so necessary? If there is huge lost in selling, can we wait for little time? I will be appreciated if you kindly explain to all?

  33. lol heard pizza and nothing was making sense but after watching part one and coming back I feel wayyy smarter now 👍🏼

  34. It's just like the grand exchange from runescape lol

  35. Hey i want to start trading but i live in Norway and Just turned 18, where and how can i start? What app can i use

  36. i know stock and you just mess me all up LOL i was told to look you up LOL

  37. $3.50 is going to my account. Understood.
    What about the remaining $5.00?


  38. Such a great way to explain something with pizzas

  39. U give wayyyyy to many irrelevant examples. Dont go on and on about the same examples. And quit repeating the same thing, seriously

  40. Thank you, for explaining to me how stocks work. I was scammed by individuals from a company whose name I don't even remember and this is why I don't trust binary options anymore because scams are unfortunately all too common in the field of binary options. Dishonest brokers and reviews, or rigged robots and other auto trading services – the scams can come in many forms.

  41. The stock market seems like its just legal gambling and a big pyramid scheme. Who ever is on top of the pyramid stays on top

  42. This was such a great video. I learned so much.

  43. Wish they’d teach this in high school

  44. Hi, as you talked about the broker in the video, once the online broker is connecting the seller to the buyer, is it charge any money?

  45. How do dividends work?

  46. I got an assigment to submit by tomorrow but I prefer to spend my time here

  47. This dude cant snap hahahahahha

  48. I just relearned that economics class i did last year

  49. Great video 👌
    But i have 2 questions…
    Who's in charge/who decides how much a share worth? Is it the company? Is it the app/program you use? Is it the public? Is there some kind of a math behind it?
    And another one:
    If a company can just make more shares of it self (as i heard mark from Facebook did), why would i buy a share if my percentage in the company will go down as other join?

    Thanks, and if you see this comment, do you mind liking it? So i can get ClayTrader to see it.. thank you and have a great day..

  50. What is the average net amount of your example after broker fee? How do the the fees work? Was the $ 8.50 the net?

  51. If you buy a share, do u still make money if you don’t sell?

  52. For instance, I invest $100 into buying stock. But then the stock’s price fall but I want to keep it because I think the price would go back up again. Then the price actually goes up, then I sell it. Do I eventually lose anything?

  53. This guy is the christian version of Chad

  54. But i like vegie pizza!

  55. i invested $1 in nike and have no idea what it js

  56. Why even buy shares because you technically don't own a company if you own a share of it. Shares have no physical value.

  57. This better helps me understand the Market.

  58. Hi ClayTrader! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Do you have references on how to find a broker? Theres too much scam these time and Im afraid theres many bad brokers out there. Thanks

  59. Thanks for this videos!! They don’t teach us this in my scool

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