Top 10 CASUAL Shoe Styles (Best Fall & Winter Footwear Ranked!)

Top 10 CASUAL Shoe Styles (Best Fall & Winter Footwear Ranked!)

Top 10 CASUAL Shoe Styles
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In today’s video, gents, I’m going from number 10 to number 1, ranking the top ten casual
shoes that should be in every man’s wardrobe. So, starting things off, gentlemen, at number
10, the classic canvas sneaker. Now, the classic canvas sneakers has been
around for almost a .hundred years. Has a very modest origin story. Basically, this was a utilitarian shoe, a
very inexpensively made shoe for the masses. In fact, what’s interesting about it is they
used to only make it one particular shoe, you didn’t have a right or left. Now, they stopped that practice once the shoes
caught on they became more popular, they started coming out with all different styles. So, you see right here, we’ve got a low-cut
and that’s one of the reasons I’ve got this shoe on the list. It comes in a wide variety of colors, a wide
variety of cuts and styles, and it really is a go-to shoe for any man in his casual
wardrobe. Now, for those of you that are a bit more
fashion-forward, you know in the last decade, the white sneaker has really been popping
very popular. Why? Because it grabs attention it stands out from
the crowd. And, a guy that’s wearing this, he really
has to pay attention to keeping them clean keeping them looking great. But, if you don’t want to deal with any of
that, you want something still that’s classic, but can deal with stains get a little bit
dirty and no one’s going to see, then just simply go with a dark colored sole a dark
colored upper. And to reiterate, the reason I’ve got this
shoe in my top 10 is its versatility. Now, you can’t dress it up with black tie,
but if you’re a rock star, you could maybe wear it with this suit. But for most of us, this is going to be a
great shoe that you can default to. And what about all the great-looking canvas
sneakers you’ve seen in today’s video? Gentlemen, go grab them over at Nothing New. I’ve talked about this company before. I’m proud to have them as a sponsor because
these guys are making a difference. So, they make stylish great-looking canvas
sneakers. That’s great. But, what I love is that they’re taking recycled
bottles, and that’s what they’re making these sneakers out of. Now, the rubber, they’re taking recycled rubber. Even the inside of the shoe, they’re using
recycled fishing nets. You’ve got to love a company that’s really
doing great things for the environment. In fact, if you go look at another pair of
shoes that use cotton, it uses a hundred gallons more water than a pair of shoes like this. But let’s get back to the look. Let’s get back to the style because, yeah,
you want to save the environment, but you want to look good too, right? So, with these right here, I’ve looked at
the construction, I have worn these. Yes, I wore them at Disneyland. Walked like 15 miles in this pair right here,
and have to say that they did a great job holding up. And, gents, make sure to go check out their
website for all the different options. You want different styles, you want different
colors, Nothing New has you covered. Free shipping and three returns in the United
States, and when you’re done with these shoes, one of my favorite parts, you just send it
back to the company. They will recycle it and they give you a $20
credit. I’m linking to Nothing New down in the description. Go check them out. Coming in at number 9, we’ve got the combat
boot. Now, this is not military issue, and I wouldn’t
recommend military issue. Anyone that’s ever served, one of the first
purchases you make, you go out and you buy your own boots. Where do you get those boots? Guys, there’s tons of civilian companies that
actually have followed the military classic design and they’ve improved on it. They use better soles, they use better uppers,
they use better lacing, just better materials and what you get is a superior boot that’s
actually been tested. And what I mean by tested is this boot has
evolved over the years to meet the demanding needs of not only the men in the military,
but men in other professions. So, smokejumpers, these guys that jump out
of airplanes and deal with fires. Amazing guys, but what they were dealing with
is they needed a boot that could — that could go through rugged terrain, but they also had
the high ankle support when you’re basically coming out of a plane, you need to be able
to protect your ankles. So, they designed this boot to be higher up. Now, the weakness of this boot isn’t sheer
size and its lack of versatility in terms of dressing it up. This is not something you’re going to wear
with a suit, you really wouldn’t even wear it with a sports jacket, but you can still
have fun with the different styles. Black is probably going to be the most common
color out there, but I would recommend you look at other options, at least in dark brown,
