TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

TOP 6 Ventriloquists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

hi say hi Pizarro I say hi properly oh
hello nice trade you don’t do that to Miss French she’s a married woman
yes be nice hello Jerry all right really careful we don’t want
to wake up the baby gonna wake the baby up yes why should you think Oh No hold
it I think she’s about to wake up now open your eyes hello everyone hello would you cou could you could you
cou cheeky little puppy you’re a moron are you my daddy
oh no I’m not you I’m not your daddy he’s just an idiot the place with dolls
I want you to be quiet I want cherry cherry Oh Jerry that’s the
pretty lady down there oh the one with the lead the pretty lady in oh she no
not me no I’ll be her daddy thank you I want you to be quiet
I want Jerry I want a drink now yeah what do you want to drink juice you can
have water milk bodies tequila what what the killer you can’t have tequila
no no it’s alcohol it’s bad for you yes it’s a slow poison I’m in no hurry no
alcohol is bad tequila is bad for you yes like if you get a bottle and you put
a worm in in and you put water in the worm will swim around to be happy yes if
you get the same bottle you put tequila in and then you put a worm and you know
what’ll happen no the worm will shrivel up and die that
doesn’t that tell you something if I drink tequila I won’t get worms I’m a little bit sick of you
I want tequila no I want Jerry no I tell you I want what what fresh judge colored me Rosie what are
you doing and please what with the Italian the fresh judge followed me Rosie I said we’re going to Soweto yes
so rental so we’re told sorry not so little sorry doll song
we’re told so lean dough so we’re so rosy in South Africa it’s always hard to sing an Italian song
that’s right well luckily I know some Soweto it’s raining I’m gonna go out I’m gonna
let myself get absolutely soaking Vicki the cougar ladies and gentlemen so
wow how you doing oh I see some new faces here and one of them is mine if I
get one more facelift neither of us are gonna move on mouths when I talk you
want to say anything to the judges yes I’d like to say hello to Howie and
Howard you want to say anything to the to the ladies okay Vicky the cougar
ladies inches cuz I sit around into city and they
cannot enormous counter the awesome creepy drawing the curve Sing se the ladies
gentleman country legend Walter tierre del thank you so much thank you hey hey
Jerry hey Terry what I just you know we do impressions yeah you do any
impressions yeah I do an impression of Hallie Howie
okay do it okay take my hat off all right do any other impressions yeah I actually
do an impression of Heidi oh I’d love to hear your Heidi impression that’s Patty sounds to me thank you very
much thank you thank you very much yeah careful you’re gonna lose my voices oh I
got the loyal car after huh we got the wild card what’s it got deal
you make you talk I know you do the finest listen I’m a
ventriloquist what’s that right there chickadee trying to the tiny chicken the
other dogs thinking yo you tossing take it away to annoy to go go he’s a little weird you know now a
hypnotist puts people to sleep so you missed the manda this week yeah I
didn’t think I was gonna see you again des you know what she didn’t call on me
this week what’s the man have been calling you HD
pcs that because we’re on television and you’re in high definition
no it’s because on a hot Donnie Simon oh not you I thought I’d sent you
home finish my act yet you see you’re a sensation with the ladies all over the
world yes I am just tell me can you let me in on your little secret where I
speak different languages really can you speak Spanish can you
know how am I going to do it then I’m gonna count to ten in English and
then you translate okay let’s see what you got
one uno two dos three hang on what this isn’t going to work no no you’re gonna
count to ten yes how do I know when you get to six is this going to hurt shut up Lily that’s not really it looks just like him already hello Sunita listen to me yes you two always together
mask as we go together so well we go together together
another neat little tunes and it’s a big practice good evening how’re you doing why
oh you’re bright oh it’s bring you right sorry I couldn’t find a babysitter thank
you very much he’s now that what you’ve done sorry be right with you mirror star mirror
that’s how II know so listen you go to sleep now it’s time
for the story no no we haven’t got okay okay all right I’m really sorry if I
tell you a quick story you promised me you go to sleep straightaway this is the
story of Little Red Riding Hood I heard she was walking through the
woods on the way to her granny’s house when all of a sudden out jumped a big
bad wolf well yes a nasty one with bigger was it no but it’s part of it has
to be okay all right okay I’ll change it what what what you’ll me to change it to
duck the thing is with the story it won’t work as a story if it’s a duck
okay okay it wasn’t a big bad wolf it was a
big bad duck Little Red Riding Hood was really
frightened well because she wouldn’t be frightened
of a fluffy yellow dot would she yeah hence you’ve done it again in my story
doesn’t work you keep doing this to my story you keep making me put ducks in
them they don’t work your stories when they were ducks in them what about
yesterday’s Goldilocks and the three ducks snow right in the seven duck why
do you keep saying dark this is fun for the whole family’s a big
family show and you’re a big family act how many of
the puppets have you got I have I have a couple more there’s more to me than what
you’ve seen so far right oh she wants this year puppet well I just think that your material is
really really clever and you do make us believe like they’re real they’re really
two people on the stage you know you’re a cartoon come to life I felt like I was
watching a great cartoon you and this baby and this dialogue is so fabulous
you’re gonna be a main contender I mean I don’t think there’s anyone sitting in
this room right now who doesn’t believe that you are not it was wonderfully orchestrated the joke
telling was great he’d made a grown man feel like he was a kid and I just felt
myself just laughing and I felt joy and I want that feeling and I want everybody
to feel that feeling of joy so I love comedy and I love you so well guys here we are and the finals of
America’s Got Talent how are you feeling nervous
I hate dress rehearsal I’m Oscar yeah this is live Oscar Oscar Dorothy don’t
worry about him but more importantly do you think the
cameras getting that good sign what Oscar Oscar you guys get it together
we’re about to perform in front of 16 million people Oh terrific and I have a
faded Mouse and a bunny who thinks she’s a diva say wha yeah all right
Oscar Oh guys we need to figure out who’s going to sing tonight um obviously
it should be me I’m the reason we’re all here
excuse me I’m the reason we’re here I got us to the city finals I need
better singer no I know better guys shh-shh okay Oscar exactly which one of
us got the golden buzzer hmm petunia guys you shouldn’t fight you need to
work together like some of the famous duo’s like lure Laurel and Hardy Hall &
Oates Simon an LP ah well at least two out of those three
are good examples sorry you know what guys I think everyone here is wanting us
all the same so I was thinking that we could sing a song it’s by Paul McCartney
and John Lennon it’s called a little with a little help for my friends
that’s funny a mouse and a bunny singing a song written by two Beatles well great
so guys what part am i singing Oh Darcy you just stand there with her
mouth closed like you always do what you do No Oscar hurry

