TOP Kids Singing Auditions | Celine Tam, Heavenly Joy & MORE! | Top Talents

TOP Kids Singing Auditions | Celine Tam, Heavenly Joy & MORE! | Top Talents

How are you doing today, I’m doing good. What’s your name? And how old are you? My name is Celine and I’m 9 years old This is my dream being in America’s Got Talent So what you’re gonna be doing for us today, I’m gonna be singing. Oh wow Have you got any brothers or sisters? I got a little sister. I’m what’s her name? Her name is beyond Oh Celine and beyond. Oh Really so I’m guessing your parents love Celine deals, what’s right so When did you realize that you had a great singing voice when I was in the car? My dad’s driving and then suddenly I just sang my heart will go on and then he was like, wow I’ve been doing song Yeah, we got that. We’ve worked that out Mel. There’s the Celine Dion So what’s that? What kind of music do you like to listen to I like? Celine Dion, yeah and And what is your big dream to be the next to the Indian? She’s got it This is your dream Celine. Can I ask you a question? What artists are you going to be singing? Well Selene, good luck See Welcome to Prince Khalid. It’s a pleasure to be here. Well, that’s very nice of you to say I’m so what are your names boys? My name is Charlie. My name is V Andre. I’m dad together. We’re bars and melody bum What’s the dream with you two guys? I just wanna Deliver it to people. I just want to give an awesome performance. I get y’all What is your mom and dad do for it good job, my mama’s a personal trainer and my father’s a stonemason don’t make sound You my mom’s are cooking a school I Stopped using company Can I just say one thing Alicia, I love you so much. You’re my inspiration he friends the Alicia he don’t like Amanda Amanda you’re beautiful as well. He is lying Boys can I just ask you? What are you singing? Well, it’s a hope by twisting faith everyone’s but it’s a bit of a twist in the rap because I wrote it myself What’s the song about? It’s about anti-bullying Angles earlier yet. Listen Lena. I feel people upset. I Started rapping because I went to very hard time in primary school. I was getting bullied As a parent is one of the hardest things to see the child upsets and going through emotional turmoil. It is hard very hard When I used to be like down in the dumps, I write down my rock I can express myself through what I was writing down I was very happy with the way Leon J Delta that they actually stood up to the bully Situation I’m in school and a much better environment. I love Cooper. I really do love me I’m very proud of him very proud The first time we met we really clicked it was just an automatic connection that I don’t think it’d be like that they’re brothers The music’s made him a lot stronger if it wasn’t for his music he wouldn’t be as confident in this cheeky You know, it just helps him a lot We really want people to listen and hear our lyrics that are in a song Okay, good luck, thank you Check it out Oh No, here we go Please help me guys. I feel so alone. I’m just a kid, how can I take it away? In this song trying to fit in my do I belong I wake up every day don’t wanna leave a home Always alone. Just get the same to skip the harm. I walk into school. Swear my god. I’m just a kid I took one note rested one of the bed My life’s a mess that made you call me then but real bad I wanna tell my mom and she having trouble with my dad. I feel so trapped If I wanna learn it, so please the buoy don’t wanna turn me, you know, I have no dad I’m Yes, I am hopeful for today take this music Like these two And he’ll make away I know But that’s okay I think Never have to pain. I ain’t got no money. You take all our head when they give it to you a central my bags I feel so skip mean you shout me down you pick me punch me Throw me to the ground when I ask you yo, whatever done you hit me again. I make fun of my Or today take this new check it out. Let it take you That’s okay Yes for two days You see gonna take you away and be hope for Food and he’ll make away. I know I will they need a That’s okay. Just people Seems like we hardly need to Critique you enter world, but let’s have some comments Amanda I’m just so happy for you your voice is beautiful we all The minute you started that first they actually brought is my eyelids really We share with you. I will be wrapping. So yeah, thank you so much To young kids like yourself to come out and I’m singing about something that really affects you do it in a style That’s completely yours is a really rare thing That’s why you’ve got that golden buzzer today Well, you know what I’ve heard a sermon monstrous songster day and I just was literally Losing the will to live. You know, what I Listen to every word This stuff happen in your life, I got bullied a bit when I was younger but notable. Yes. No, it’s all gone. Oh, yes I think that Brad Cooper be here. I really do I Really? Thank you so much And I lose me Sherburn about the things that we could be but baby I’ve been I’ve played ha Sting no more counting dollars. We’ll be counting stars Yeah, we’ll be counting stars Across the night lucify Lucky’s names You shall find yeah Me Take that money watch it burn sing in the river the lessons. I learned take that money. Watch you burn Stay in the river let Tyler take that money. Watch it burn sing I’m not blaming did you just say I wanted us one right now? Remember, it’s all about doing your best. You know, you undo that right? This month Howie I am Well Welcome to our stage and What is your name? My name is heavenly joy Jerkins. That is a beautiful that your first name is heavenly my Hen, okay. How old do you have? Sighs I love your outfit, by the way. Thank you Tell me about yourself. What are you gonna be doing today? I’m gonna be singing a song and he’s happy with it That’s hard to do because sometimes you get out of breath right when you sing. Yeah, does that gonna happen to you? No, no Good. And and where did you get this ability at five years old. Do you have a musical family? Yes Well is what I used to sing because he got us started a young age in this business you really do Now, you know if you win this whole thing You get a million? Dollars. Well if I get a village daughter, so I don’t want them to keep them I want to give them all over the world because some people don’t have any clothes. I’ll get some clothes By the way, I’m your favorite judge aren’t I? Yes, okay Very smart. All right. I wish you a lot of luck. I hope you win So all those people who don’t have money get money, you know You’re going places I’m telling You know when I was a little boy not much older than you if you can imagine that Heavenly, I used to watch a Shirley Temple. Yeah movies on TV You watch that, too that you know, I think Shirley Temple is living somewhere inside of you. Is that possible because I shot a temple. He’s good. Yeah Definitely I have to tell you you did such a fantastic job. You were so cute singing and dancing I think America is gonna fall in love with you. Heavenly. I Bet you dollars to donuts that they are already in love with You are heavenly Our own Melby because you would have been a terrific spice girl, I think It doesn’t know who you are that’s okay, we know who she is she’s adorable Let’s vote. Shall we? Well, you know heavenly I’ll be proud to tell you that you have your first yes Great job. I will give you your third that’s people see Sighing ha Oh Sun in the sky. Oh hell I see I Feel It’s a new day it’s a new life Oh Wow New day ooh You

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