Tow truck tricks: Don’t get scammed after an accident (CBC Marketplace)

Tow truck tricks: Don’t get scammed after an accident (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. why did that cop not write that tow truck guy a ticket? lol way too nice, and the ticket should be 600 dollars

  2. so does that cop ever write a ticket? or does he just say, "What are you doing here? what does the by-law say?" and they wonder why the tow trucks are always there….there is no enforcement of the law.

  3. I would of rammed the rented car he got into that lyons place maybe run over brain for good measure

  4. Absolutely no fear or respect of cops. It's like they are talking to a soccer mom and not a cop. All talk and not bite.

  5. In Utah we are on rotation. Only those companies that the police dispatch calls can show up.

    162 for the tow
    34 admin fee
    40$ a day storage.

  6. take them to court and have the media in the room and sue Lyon's

  7. I’m sorry but I would of walked in with people and made sure I was coming out with my car 🤷🏻‍♂️ 90 days yeah alright 😂 let them do this to me

  8. I glad I know 10 people that will tow me for free

  9. A lot of the Police are in with the wreck guys. That's how the Police make extra money. I know this for a fact. I know a wreck guy that's now old and retired tell me that all the Police in the area all ways gave him first grabs cause he tipped them better then the rest of the company's in the area. Said it was a game changer to his business when he started paying the police.

  10. 14:50 they did, he doesn't want to risk his job but apparently it be important for them to basically do what they gotta do to keep people coming back. basically once you fix it they are gone. There's no loyalty value for lion so they feel the need to damage then the referral by making sure parts are not on right and things keep breaking.

  11. That shop needs to go bankrupt after this video

  12. Those businesses won’t last in the US. They would haven’t been sued and shut down.

  13. I can't stand greedy liar SCAMMERS !

  14. Everything related to cars is a scam. Be prepared for the costs when you are uninformed.

  15. The problem with courts and cops. They will label crimes like this as a "civil" case. What that means is police will not see justice prevails for a victim. There's no real money for the courts for things like this. If the courts and cops provided justice for the victim then the scamming businesses get closed down, this in turn means the government receive taxes from that business nor their employees. But if the victim loses then the courts will not get tax money from just that person (But only if that person loses their job.) So, the courts and cops surrender morality in favor of cash.
    Every Time the cops or courts have the ability to see justice prevails and they fail to do so, the cops and courts have victimized the victim even more. Whenever the cops or courts is aware they are not helping victims, these courts and cops are CRIMINALS. Telling the victim the law does not allow them to get involved shows just how badly laws are without justice and so those laws are actually promoting evil.
    Yet, bad enactment of laws can and does get worse. Police are NOT here to protect you. Any protection one gets from cops are but mere exploits for propaganda. And yet even with this put into the mix, there are still worse actions the cops and courts entertain. Cops and Courts hinder a victim from ability to get reimbursed for damages. You as a victim are hobbled or worse. You cannot force the one who victimized you to pay damages. The courts do not allow victims to recover damages other than what is outlined in law. Then if the court rules you are allowed to recover damages, the court makes little or no assistance in seeing you have recovered damages. Plus by the legal ways you are allowed, damage payments are thwarted by laws, laws that protect criminals.

  16. Down here in soflo the police will get kickback for what tow truck company they call to the scene.

  17. This tow truck deal needs more attention. To many scam in Houston Texas. Please comer over here we need your help.

  18. His agent sound like a text support scammer

  19. Burn there businesses Down
    Do it. .but plan it RIGHT
    And there employees cars too
    I've done it and got away with it💯
    I've burn there kids cars…also

