Toyota pledges $391 million for new US plant as GM workers strike

Toyota pledges $391 million for new US plant as GM workers strike

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  1. Theres a lot of knowledge and talent on those picketlines good job Toyota

  2. Toyota USA used to be based in California, but taxes and costs drove them to move to Texas.

  3. Toyota should takeover the 5 GM plants that shutdown.

  4. More jobs in America ! Thank you Toyota for investing in America. Trump 2020 !

  5. Whens the new Tacoma going to launch? Time the US built a Truck that doesn't get recalled every 5 minutes ROFL!!

  6. People say they make 64 a hour with benefits but its probably 9.65 after union dues. Cigars and golf trips for those hard working union reps ain't cheap people!!!

  7. I’m buying Toyota.

  8. please build it in San Diego

  9. God bless you my black brother 🙏

  10. DO NOT hire any of these strikers.

  11. GM needs to pay back the billions they owe to the american people!

  12. Think i will buy that tundra this year……

  13. $63 Ph with Benefits & they want more. Greedy Bastards!!!!

  14. Toyota, more American than Chevy?

  15. That’s it GM moving to China completely !!! No strikes no drama 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ !!!!!!! Toyota ppl smart by going to Conservative state 👍❤️🇺🇸

  16. If we enter a recession, GM, Chrysler,, and Ford will request another package to get bailed out. I say screw them.

  17. Toyota simply a better reliable vehicle and resale. GM straight up Junk😂

  18. As a native Texan, I believe Toyota is much more of an American company then GM anyways.

  19. Love my Toyota Tacoma assembled right there at TMMTX!

  20. GM should have never been bailed out, they make some of the worst vehicles ever made and they betrayed the American worker by opening plants in other countries, I hope they go out of business permanently

  21. maybe just maybe UAW is the problem U.S auto manufacturing

  22. Toyota makes better Truck (long-term) than Government Motors

  23. The first company I worked for was Toyota and I really should've stayed with them. Great company that stands behind their product.

  24. Toyota = dependable. 😎

  25. Texas attracts businesses, California drives them away. Imagine that!

  26. I will gladly drive my Chevy over Japanese crap.

  27. japan has black people?

  28. Toyota is building a new plant here in north Alabama that they say will hire 4000 people. It's about 2 miles from my front door and its going to be huge. They have a plant right down the road that has been building the engines for a few years now. Polaris built a plant right up the road about a year ago. Not much union stuff down here but there is jobs.

  29. Texas LOVES Toyota! Great Company, Great Vehicles!
    I own TWO Texas Toyota, best cars I've ever owen!

  30. I guess average GM worker get $60 per hour including all benefits. Not sure how true that is but if so that’s a lot to charge arm and a leg for a crappy product at the end of that assembly line.

  31. Sat GM is now the largest corporate welfare recipient in America while making billions of dollars. Figure that one out? Good for Toyota.

  32. I used to be a Chevy person, not interested in buying any other brand. Somewhere in the 90's my Chevys started leaving me with my family on the side of the road at the worst times. Transmission failures and throwing serpentine belts became standard. I drive only vehicles built in America, like the three affordable, reliable cars I own today are Toyota, Honda, and Kia.

  33. Quite the coincidence that two weeks after Abe and trump come to a trade agreement Toyota announces this investment. It’s not by coincidence actually.

    President trump and president Abe have a strong relationship and Toyota motor company has a big influence on the Japanese government.

    That is a fact !

  34. Thank you president trump and president Abe !

  35. GM is the Joe Biden of car makers.

  36. Sometimes USA made is japanese. Doesn't matter as long as it keeps Americans working.

  37. I’m on the edge of not buying anymore GM products and going to Toyota, GM reliability is crap anymore and you see Toyota’s lasting much longer all the time.

  38. I have been buying Toyota pickups since 1977. Never regretted it. Will never buy American vehicles.

  39. Law should work, unions are a no go, been there first hand, teach you how to do nothing but walk on the job and get paid for work, I have no kudos for unions or lawless
    people no unions and no Cecil Rhodes scholarships! Go do your history see the truth!

  40. I've always been a Chevy guy, but it's time to go. I personally would rather see the Unions go, but they can't legally get rid of them.

  41. I have a VooDoo blue TRD Pro 4Runner and it is one badass vehicle
    Only complaint is toyota should start offering them with a third pedal and a 6Spd gear box

  42. That's it! I'm buying a Toyota and Im driving to Texas to buy it!……..from California…😀

  43. Meet the NEW American Patriotic Corporation: TOYOTA!!!!!!

  44. Tired of winning yet???

  45. GM will bow down to the UNION. Watch

  46. Toyotas are far better then Junk GM vehicles.

  47. Who the hell still drives GM cars? It’s a shitty car company. People who drive GM cars are a disgrace and should be embarrassed.

  48. I am going to buy Toyota now. I am Asian, we like Toyota, but last couple of car are Dodge Grand Caravan and Charger. I plan to buy GM car but after research , huge percentage of car are from Mexico or others.

