Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

I Said leave him alone All right, let’s get started good luck you want to take his place midget Yeah, sure It’s up guy I’m looking for you someone take Barry’s place get out of here. I’ll get a teacher Wanna go look in fights you jerk or not chicken? No Get up get up. Come on get up Gotta watch where you going man living alone a jerk never learned Dean midget It’s the bus Barry Semadar scared Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you this time Come on lose Chester. See what you got Come on freak freak You’re not tough you’re just a jerk Dirk the jerk What was that so we lost Gazoo fag How could you have lost because of me if I wasn’t even there? That’s why it’s your fucking fuckface We could lose district who cares everybody cares? everybody All right. Yeah, whatever – Wait a minute, where’s your shoes what he’s wearing shoes ray you’ve been drinking Not those the the Nikes the fucking LeBrons or whatever the tennis shoes you begged you, you know You know what I’m talking about. I just didn’t wear them You realize that tell them people are lying for a living. All right, right. Let’s let’s talk about this later what the Blowing your sleep. I have new shoes. There was a little thing happened last week boys What happened What happened to your shoes We’ve done – they took his shoes out of his gym locker and won what shit I don’t they cut him up That’s it. Christ me. Come on. This isn’t good for him. Who was it boy? Great. Stop it. Let’s talk later somewhere else see Give me a kid’s name right in her. I’ll pull down your pants. I’ll spank you in front of the fucking cheerleading squad Don’t look at him you look at me Tell me the name of that kid Chad I’m gonna count to three What? – Aspen Aspen Conroy Aspen It’s a boy’s name Jeff ray what the hell is the matter with you? Asshole? What could you have you talked to my son relax, it’s nothing maybe I just want to ask him about some stolen property What button you want to call him out and maybe we can take care of this, you know right here You don’t even have to tell the missus Yeah, great hey son Its man’s with the police he says he has something to ask you You like to bully kids ass pen. Hold on. What is this you 12 years old your art. He was fuck Your dad he’s doing this for you Got you off kid seeing people in pain You ever bully I hurt anybody again. I’ll come back and but fuck your father with your mom’s headless corpse on this goddamn lon Twelve years old my ass. Fuck you Where is he? Well, is that some parking don’t worry about it we got you back he comes over here bust his ass What you want Your life Which thing about taking that right but I don’t do someone in tight spaces some gonna prison worries me You shouldn’t improve the face really let’s have kept it the way it was keep the bitch cuz I’m doing with it There’s still lots of light bullion balls friend Now, you know what I do for a living no perfect you should have waited Mind if I share your table I’m saddening. So was I last week? On a beach in Florida What’s your name Jimmy Reese You don’t look like a Jimmy what do I look like I Don’t know but not a Jimmy So you’re new in town Usually It’s kind of loud in here Do you want to maybe go someplace quieter? I have a car you’re old enough to drive I’m old enough to do a lot of things How about a budget sandy? what I Can’t afford you I’m not a hooker. Oh, then I really can’t afford you Seriously, I work at the auto parts store What I mean is the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for I Am NOT a hooker. Okay, get the joke. What’s this? He called me a whore Is that true Nobody said horror she inferred hooker. I meant slut. Hey, that’s our sister. She a good kisser Hey outside Your check first. I’ll pay later You want to be able to You think all the time you should try it. It’s a great joke, but I’m gonna beat your ass Do you want to do that here outside? That’s I Stay here. Sandy. I don’t mind the sight of blood what it means. You’re not pregnant anyway You still think you’re funny now creep shut your mouth sandy no one is talking to you She last chance to walk away Are you kidding it’s five against one? It’s three against one How do you figure once I take out the leader, which is you I’ll have to contend with one or two enthusiastic wingmen Last two guys, I always run Well you’ve done this before It’s getting late Remember you wanted this Okay Okay, now we know who’s who let’s get this done That’s a pretty impressive response time fellas If you have enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to click that subscribe button turn on notifications Bell And while we’re at it why don’t we throw in a comment of what we’d like to see next

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  1. List the films I missed and I will make a part 2!

  2. What the fuck that one guy was bulling that Chad kid and fucking beat up the bully's dad

  3. All the time I watch some beating bullies video, I do feel like that one who beat them up

  4. Nothing will beat the True Detective scene. That was crazy!!!

  5. The second guy reminds me of

  6. 3:09 john wick but he has a son

  7. Funny thing is Sam gets called a midget but when he grows up really tall

  8. ัwhat a neme is music

  9. kid:bullies sam

    Sam:im bouta end this mans whole career

  10. 5:39 was Brutal. 😐 (Kinda Reminds you Of When Warren Beat Nathan On life is strange)

  11. Um number 5 is shazam dumbfuck

  12. At 6:40 the guy wearing the Red cap. "I got your back".
    Now at 7:09 three punches to the face, wearing the grey shirt. Come on wtf. If I had that guys back. I wouldn't have let him throw the second punch. Dumb Idiot.

