TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global

TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global

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  2. The first one would get 4 yeses in British's got talent – they love the sarcasm.

  3. 🤣😂😭 The first guy was actually pretty damn funny.

  4. Brasileiros bora representar cadê vocês kkk

  5. So when a kid or a disabled person wants to roast the judges its funny but when a normal grown man does it, its not okay?! smh

  6. Wow, the north-London impersonations girls is funny AND pretty, what sort of idiot would divorce her??

  7. Americans don’t get sarcasm and roasting the first guy was awesome calm down peasants 😆

  8. That first dude was a sassy gay preminger

  9. Would you say they make Simon Cowell howell with laughter

  10. Ahahaajaha first one ahahhahaah

  11. You act like Simon Cowell is emotionless on the title

  12. The first guy was roasting hella hard but why is the audience so butthurt

  13. That disability guy in the blue shirt and the zombie one is the best comedian in the world

  14. Who was the second guy?

  15. Ooooooooo BAG FOR LIFE 🤣

  16. "If you don’t laugh at the disabled guy you’re going to hell " 😂

  17. Simons the best judge they have,he tells it like it is.

  18. Wow, so many variety of performance!!!

  19. the guy dressed up like crown think

  20. Simon is the only one with a sense of humor i swear

  21. It security and take them off the Stage

  22. Howie actually got triggered on the first one. The Tyra Banks joke was hella funny.

  23. Lord farquad has entered the. Chat

  24. My cat likes trying to eat Simons head off

  25. ahhh, they all cracked me up 🤣

  26. I can do some of my favorite references with the impression of patrick star , Different squidward from a different timeline and do spongbobs and some of them my favorite refrences of spongebob is when. Squidward said in his mind that squiliem fancy son is hot and the my favorite one is say my precious that said from the hairy gremlin guy

  27. I wanna hug the disabled guy

  28. A dark guy first, sad…. Then the black guy…..

  29. The dig on Scary was priceless…and she handled it…as I expected she would (that made it even better).

  30. Why is everyone talking bout the first guy like there are other people u know

  31. Stand up comedians think there funny but there not even 1 percent funny these lost idots don't know anything. Stupid foolish fools. Being funny is natural making fun of someone is not being funny. Most standups make fun of people they are so lame

  32. isn't the mute guy just lip synching?

  33. The black guy looks the star trek guy

  34. Tyra looks like a cartoon character

  35. Alex hooper. you're about as funny as cancer. A roast a supposed to be funny. not cringeworthy. The most funniest part of your right is your dress sense. And I sense I use the word loosely you're nothing but a frustrated old Queen get off the stage go home climb in a corner turn the lights out and die just like you're comedy

  36. Is no one gonna talk about how the 2nd guy looks like lil dicky

  37. Micky's song i know what exactly he means the bags not for life ones split at bottom and everything falls down to ground then what can we do about it it gives me a splitting headache when that happens ha! ha! It happened to me a few times and i got told off for it funny getting told off for that. That could happen to anyone with bags. It's not us that do it. Then they start to tear. I take my own so i don't have to pay 10p. Put one bag inside other to make stronger and put in havy sack if have one.

  38. The first guy was great!!!!!

  39. The first one: “I want to spread happiness” and then “calm down peasants” 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  40. Not a single person for that first guy knew how to laugh.

  41. Código Lurrox_YT en la tienda de fortnite 😉

  42. cLEaNing MIcrOsOft WinDowS!

  43. The second gut looked lik lil dickey

  44. I would have given the first guy a golden buzzer

  45. The first guy was hilarious 😭

  46. I don't think the first guy was trying to be mean, all comedians can roast the judges and sometimes the judges don't even buzz them, but that? TF HELL NAW I AIN'T HAVING THAT

  47. The 1st guy wasn't a comedian he was just a genius

  48. Dude Mickey was my favourite tbh

  49. Guy with cat tail: roasts everybody without hesitation
    Blond gay guy: roasts everybody and almost says sorry for each one

  50. "If you don’t laugh at the disabled guy, you’re going to hell"

    some people : fake laughs so they don't go to hell

  51. The joke is not that funny if you have to explain it. If the 2nd guy is the best Britain has I really fell sorry for them.

  52. Comedy should not be at someone else's expense

  53. the first one was hilarious wtf

  54. Haha, Simon's teeth are so straight and white they just got offered positions in trump's cabinet. Hahaha

  55. Simon: 😮🍫
    Primary school teacher: 👨‍🏫 You enjoyin yo food
    Grammar: WHAT ABOUT ME!!!!!!

  56. The female impressionist was gr8. Funny & a terrific voice.

  57. make sure to watch my vids!

  58. bro i swear everyone gets so offended the first guy was actually funny asf i enjoyed it😂

  59. The first one is true to the core in every aspect. TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS.

  60. Kind contestants: Kind
    Simon on kind contestants: Not happy
    Rude contestants: Rude
    Simon on rude contestants: Happy

  61. any of u realise the lady has a mouth in the shape of a heart on 19:03

  62. Talking about the first guy.
    What happened to being objective?
    Do the judges think with their emotions?

  63. I take it these guys have never sat at the front at a comedy gig before.

  64. Simon had never heard of a bag for life?! Does he have a team of servants do his shopping for him or something? 😆

  65. I love how Simon needs to have "bag for life" explained to him. Classic. I doubt he goes to supermarkets. 😀

  66. Second guy looked like lil dicky

  67. great talent behind comedy


  69. ..that brutha looked like a grown 26…man tyra banks said yes lol bruh i hope you heard 😂

  70. That Oliver guy, poor guy doesn’t get booked anywhere and was expecting to be a complete failure… but then he got 4 yes’s!

  71. The annount of video ads that youtube has added to this video is so sad and frustrating!

  72. 12:29 me looking at my teacher like

  73. Baby: exists
    Vicki: Shut up, baby

  74. Vicci is such a savage I love her

  75. 19:31 everyones just going to ignore that…

  76. First guy would be a fabulous drag queen. Reading is fundamental

  77. oliver was so sad 🙁

  78. First dude is a legend

  79. Only the first one was funny the rest is common below average usual borelemz

  80. 1st guy just wanna roast judges😂😂
    2nd guy look like Lil Dicky

  81. farquad guy was so funny how didnt he won wtf why were people offended its fkn comedy… harsh comedy who cares what people say

  82. The guy with Tourette's syndrome was the best! I teared up laughing!

  83. Mel B is oot her nut in the very 1st Clip.
    Watch her behaviour and facial expressions, All delayed and incoherent.

  84. 4:07 is it just me or does he look like lil dicky?

    Just me?….ok

  85. Hilarious the panel just got roasted scary spice solo career 🤣

  86. that guy with tourettes had me weak ash

  87. 11:38 she looks 10 years younger in my opinion! Very funny and goodlooking!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  88. c l e a n i n g
    m i c r o s o f t
    w i n d o w s

  89. 1st guy: “I want to spread positivity…”

    Moments Later: Roasts Judges

    You weren’t supposed to do that

  90. I hated the first guy he was mean

  91. The first guy is going to be toast if he ever meets me and I'm not joking

  92. when simon claps for you
    you know its good


    when simon stands up SMILES and CLAPS for you
    you know ur a legend

  93. He’s a grown up Stewie Griffin IRL

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