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Meet George, a sales executive at a big company that sales plastic bottles. his job is to increase the company’s
sales and exports so George registers in a b2b marketplace
uploads his products and waits for buyers to find him and by
waiting we mean a lot of waiting. on the other
side of the world is Jill a purchasing executive in a
company that sources plastic bottles her job is to find the best suppliers, so
she visits a b2b marketplace and searches for plastic bottle suppliers she gets 10 million suppliers one of them is george but she doesn’t
know anything about the product quality or the delivery performance of them. They’ve both are frustrated and
desperate for a solution Until the moment they found Tradescraper. Tradescraper is a professional
networking platform for b2b e-commerce. At Tradescraper George doesn’t have to
wait anymore; he can search connect and engage with potential
customers. So he finds Jill and submits a price
quote for plastic bottles.Jill on the other
hand, can verify the suppliers that she found through her network and can acquire reviews and supplier
evaluation scorecards. so she verifies George and does business
safely with George’s company. Furthermore George and Jill can see
important analytics about their business. They can
find and understand their target group, see the
bounce ratesof their product, evaluate their performance on selling
and buying analyze the engagement with their
connections, customers, partners and many more. If you want to do
business just like George and Jill, register now for free at networking
e-commerce and analytics for b2b enterprises.

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  1. That's a very good idea. 

  2. An innovation in B2B E-Commerce for the international trade, by our company. See our video and waiting for your thoughts and comments about it.

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