  20. The guy looks like a meth head with drivers license

  21. They offered me $300, but I didn't take it.

  22. Canada= libtard nation that's what you get ppl🇺🇸

  23. Can you not SUE THESE PEOPLE OR WHAT???

  24. It doesn't matter where I work at because I know that we do hundred percent honest business with people at a time that they dont need to be screwed around. When there is a crash the CHP or whatever law enforcement agencies are on scene will call for us to come out and pick up any vehicles involved. The owner of the vehicle tells me where to take it and if they dont know where then I will suggest going to our repair facility but it's just that! A suggestion! If the owner is not available for the decision then the vehicle will go to our shop automatically. On all the paperwork, on the dash of the tow truck, and on the side of it, plus inside the office on the wall and the counter top is all of our prices so they can be seen right away so no surprises. That's for the towing and storage part and our body shop and repair facility has it's own rates witch are again posted multiple places in the building. The body shop when your car comes in you get a service writer and a tech assigned to to your vehicle and it's the same people from start to finish to minimize any confusion that may occur. Also you can go on our website and watch your car get fixed real time as its happening so no surprises there again. Non that are planned on anyway I should say! Deductibles are waived on almost every vehicle brought into us and we go above and beyond to satisfy every single customer no matter what they have going on and or brought our way to tow or repair.

  25. Man i seen a tow truck get into an accident racing another tow truck to an accident

  26. If guys like that show up at my car and just start taking it somewhere without my permission you can be damn sure i either get my car for free back or i throw some hands and take it back

  27. God is angry, at the wicked everyday. Taking advantage of people, to get extra amount of money from them is wrong and day the will have to answer to almighty God for that sin.

  28. scions a sports car?

  29. My grandfather (age 93) got into a fender bender in Ottawa a few years ago. Minor damage to the bumper. Tow truck arrived right away and towed his vehicle immediately to a repair shop 1KM from the crash. The bill was a thousand dollars..

  30. He refuses ha ha ha what a joke

  31. Have Erin call me. I'll give her a free lube job.

  32. little scratch on car

  33. why am i watching a news channel

  34. Beat the owner ,boss in charge a inch from his ,her life. The sue them for every they got

  35. Why would anyone agree to have your car towed by random companies. I’d call my insurance or call the police and ask them what to do/who they recommend to call

  36. i would have taken my car back with force and dealt with the police after.

  37. That guy who got hit maybe his bongo skills that he used on weedman can work with them too

  38. Tow truck drivers can't speak English….

  39. Anyone know the name of the soundtrack used at 9:20? I've heard it somewhere before….

  40. This is one reason why our police stations do contracts with only certain companies

  41. Wake up guys, just arrange for your own tow trucks. Don't be lazy for them to come and help you. Arrange it by yourself and find a place of your own or friends for few days. Lyons Auto Body ltd, don't ever go to these scums for any of vehicle needs. Don't go based on the Yelp or any other online reviews. If you are brainy enough then do a google or any web search and find the one that is not shown on the top searches of the search engine. This is a research done by a group who proved it the right way.

  42. Suggestion Videos “Hidden Camera Expose”

    2 Hours 47 mins 19 secs Later

    YouTube 🔎⌨️ CBC Marketplace

  43. The owner of Lyons body shop would be sucking his
    meals through a straw for the foreseeable future !!!!

  44. "Mr. Mulla" ?? No wonder they were trying to tax him 8K!!!

  45. The original accident damage won't be coverd if the owner drives away without vehicle being towed from the scene

  46. Ask the police officer if he is a tradesman ? But they will tell the owner to drive a unsafe and detectable vehicle, not to mention police ring towing companies too.

  47. LMAO: "I called a guy friend AFTER he hooked the car…" What is she thinking; He can beat up the driver, and get the car back? NO ladies, accident support is a booty level activity…

  48. The police, the two truck drivers, the "courts," it's all a racket.

  49. If you get in an accident in Lancaster Ohio do not let the police call you a tow truck call one yourself. A and L towing towed my brothers car charged him $486.00+ to winch it on to flatbed tow truck. And wouldn't let him get his car for three days.

  50. In fort worth the police have some list that rotates all local tow truck. I'm not exactly sure how it works but it seems like it avoids to many showing up.