maybe a medium brown. This one right here has an olive green suede,
so all of a sudden, yes, it’s a combat boot design, but the style factor has just shot
up. Next on our list, we’ve got the Moccasin-toe
boot, very distinctive because of the style of the upper right here. So, when you look at this, you’re going to
be able to spot it immediately. You’re going to have a very soft overall upper
with that clear moccasin design. Now, similar to the combat boot, this is going
to be a very casual style. You’ll notice actually it’s not nearly as
tall as the combat boot, but it’s going to be the design overall of the upper that make
this just a very casual boot. Another fashionable trend you’ve probably
seen is the contrast in the sole, with the upper you’re going to see a lot of styles
that come out like this. A lot of guys, okay, they’re like that’s maybe
a little bit too loud too much for me, but I still think this is a great boot design
and why it’s on my list is the functionality actually of the sole. Not a lot of guys think about this, but this
sole notice how we have no heel right there, and that’s going to be very common on this
design. This is going to give you more traction. So, if you’re looking for a boot that’s
going to be great during the winter, you can wear it with jeans. And, I think actually if you polish this up,
you could even wear this with a sports jacket in certain situations. Guys, this is a great-looking shoe that could
easily fit in your wardrobe. [0:04:57]
Next on my list, we’ve got the classic penny loafer. When it comes to versatility the classic penny
loafer is tough to beat. You can wear this with a casual suit, you
can wear this with jeans and a t-shirt. Yes, you can. It really just comes down to the color and
the style you choose. So many different options when it comes down
to the upper. You can go with black, therefore it’s going
to be dressier. You can go maybe a blue suede, a red suede,
but understand that’s going to make this much more casual. A lighter color like we’ve got here a light
tan, this is going to make it more casual. But, I still think a very versatile shoe. By the way, guys, all these boots and shoes,
you can grab them over at Thursday Boots, the other sponsor of today’s video. I’ve talked about this company before. I love their products. What they provide, quality footwear at a fair
price. Now, I love talking about the construction
of quality footwear because when I give you this information, you are then armed with
the tools to go out there and buy the right shoes for you. So many of those shoes out there look great,
but they’re glued together. Guys, you want to look for a shoe that’s
actually been constructed correctly. That’s why I love Thursday Boots, they use
a Goodyear welt, one of the best forms of construction that you can find out there for
shoes, and they’re able to offer them to you at an affordable price. And, gents, I’ve had Thursday as a sponsor
for years. The advantage to that is that I’ve worn and
I’ve tested their boots for years. In fact, I did that one video in which I cut
a pair of their shoes right in half that I had worn for over two years and I show just
what goes into the construction on a pair of Thursdays. Guys, for years I’ve been talking about Thursday
Boots because I wear them, I’ve tested them, and I love these boots. I think they’re one of the best deals out
there. Gentlemen, I’m linking to Thursday down in
the description. Use that link. Go check them out, great company. Next up on our list, gentlemen, we’ve got
the chukka boot. Now, similar to the combat boot, this has
a military history. It was in the 1940s when British soldiers
where in Egypt, they actually commissioned a number of cobblers to make these very simple
boots. So, why is this shoe on my list? Because you can dress it up, you can dress
it down. Really the chukka is a very versatile boot
that you can wear in a wide variety of different situations. I could go with a black in leather and I can
wear that with a casual suit. Yes, you could. And you can dress it down, maybe go with a
blue suede like this one right here, all of a sudden you’re going to wear this with a
dark pair of jeans. It’s going to look great. But, this is a pair of shoes that I really
think it really comes down to creativity and how you decide to wear it. Next up on this list, we’ve got the double
monk. Many of you guys know that this is one of
my favorite styles out there. Why do I love this? Like the loafer, you can slip it on and slip
it off. A lot of guys have said, you know in the last
decade, this has become really much more popular, but I rarely ever see a man unless it’s
one of my events wearing a double monk. And this stylish shoe, well, you could dress
it up wear a suit or you can dress it down wear it with a pair of dark colored jeans
a button-down shirt you’ve got a great look there. Now, getting back to boots, let’s talk about