  49. Come on folks wake the hell up….. The plant has been in Texas since 2003, this investment goes to further automate the plant so not as many people will be needed. Notice that they are not adding new vehicles, so what are they investing in? Coke machines? Restrooms?
    How about more robots that don’t go on strike, or need healthcare or retirement?

  50. Toyota leaving Cali is a great example of how hate-based and ineffective policies formulated by Democrats for purposes of political power ultimately harm their own constituents. The media largely covers this up.

  51. Looks like the globe is noticing that America wants it's jobs back.

  52. the union is controlled by communists

  53. the union is controlled by communists


  55. Low cost of living, freedom, ability to improve your lot in life through hard work, no state income tax, right to work state. Of course Toyota opened the plant in San Antonio. People there realize a job that pays over $60 per hour (benefits included, but still) is not the kind of a job you strike against.

  56. Oh the problems of a wealthy country! Praise Jesus! I'd rather have more jobs than less people getting more pay GM workers asking for more money when there's people out there that need more jobs that pay that good money!


  58. What does Toyota Walmart wage jobs have to do with the GM Strike👀🤔

  59. Worker unions are a lethal disease

  60. Toyota has been the most American made car and truck for many years.

  61. In the next ten years human assembly lines won’t exist so they better soak it up while they can

  62. Americans are supporting japans Economy  buying Foreign cars and turning its back on Americans…very sad….My Old ford had 300+ miles was an awesome truck ill only buy American trucks n cars.

  63. Smart move, Toyota. GM, get into line; leave china and khazakstan; come home.

  64. Toyota sholud buy a GM…because GM is sinking in quality.

  65. Toyota $400,000,000 USD investment in San Antonio is very less for rich Toyota?
    Toyota makes Camry, Altis, Prius, Lexus, and San Antonio is attractive to Toyota. Wow it's like Romeo San Antonio pulled the strings off Toyota🤔!

    Toyota awakes before GM damage? But Toyota has huge supplies in middle east? Toyota is a Japanese company and is the Dalai lama prince of Toyota the incarnated man playing inside middle east? The sunni and shia brothers supplying oil to Dalai lama auto toy's?🤔

    How did USA foreign policy ended in auto-oil corruption? The past USA foreign policies are a whole of action oriented martial artistic flyby's of 🍌🍒🥝🥑🍆🥔🥒🍄🥜🌰🧀🥗🍿🍢🍩🍧🍰🍯🍼🍻🥃🍶🥡🥧🥣🥪🥨 making fortune🥠

  66. Toyota picked an impressive executive.

  67. We should have never bailed them out… Toyota is more American than GM.

  68. Toyota got out of California because of the Socialist Democrats….. They are thriving in Texas

  69. *Trickle down economics.
    *GM bought stocks back!
    *Hired no new workers!
    *Layed off workers!
    * And now are spending money to go ROBOT controlled automation!

    Labor unions suck because they try to help out the average american worker gain a good living and keep their frking jobs.

  70. Toyota… GTT. gone to Texas..

  71. Toyota is an American company, Toyota builds cars in the U.S. and employs American people.

  72. Tesla is more American.

  73. My husband and 2 of my kids work for Toyota… I'm glad they are expanding… You can top out pay in a few years making over 60 grand with no college education excellent health insurance and benis!! They take care of their workers

  74. People are sooo stupid. Im from San Antonio, TX. Family members that work at the plant. 391 million investment is "upgrade" the facility. No new jobs will be added. Robotics and automation is what will be upgraded. If anything people will lose jobs to automation.

  75. Toyota pays almost as much as gm without a union. And its easier then Ford or gm to get a job there

  76. Toyota and Japan great american supporters. There are people on Japan waiving the american flag everyday. Many Americans have gone full fruitloop!

  77. California should Secede from the union.

  78. I hope Toyota brings back their mini pick up trucks. I want one.


  80. My Toyota Tundra was built in San Antonio and is 75% American sourced parts.. a similar Chevy Silverado is 47% American sourced parts and is assembled in Mexico..

  81. Unions might have been needed before there were any labor and safety regulations but now they are a scam for sucking money from the members.

  82. Automation always for US operations to be feasible within country…. in no way assures job security and expansion

  83. The day GMC promoted the Sin of Homosexuality was the day I decided to quit Buying any of their Vehicles.


  85. Funk gm, Obama should have to pay that $ back.

  86. Thanks to President Trump

  87. Unions are likely the biggest problem in the big 3… started with good reasons long ago but now they just suck the profit right out of a company and give the workers zero reason to care about the quality of their work

  88. Buy a GM car and you send your money to Mexico. Buy a Toyota and the money stays here. Talk about irony.

  89. Toyota is a strategist knows the best design for the market and excellent in quality and services. GM has become a what?

  90. GM must be cursed or something.

  91. Sucks, means the new corvettes will be back ordered

  92. Have to buy a Toyota to buy American made….. Wtf

  93. well would ya look at that

  94. let GM fail. its past their time.

  95. Toyota builds better vehicles than GM.
    General Motors should have died 20 years ago.

  96. Americans and Toyota are in love. They should get married and have children.

  97. Drive American built 🇺🇸! Drive a Toyota!

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