  51. Pfttt the tow truck industry is practically ran by the mafia very sketchy business

  52. Yet another reason why firearms should be readily available to the public.

  53. these places just need to be shut down

  54. officer wearing a nice Rolex

  55. Ineffective cops need to issue the ticket…

  56. Cops should do the job

  57. Organized Crime…The tow trucks working with Lyons Body Shop are working together to extort a ransom. This could be cleared up by having a police contracted towing service and city run impound/storage facility with fixed flat rates for towing and storage. All accident vehicles would go to the city storage yard until insurance co. and /or vehicle owner determine which repair facility will do the repair. A zero tolerance on the distance tow trucks must be from accidents should be in place as well. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for non-compliance. No warnings. Fines should double after each additional offence.

  58. Wait, why are they moving the car before pictures, police diagram, officer observation?

  59. 13,000 the insurance paid are they nuts? how about a Lawyer? District Attorney? I have friends in low places that would of met the owner and changed his mind in a hurry

  60. Hes got two kids and like a property tax. He definitely took that comission

  61. 12:10 got to give him props for not taking the commision

  62. 8000 lol the body shop deserves to burn down.

  63. These guys are scum. Thieves and scam artists. Motherfuckers are committing a crime here by holdin the car hostage.

  64. Why can’t they be arrested for scamming people? The laws suck. Greedy fuckers earn more than doctors! And the guy that says he refused is likely lying. Pretending to be more moral than the rest.

  65. How the duck did the insurance lay 13000!!!

  66. I hope his place burns down. Really want Lyons to burn down! Can’t they get sued???

  67. I bet if I took my gun to the body shop they would give me my car back

  68. U should carry AAA service.

  69. He has 5 children to support, 4 different mothers.

  70. when cops where rolex wacthes

  71. Erin moore is my mom's name

  72. Canada is a scam it's self. I had my truck towed about 59 mines and it cost $200.

  73. They held on to his car for three months while they rented it out other customers.


  75. I’d tell them to keep the car for now I’ll get it back

  76. Never trust a mechanic or tow truck driver. Most car repairs take a socket set and a ratchet and the parts are usually a third of what they charge at a mechanic

  77. Wow, people are so darn naive!

  78. my mad flexing w the two tone rolex?

  79. Never let them take it to ANY repair shop. ALWAYS make them take it to your home and then search for a repair shop of your choice.

  80. You can get AAA or even use a family members unused free tow. You can sit on side of the road literally all day if you aren't obstructing traffic and tell Cop you are waiting for AAA to come. Tow trucks take advantage of people who think you have to get car off side of road ASAP. My spare tire doesn't have a rim so I had a flat that I had to take off the rim, put the new one on the rim and pump up the tire. This process took maybe 1 hour and the Cop came at the end and even offered to help me. As long as its not major damage you can drive car away after you exchange info.

  81. 4:18 – His eyebrows bug me.

  82. 10:06 – Total Trump move. He walks away from a question that he can't answer and believes the law doesn't apply to him.

  83. 16:37 – C'mon, girl! You can do better.

  84. If I learned one thing in my life, it's that never trust anyone.

  85. woah that policeman be wearing a rolex

  86. Damn near everyone is out to scam you. It’s pathetic.

  87. Like other comments said, AAA best bet, otherwise call the cops, better to have the law than to have scams

  88. Never bring your car there because there very bad

  89. This happensonly in English speaking Canada not French

  90. By most laws (in Australia don’t know if it applies in America) a tow truck must drop a car off where you say it if they don’t they are subject to multiple fines.

    Eg, you say to drop it “here” and they say “there” is better they aren’t legally allowed to say that. They need to two to “here” if not it could be a suspension of tow truck licence

  91. 3:17 police officer has a Rolex

  92. If a tow truck company/storage yard hijacks your car and overcharges you. Declare it stolen.

    They will give it back immediately because they can lose their company operation license.

  93. Idc if u have kids, don't guilt trip ppl with that. We all struggle

  94. Ontario definately has different laws then we do in Alberta. I'm on a fire department and we have to wait sometimes up to an hour for a tow truck to arrive after called to a scene. I'd recommend to change the laws out there and try and get rid of those vultures out there.

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