Top 5 Fall Fashion Looks & Styles for Men, Mature over 50

Top 5 Fall Fashion Looks & Styles for Men, Mature over 50

Hi Awesome ones, you
know what? We’ve had requests for Bill to do a fashion video for Fall so we also
had requests for this little Yorkie to do a video on him so we did do a short
video on the day in the life of our little Yorkie Hurricane and it’s really
short, it’s made to make you smile and especially this crazy world. It’s up there
somewhere for our link, but let’s talk about Bill right now. Yeah you know I
found over the years if you look good, you feel good and that applies at any
age so what I thought I’d like to do is share my Fall fashion styles. It’s his
favorites though, I mean, they are his favorites so let’s just go on this… let’s go So number one… How many concert t-shirts
do you have hanging up in your closet that you’ve accumulated over the years
or or even movie t-shirts such as such as this one, one of my favorite movies, a
great look with one of those t-shirts or all of those t-shirts is pair it or match
it with a black blazer or jacket like the one I have on right now it’s 100%
cotton, it’s light but you can wear this in Spring, Summer Autumn,l and I like, I
say it just dresses up that casual look. I’ve thrown it again with a concert
t-shirt I’ve also put it with my favorite blue jeans that are so comfortable
and then down at the feet I have my favorite sneakers on and you can wear an
athletic pair of running shoes to complete the look whatever, whatever you
like will look good but keep it casual and throw on that black jacket because
it’s amazing how it just dresses everything up. So item number two is my
blazer / jacket look. Now this is a great thing to wear for business casual
or even a night out on the town. Now with, in my case I have a blue jacket on it’s,
it’s an expensive one that I put out the money for because a lot of guys don’t
have lots of stuff in their closet so get a good piece and you can wear it
with a lot of items. Now this particular jacket is about 96% wool and about 4% of
that adds up to one hundred right?…silk so it’s very light and it just it feels so good
and that’s the main thing you’ve got to feel good with what you’re wearing. Now
in my case I put it with a white shirt I love white shirts it just looks so good
so I’ve got the nice white dress shirt under it and what I’ve done is paired it
with a pair of black dress pants so with these pants this is a more modern style.
I used to always wear the pleated pants with all the pleats out front and they
were very baggy and of course I had to have them cuffed at the bottom, now I’m
wearing more of a sleeker look the more modern up-to-date look and what I’ve
also done this too is I’ve got a nice pair of
socks on so many times you’re sitting at a desk or a meeting and people can see
your socks and I think it’s it’s nice to those little accessories really make it
and of course I’ve got a beautiful pair of leather shoes again I don’t have a
lot of shoes but I invest in a great pair of leather shoes and they just feel
amazing they’re so comfortable and of course you’ve got to finish the look too
with a belt so usually I like to say the leather should match leather the black
leather belt in the shoes but at the end of the day it makes for a great look and
speaking of great looks Heather has some fashion videos out there too
particularly her fall fashion looks and I think you should check that out or
probably up beside me here somewhere so at number three is a very casual
look I just love this look you can wear it to the office on those casual days
perhaps after the office, it’s great for heading out somewhere or even if Heather
and I are going over to somebody’s house for dinner I might put this on. Now what
do I have on? Well the top it’s a long sleeve top but it’s got a great
texture to it, it’s cotton, it’s 100% cotton but I don’t know if you’re able
to see it but it’s just not a solid it’s got a little bit of texture and it just
feels good and again its long sleeve you can wear this all year you can put it
under a jacket and roll up the sleeves a bit give it a little bit of style plus
you can see your watch that’s something I just invested in again – there’s a
nice watch it’s nothing spectacular it’s got the leather band, again it just kind of
feels good and I feel good when I have that on. Now I’ve paired this shirt with
a pair of khakis I love these, there’s a great alternative to jeans like the blue
jeans and again the style of these is more in keeping with the modern age
there’s no pleats out front it’s not baggy it’s a very slim line look and I
you know the length is great on them just love it, just love this new modern
look now as you can probably see I’ve paired it or matched it with a pair of
leather shoes these are like desert, let me show you these are like desert boots
again leather very good quality and just love it and I pull this, pan up a little
more you can’t see the design of my socks but again a nice pair of socks
something, something that’s a little different to wear and again all the
colors are great and to finish it off I’ve just put it with a leather belt
again I like how wearing a belt, maybe a lot of
people like to have their shirts and everything hanging over, this one is
hanging over but I’ve got the leather matching leather which I like and I
think it makes for a great look. So at number four and again another one of my
favorite items that put together is the vacation look, going down south just
getting away down to the Caribbean what I have on at the top is it’s a 100%
linen shirt it’s a long so you, get a long-sleeve shirt because you can
roll up the sleeves it just has that nice look to it 100% linen a little bit
baggy because you want to get that breeze when you’re down south and the
pants it’s like a light color but it’s also 100% linen pants and again to
finish the look you’ve got it go with leather and I can never remember the
name exactly… Espadrilles… espadrilles Thank You Heather.
It’s an espadrille look and but it’s all leather and it’s very, very soft here
feel it say very soft it’s like I’m wearing slippers in the house and whoa
you like my socks again another great look for the warm, warm climate, no socks
like it’s just it’s just perfect and usually on the other shots I was showing
you of the other outfits I always had a belt in this case, no belt it’s just the
casual look and it just feels great and you know what I made you may have seen
me wearing this in our two and a half day vacation video that Heather and I
did if you haven’t take a look and it’s it’s a great little video. So here we are
at the tree of inspiration you’ve probably seen
this in one of the other videos Heather has done so that brings us to the number
five and my super casual outfit, this one is for, pretty well anything… going to
the movies just hanging around town going over to a friend’s house it’s
really, really a good look, now what I have here is I just have a basic cotton
t-shirt in this particular case it’s v-neck but it’s it’s it just drapes off
it feels so cool and what I’ve done is I’ve matched this with a black pair of
jeans, again you got a khaki pair you got a bluejay oops, blue you got a blue jean pair
and you’ve got your black pair of pants now these are a slimmer, stretchy so
they’re not really tight they’re actually more of a modern look slim fit
but they do have that stretch in them and I’ve just finished them off with my
favorite pair of athletic sneakers I think it’s just the perfect look for
almost anything even walking the dog our little hurricane, oh you may have seen
one of my other videos that I I’ve done… I haven’t done many but it’s
the going gray thinning hair video where we add a bit of color to the hair to
make a dark, I guess like it is now because I just had it done and again
it’s it’s not gonna make me younger but it makes you feel good and when you feel
good, you look good when you look good you feel good. So anyways, I just want to
thank everybody out there for subscribing to our channel we couldn’t
have done this without you and if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and
subscribe like the button is down there as Heather says and we’d love to have
you in our community.. so until next time Awesome ones have a great time.
Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our journey

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