Top 10 Skype for Business Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Skype for Business Tips and Tricks

Here are the top 10 Skype for Business
tips and tricks. Welcome to Sele Training. I am Jason
Sele. Skype for Business is a great tool, not to be confused with the Skype
personal edition. The business edition is designed for a corporate environment and
has a much broader group of features. Here are some tips and tricks to make
Skype for Business work for you. Number 1 – Creating Skype Meetings in Outlook.
Skype for Business ties directly into Outlook. All you have to do is click on a
new Skype meeting when you’re in your calendar. Skype automatically sets your
dial-in numbers and a link to your Skype meeting. Just type your contacts in the
To:, put in your subject line and hit Send. Number 2 – Record a Meeting in 1080p HD. When you’ve started a Skype meeting you can just click the dot-dot-dot in the
lower right corner and start recording. That records your meeting in 720p. If you
want to set it to a higher resolution go into your Skype settings, click on
recording and check this 1080p full-HD setting. Number 3 – Share a PowerPoint file. If you intend to share a large PowerPoint file in Skype for Business,
the best option is to load it to the cloud. Click on the Share Content. Select
share PowerPoint files. Choose your PowerPoint file and it uploads it to the
cloud. Now this document can be viewed by other people without having to wait for
an install of your files. Once you’ve loaded it, click on the share content
button again and you can go into Manage Content and you can control settings for
the file. Remove it, lock it, make it available for only certain people and
many other settings. Number 4 – Automatically Update Calendar Presence
Information. In Skype for Business settings under Personal,
turn on this check mark for “update my presence based on my calendar
information”. This will update your contacts and let them know when you’re in a meeting. You can also check the box to let private or public contacts know this
information. Number 5 – Set Do Not Disturb when
Meeting. Also under the Skype for Business settings. If you go into Status,
there’s an option here to “show me as do not disturb”. When I share my desktop use this to notify people that you’re in a meeting and that you do not want to
receive any phone calls or get any instant messages. Number 6 – Allow
External Communications. In your Office 365 Admin Center, click on Skype for
Business. Under Organization, click on External Communications. If you check
this box it will let people use Skype for Business to communicate with Skype
users outside of your organization. This allows you to receive and send Skype
instant messages to people that are external from your internal network. By
default this is on except for blocked domains and down here you can add any
domains that you want to block from communication. Number 7 – Customize
Meeting Invitations. Within the same area of the Admin Center for Skype there is
an online meetings tab. Here you can actually set up customizations for your
meeting invitations. You can create a logo, you can add a URL to a help file, you can
also put a legal URL, and you can establish some footer text that will
show up at the bottom of your Skype meetings. This information appears
between these two dashed lines of your meeting invite. Number 8 – Check your
Call Quality Dashboard. Another useful feature in the Skype Admin Center is the
Call Quality Dashboard. You can access this by going into Tools, click on Skype
for Business Online Call Quality Dashboard. The Call Quality Dashboard is only useful if you have the Skype Phone capability
integrated into your Skype for Business environment. It shows charts of the activity of your phone calls and whether the quality is
good, poor, or unclassified. It shows you monthly and daily trends and it gives
you a good idea of the number of calls that are being performed across your
network and whether the quality is good enough. If you see a large area of poor
communication that’s an indicator that something’s wrong on your network or
something impacted your internet connection. Number 9 – Add Mobile and Home Phone Numbers. In the Skype settings, under
phones there are multiple phone numbers that you can fill in. Most of the time
this information is populated from Office 365 or Exchange but if they’re
missing you can actually put them in yourself. Add your mobile phone number,
add your home, or an other phone number and make that available in the contact
card to other people that are viewing your contact information. And finally
Number 10 – Meeting Options. If you want to have an effective Skype meeting, make
sure you click on the Meeting Options for your calendar entry. Under the
Permissions you have choices here of who you want to wait in the lobby.
If you set it to “only me, the meeting organizer”, then everyone else will be
left waiting in the lobby until you start your meeting. If you leave “anyone” that means that everyone will be able to connect into
the meeting without having to wait in the lobby. Also you can choose who to
make the presenter. If you are the only one doing a presentation then you should
set “only me”, that way other people won’t override your meeting by presenting
their desktop on top of you. If you choose “anyone” then everyone will
become a presenter automatically for the meeting and you’ll be prepped if you
want to transfer back and forth between different people’s screens. You can also
remember these settings so that the next meeting you create will have those same
settings as well. This concludes the Top 10 Skype for Business Tips and
Tricks. I hope this information is useful for you. Hey, if you want to see more videos like this one, please subscribe and if you’ve
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    1). you can open easily Skype meeting calendar in your outlook directly
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    3). we can share power point and word files for viewing your team members it is very useful feature.
    4). there is automatically will be update calendar presence information after check the update my presence base on my calendar information.
    5). Set do not disturb during meeting after check the show me as do not disturb when i share my desktop it is available in Skype for business settings inside the status.
    6). you can allow external communication in Skype, select the admin center in office 365 and than click on Skype for business after that click on organization and again click on external communication and than check the option of let public use Skype for business.
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