the chelsea. What I like about the chelsea is it’s got
a very sleek elegant design. This is something in inclement weather, I’ve
worn with a full suit, so you could really dress this up depending on the weather conditions. But, what I really like about this is it slips
on and slips off, so that’s why I’ve got this boot ranked so high. Now, if you were to go with a light tan suede
or a dark gray suede like what we have here, I think that you can dress this down, at the
same time, you could actually dress this up wear it with a casual suit. I would recommend something like this, no,
you wouldn’t be able to wear it with a business suit. But, the right style, yeah, chelsea boot,
you can really do a lot with it. And, now, let’s jump back to sneakers specifically
leather sneakers. In the last decade, we’ve seen a wide variety
of companies come out with their versions of leather sneakers. I do think this is now part of a classic man’s
wardrobe when it comes to casual style. White like this is going to pop, again, you
got to make sure to keep it clean. But if that’s not your style, then simply
go with something that’s not going to show stains. And if you want something with a bit more
color, you already know what your colors are what shoes would really stand out from the
crowd there are tons of options out there. Now, coming in at number 2 on our list, many
of you guys may not even consider this a casual shoe, and that is the brogue. Now, the brogue comes in a wide variety of
different styles, but basically when you hear brogues, what they’re talking about are the
basically indentions here in the leather these holes. If you go back and look at the history on
this shoe, this was a pair of shoes that a man could wear in the marsh. The idea was that water would go in and then
it would come right out. So, an early actually combat boot a lot of
combat boots have that as well, but that’s why I love this shoe is it’s got such a rich
history. Now, what you’re seeing here is a wingtip. You can see a wide variety of different ones
out there, but overall, the leather work on this makes this a more casual shoe. Whether it’d be open or closed lacing systems,
it’s still going to be relatively a casual shoe. So, because of that this is something a lot
of guys they’re comfortable wearing a casual suit with maybe a sports jacket odd trousers
even a blazer jacket with. The reason I’ve got this one I think ranked
so high is I think so many men could benefit from throwing out those running shoes and
simply replacing it with a great pair of brogues. This one right here, I have worn to multiple
events. I’ve had to stand up for, you know, sixteen
hours a day in these shoes, I absolutely love them. And I put them high in this list because they’re
comfortable, they’re versatile, and if more men would start wearing shoes like this, it
really just level up their game. [0:10:01]
Coming in at number 1, gentlemen, the most versatile shoe in a man’s wardrobe are flip-flops. Guys, you can wear this with the suit, you
can dress it down. No, I’m kidding because the flip-flop is not
number 1. Let’s get to the real number 1. So, coming in at number 1, I’ve got the modern
laced dress boot. So, for me over the last five years, this
has been the style I’ve defaulted to again and again. And when I ask myself the question why, it
really came down to I love the silhouette and the overall look of the boot. It’s a classic design, been around since from
1940’s. You’ve seen various companies actually take
and run with it. You don’t see too many combat boots coming
out like this anymore, but they actually made it a bit dressier by using better upper, better
materials, different types of lacing systems. But, overall, this is a rugged looking boot
that has a bit of a feel of I don’t know, just a bit dressier than a lot of the other
boot styles out there. And, because of that, I know for me I live
in a part of the world where we get to the full four seasons talking a hardy winter,
we get a fall and a spring with a lot of mud a lot of slush and I want something I can
put on my feet and I know I can go through that slush and not worry about really messing
up. You know I wear jeans with a sports jacket
a lot of time when times when I dress up, so for me this is the pair of boots I’ve just
defaulted to again and again. And, although I wouldn’t recommend that you
wear this style with a suit, I think that you can dress it up go with a darker color
maybe wear it with a sports jacket dark-colored pair of jeans, I really like the look. So, what video to watch next? How about watching me cut a pair of Thursday
Boots right in half? In this video, guys, I talked about what’s
inside quality footwear, what you should look for, and I really do cut that pair of boots
in half, so go check it out right here. I had a lot of fun with this video. Let me know what you think down in the comments. [0:11:38] End of audio

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