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  1. This was the top 6? I had no idea that there were so many bad ones. Top 4 maybe.

  2. I’m sorry but can we just appreciate how terry fator managed to YODEL while not moving his mouth

  3. Very well done darci. Love this song!! One of my favourite songs from the Beatles!!! Please follow me on Twitter…please?? ♡♡

  4. The girl in the pink dress was so bad she wasn’t even making it seem like she wasn’t talking she just opens her mouth

  5. They’re all great, but I think Terry should be rated #1.

  6. Mel B…put some clothes on!

  7. Nobody:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a single soul:

    Vicky the cougar: its raining men, halleluyah


  8. Who can skip this without giving like

  9. None of these can compare with Jeff Dunham

  10. For Now my list is.
    1. Paul.
    2. Terry.
    3. Darci.
    But Darci has insane room for improvement considering the fact she was only 12 during her time on AGT, I have no doubt in my mind she'll become one of the best ventriloquists in the world as an adult.

  11. the first one… Jeff Dunham much?

  12. ʢతᴗతʡ乃

  13. That young girl is so amazing!

  14. Wait how is the bird moving on its own

  15. Hahaha noo bellissimi haha😂

  16. No. 5 is moving their lips

  17. I liked Paul zerdin the most

  18. You should have shown Paul zerdin’s final

  19. Darci is a good singer/ventriloquist but when Oscar sings, he sounds like he's constipated

  20. You can see the second girls lips move

  21. How and why is Terry at #4?! He should be higher on the list.

  22. Number 2 is the best of out all of them hes just so funny and the voices😂

  23. Not sure who that second chick is but she isnt a ventriloquist. She didnt even try not to move her lips. That was truly bad.

