Top 3 Tips in Dealing With Adversity

Top 3 Tips in Dealing With Adversity

Like many of you, I have been through some
difficult times in my life, and I still remember the time where I had a friend of mine that
betrayed me. Somebody that was really acting in a way that
was trying to hurt me, even though in my face he was saying that he was all about me. Somebody that I’ve helped them in many different
ways to be able to achieve the level of success that they had achieved. I want you to know that this is Dr. Fab Mancini
and this is the Dr. Fab Show, and I want to talk to you about dealing with adversity. All of us deal with adversity on a daily basis. Some of us of course, more than others, but
I want you to know that when adversity comes your way, you have to be able to do what’s
right for you. You have to be able to make sure that you
pay attention to the things that you are responding to. The first thing that I can tell you right
now that determines the outcome of your adversity is that the circumstances in our life are
not what’s defining us. What’s defining us is the response. I want you to pay attention to your responses. I want to make sure that before you react
to something, take a deep breath, and I want to make sure you think it through. Think it through in a way that you says, “Is
it worth it for me to comment when my girlfriend, my boyfriend just called me this? Is it worth it for me to comment the same
way? Is it worth it for me to hurt somebody that
is hurting me?” I chose to forgive this individual. I chose to be able to let it go because you
know what? I don’t want to hold that resentment in my
life and no one can hurt you unless you let them. But it hurt. It hurt because it was one of those times
that I never would’ve expected it, and also it was one of the first times that I truly
was hurt by a close friend. I want to make sure that whatever you are
going through right now, is not defining the person that you are. Pay attention to how you’re responding to
it. That’s what’s going to be able to allow you
to be successful in dealing with adversity. The second thing is that look when we have
adversity in our lives, we tend to shy away from everybody. We go into our hole, we get underneath our
pillow. You need to ask for support. I want you to know that in my life, I’ve always
been a giver, but I’ve always had a little bit of a hard time receiving. Not anymore, because I’ve been through so
much in my life, that I realized that I can’t do this on my own. There’s nothing that I can do to the degree
that I want to do it by myself, and especially when you’re dealing with adversity. Sometimes it may be an adversity which you
don’t know anyone that can help you move a project forward, or it may be an adversity
because you don’t have enough capital to make your idea go through, or it may be an adversity
because you’re dealing with an addiction at home and you feel powerless. Whatever your circumstances are, ask for support,
because you’ll find it. The last thing that I can tell you that has
helped me deal with adversity in my life, is you got to have faith. Regardless of your religious background, I
want you to know have faith that it will work itself out. Have faith that you’re not alone in this journey. Have faith that you have the support system
already, even if on a spiritual level, to deal with whatever you’re dealing with. I can promise you right now that there’s been
many studies done that when you have faith, you have the ability to surpass any adversity
that you ever will undergo in your life. I have seen it with my own life, I have actually
experienced it in my own family, and I have seen it up close with friends that I’ve had. Listen. Adversity is going to be part of life, get
used to it. Pay attention to the responses. If you follow this recommendation, I promise
you, you’re going to surpass any adversity in your life and live the life that you were
designed to live. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Please write down in your comments, what’s
one adversity you’re dealing with, and I will help you figure out how to deal with it. I can’t wait to see you on the next episode
of the Dr. Fab Show.

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  1. You're so right…sometimes it's better to give yourself some time and not react on the spot, because we might regret it after. However I find it difficult to ask for support, I don't want to burden others with my problems.

  2. Having been through a lot of adversity in my own life, I too find it difficult to ask for help – not because I feel that my request will be poorly received, but more-so because adversity has led me to believe that I am the only one capable of fixing any challenge that I am facing. What advice would you have for someone who has developed a lack of trust for their potential support group due to an abundance of adversity throughout their lifetime? I love your videos! They bring such positivity energy and inspiration to my days!

  3. Dr. Fab, I needed to hear this so much right now. Your words are inspiring and reassuring that we can overcome these obstacles that, at times, seem so overwhelming. Thanks so much for sharing your insight!

  4. Oh dr. Fab, you must be a SAINT 🙂

  5. Dr. Fab I can't believe anyone would ever betray you! Thanks for sharing your story

  6. Good story. I can learn from it a lot. Thanks Dr Fab.

  7. Tell me who hurt you Fab – I'm going to give him adversity in his face! I think we can all transform these people – with love and forgiving. I will however start forgiveness today – love you baby 😘

  8. Definitely one of those people who struggles with asking for help… I'm used to being the one who offers not the one who takes! Great reminders.

  9. I find it easy to forgive, even more in times of adversity, guess I don't like negative energy of resentment:) On the other hand it is hard for me to get out of my shell, so thanks for the reminder that I shouldn't wait for trouble to escalate before I ask for help!

  10. The truth is that the best friends can hurt you the most because you care a lot about them. I must say that learning to deal with and overcoming adversity can be hard sometimes, especially when some persons that you trusted let you down. This happens to me lately: some friends that I care about disappointed me and I can't help feeling this adversity that makes me feel bad. 😠

  11. i got the point 🙂 wow, the important thing the way if your closest friend or someone that closed to, hurt me, is just forgive them.

  12. Grateful Dr. Fabrizio ! Your upbeat attitude and image helps 🙂
    I am struggling with motivation regarding working manual labor outside during this summer. I will avoid doing things, then feel guilty, which is less scary than actually trying to be successful. Silly.
    I react less dramatically to external (negative) happenings than before…. Trying.
    HUG Yourself. We're All Learning. It's All Practice ! MyEyeImagery

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