  13. What was the last scene called

  14. What was the last scene called

  15. Why with Fat white Guy

  16. Only thing that makes a guy angry is Dissing his girlfriend 😡👊🏻👊🏻🤕🤕🤕👎

  17. But what if that bully was a skilled fighter?


  18. That first one was owned

  19. Is it me or the first kid look like young mark wahlberg

  20. I wanna gurran lagann seen

  21. All these films encourage people to react with aggressive to bullies.
    People become bullies with something pressuring them, could be their family members, classmates, teachers, co-workers, boss, cousins, and some other.

    Your fists may stop the raids of bullies, but for them your raging fists will not parish..

  22. What was the song in the intro

  23. If anyone tries to bully me. I am just a quiet thing before the chaos. If they even try to punch me, I can block, or I cannot. It doesn't matter they will be friends with ground anyway.

  24. it's all fun and games when they're making fun of the boy that likes cowboys, till that cowboy busts out his six-shooter

  25. Can someone sub to me I need 500 subs so my friend will not laugh me for having low subs

  26. 2:51 he lift him up so high,he could see heaven

  27. Damm the jason statham scene.. Oh boy

  28. Years ago on YouTube there was a lot of great videos of people standing up to bullies in real life … that was some good content.

  29. Almost killing somebody is not bullying

  30. Lol first clip equals Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man as kids.

  31. 2:49 what i want to do to my worst bully

  32. I didn’t know David Seville knew how to fight🤣

  33. Neden Türkçe Altyazılı?

  34. the upper punch, always work.

  35. Yet video games is why school shootings happen. 👀👀

  36. R we not gonna talk about how a father threatened his son beat up the bully’s father and verbally abused and threatened his son

  37. Niye Türkçe altyazı var aq

  38. Alright class…settle down now! What do we say? "Who ever threw that paper your mom is a hœ lol 😂😂😁…or should I say orange

  39. Now i dont need karate classes

  40. That escalated quick

  41. Am I the only one waiting for Zac Efron's scene on 17 again.

  42. Where to watch this movie in its entirety

  43. Well bryce walker is dead so….

  44. Poor dirk his mom had cancer

  45. The 2nd one didn’t deserve it

  46. I would get up beat the fuck out of that dude

  47. You fat cunt is the english version of "derk the jerk"

  48. How not to get beaten, fucked or killed
    1. don't bring a group
    2. Don't pick on women or those who can't defend themselves
    3. Don't piss off Jason stranthem or Jack reacher

  49. 1:47 the sound effect of the punches and kicks are so unreal for a little kid like that , it's like earing a massive dude like dwayne johnson fighting loooool

  50. Bu filmin adını bilən var??

  51. Volume is incredibly low.

  52. Your just a jerk is that how Americans insult each other

  53. This video really wants me to be TOUGH (self defence)

  54. Yessss… I'm Alive…. sometimes…
    Act like devil badAss to any bastards.
    Just made my day.!
    Show them what demon's face likes😈.

    Being kind and good person can't help all the time….

  55. At the reacher scene that girl played deans daughter in supernatural?

  56. Ive been bullied in elementary and high school. Both I had to fight because I didn't want it to prolong. Unfortunately violence is all that worked for me. Thinking about it now its almost like people who are in prison, not that I've been but just from watching youtube videos. Its all about reputation and respect you get from other students, not that you need to impress others but to maintain a level of self worth. All you have to do is be yourself and stand up for what you believe . When you do have to fight let them throw the first punch or shove. Don't stop hitting, be ruthless. If you lose you'll learn from it and you will gain that reputation of fighting back at least. There is life beyond school trust me and college is better if thats the direction you want to go.

  57. The Jack Reacher in the book wasn't a midget.

  58. I have 14 bullies…

  59. The first guy was mad seriously that guy was cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  60. True detective was the best

  61. Really jack Reacher is 1st place worth to watch

  62. Bullies Are The Real Weak Ones Picking Someone Not Their On Size

  63. 9:36 I want this movie! Name?

  64. 13:00 Ear rape WARNING!!!

    Besides that great compilation!!!

  65. Anything to do with Waking Life and the Scanner Darkly

  66. Lol he was owning that hooker so bad

  67. But fuck his father thou

  68. also the one chick in #1 is from Triple Dog


  70. i sometimes get bullied from racist kids

  71. What is the intro song called


  73. 7:19
    Me: eating popcorn and enjoying the scene

  74. 12 yrs old my ass fuck you 😂😂🤣🤣

  75. Is true detective a movie ?

  76. Bully’s have powerful punches but no fighting skill

  77. I wish all whiteknights died a horrible death.

  78. Jesus the stolen shoes one was scary and I kinda feel bad for the bully

  79. If I trick you you have to like

    Read more

  80. The second time when he threw an orange at the girl I would have ripped that arm off from that dude

  81. Me dealing with bullies: <while I was in middle school>

    Middle finger
    Telling an adult. Seriously if you're a victim of bullying tell somebody, it worked for me and I promise it will work for you ❤

  82. You missed Stranger Things

  83. Tom Cruise is so attractive 😤

  84. some of these are cringey in terms of acting.

  85. This was so gratifying. Whoever down voted this guaranteed are bullies

  86. 5:16 what was the mans fault?

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