  24. I am also a ventriloquist as well, I never been on AGT before but I want to so bad

  25. #5 was not very good at all. Barely tried to not move lips. Every work could be seen on the lips.

  26. "I make you talk"
    "I made you famous :)"

  27. Second one is A Singer not A ventroluquist

  28. Isabella Jane , Terry Fator and Darcy Lynn are fabulous singers. Paul Zerdin and Arthur Lager are fantastic comic

  29. Darci and Isabella I could see their lips moving often. Others 99% not moving.

  30. This makes me wanna watch jeffy😂

  31. The girl in seweto was mooving her lips

  32. Hi the vengerqulest the first one is the best one in the world. As I didn't see an arm controlling the bird.


  34. hey the second girl i saw the mouth of the girl not the puppet the girl 🙂

  35. Nooooo Good 😏😏🤔

  36. 7:10 looks mad scary

  37. The third contestant is very obvious tho her lips is moving lol

  38. Darci is the best of all time
    she does it all, after whole season we discovered she can do opera, what an amazing talent.

  39. Jeff Dunham and Terry are the best. Sorry.

    The other guys don't have unique voices.

  40. its amazing to watch

  41. darci blows me away i love her

  42. my favourites in order
    1. Darci Lynne
    2. Paul Zerdin
    3. Terry Fator

  43. I've watched Darci's performance at least a dozen times on different videos. I still get chills.

  44. They are so good

  45. The last girl was the best one ever

  46. Favorites in order

    1. Darren Carr
    2.Paul Zerdin
    3.Terry Fater

  47. the secons is not in same league as darci, terry and the other guy

  48. Watching them makes me appreciate Jeff Dunham even more

  49. Come on every one sing it…

    hardly anyone sings

  50. Awesome collection

  51. she is the best .I am going to see her in 2 weeks

  52. Where is jeff Dunham???

  53. #5 puppet looks like Emily Elizabeth & her singing sounds like Jessie on toy story 2

  54. Number 2 can see lips moving

  55. #5 the lip movement is so obvious 😄

  56. #5 you could see her lips moving so much for a venttrilouist

    BTW I don’t know how to spell venbhnhhg let’s call it puppet talker 🤪

  57. Women r garbage at ventriloquism

  58. Certainly I agree 100% Darci in first place. She is the champion of the champions.

  59. How they can do that ? I really need a clear help! Tk you in advanced

  60. I think the little girl was the best.

  61. 6:52 oh I see new faces here, and one of them is mine. Me:😂😂😂😂

  62. The one singing should do singing more she has a terrific voice instead of being a ventriloquist..

  63. Did anyone notice the 5th girl's lips moving

  64. The girl in the pink girls, her lips are moving way to much

  65. #5 shouldn't be in the ranking…she isn't a talent…

  66. No
    No 5 is not great her mouth is so obvious

  67. No5 is so awkward

  68. I agree number 5 was terribleeeeee

  69. Number 5, does not need a dummy, she is a talented singer and is beautiful.

  70. Darci Number one without any doubt. She,s so so so so so AMAZING

  71. i WaNt A sToRy!

  72. Terry Fator was so far ahead of the others, ……He is the best by far…..number 3 was terrible as was number 1 in my opinion…..second best was number 5

  73. Who’s the first one

  74. they are all amazing

  75. Fluffy Yellow Duck

  76. They really tryna compared to peanut from Jeff Dunham 🤦🏽‍♂️

  77. Number 5 I can see her moving her lips I don't like her

  78. Darcy is awsum ❤

  79. In the bio it says “winner Darci Lynne and Terry Fator” and I’m just like erm sorry but Paul Zerdin won too🤷‍♀️

  80. Paul is by faaaaaaaaarrrrrr my favourite!!☺️❤️

  81. The 5th it was bad, it was greater the 6th

  82. Terry Fator is so perfect. you should have put him at least at number 2 spot, the yodeling and his perfect different voices!

  83. The three little ducks

  84. All of the people on here are absolutely amazing

  85. The first one is creepy

  86. Terry is best ,amazing

  87. Darcy is really good !

  88. The fist two were boring

  89. Paul zerden is the best Darci is second

  90. The second one is no Ventriloquist, you see her lips all the time moving, she is just a girl with a doll.

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