Top 10 Best Places To Live In Oregon For Family

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Oregon For Family

Oregon is one of the most naturally beautiful,
unique, diverse, and livable states in the US. Today, we turned our eyes toward Oregon. Here is the list of the 10 best places to
live in Oregon. 1. Bethany. Bethany is a beautiful area in the suburbs
of Portland. The schools are continuously improving which
is crucial for a student, and the job market seems to be expanding. Bethany’s rapidly growing with development. New Schools are currently in the process of
being built. Local mini shopping area and restaurants as
well as Gulf Course are located in Bethany Village area. The people are friendly, the climate is great,
and the plants are beautiful. 2. Cedar Mill. Cedar Mill is a bit like West Linn and Lake
Oswego, but with more affordable home prices. It is close to downtown Portland and Beaverton,
while also having lots of resources located right in the community. The area is currently growing and constantly
adding new exciting businesses and resources for residents to enjoy. Coastal, valley, river, mountain, and desert
regions are all easily accessible. Public transit system is excellent. The urban culture is diverse and interesting,
and the local government and universities are dynamically engaged in the community,
and local innovation. 3. West Linn. Less than 8 square miles, West Linn has a
ridiculous 600 acres of land devoted to parks. Just one of the many reasons that this town
makes list after list of the best places to live (nationwide). It is also incredibly safe with low crime
rate and boasts one of the lowest unemployment levels in the state. Beauty, safety and tons of space for leisure
— this town has it all. It has a stellar education system, high school
graduation rate higher than Oregon’s average. This is a town of holiday parades, fairs,
and music at Tanner Creek Park. It is a great place to raise a family and
a quiet town to come home to. 4. Brookings. The Oregon coast is home to many smaller towns
that are often overlooked when it comes to economic activity and top spots for moving. However, if you love the coast and are looking
for a great place to start your family, consider the just-right town of Brookings. It’s not very large at around 6,000 people,
but it is very friendly, and there’s a measured growth of businesses and entertainment options
that promises more for the future. You won’t be within reach of any big city
amenities like malls, but you will be living in the town with the lowest crime rate in
the state. 5. Sherwood. Sherwood is similar to West Linn, and has
won awards in the past as an ideal town to move to and one of the best suburbs in the
state. This Portland suburb, while lacking some of
the elite amenities of West Linn, makes up for it with significantly lower home prices
and a focus on organic living that’s filled with fun. The highly rated schools, new system of parks,
and recent upgrades to the downtown area also help. Sherwood may be a few miles further away from
the closest five-star hiking trails and ski resorts,
but it more than makes up for it with its other features. It is one of the safest cities in Oregon. If you don’t mind being around 30 minutes
from Portland proper – or living in a forest city that actively celebrates its Robin Hood
roots – then it’s time to take a tour of Sherwood. 6. Bend. Let’s hop to the other side of the mountains
for a look at the high desert city of Bend. Bend gained a reputation as a recreation and
resort town a couple decades ago, and has now developed into a complex city
filled with entrepreneurs, tech industry opportunities, and education options including several high
schools, a community college. Outdoor enthusiasts flock from far and wide
for parks like Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint, skiers to Mount Bachelor, and runners to the
Haulin’ Aspen Trail Marathon. If you want your kids to spend lots of time
outside, with plenty of future job opportunities, Bend may be your destination. It truly is a wonderful place to raise a family,
or at least, raise your heart rate. 7. Lake Oswego. Several extremes meet in Lake Oswego. The suburb has some of the best high-end houses
in the state, the top-rated school system with a reputation
for superb quality at all schools, and access to beautiful river parks and vistas. It is a cultural hub, home to the Lakewood
Center for the Fine Arts and the Art Council of Lake Oswego. However, it’s also very difficult for families
to enter due to high home costs. These are some of the priciest homes in the
Northwest, and more affordable options rarely last long in the market. It will take significant investment to get
into Lake Oswego – but there are few better places for your family. 8. Silverton. Silverton is a smaller, forest community that
has a surprising amount of features, to offer a family looking for an Oregon town less obsessed
with beer and art, but more focus on clean, simple living. Silverton has a record of very high graduation
rates, low crime rates, and a reputation for being inclusive and friendly to everyone. The town is also know for being a haven for
the arts, with multiple art events and a community center dedicated to supporting local art exploration. It’s a great location for those who want a
slightly quieter life – and who don’t mind the lower median home prices that come with
it. 9. Newberg. Newberg is a popular spot for other Oregonians
to visit or move to when they get tired of their own cities. This town, which sort of qualifies as a Portland
suburb, is famous for its friendly community and low crime rate, as well as wine. Newberg is the heart of wine country, and
the town is a network of wineries and related restaurants. The walkable downtown area offers a feeling
of classic old-town America that is truly hard to find elsewhere, and home prices are
more affordable than towns closer to Portland. George Fox University, located near the center
of town, is a highly rated college for your future education plans. 10. Oak Hills. Oak Hills has been nationally recognized as
one of the most historic places around the United States. Considering how dense the population is in
Oak Hills, it is remarkable that it continues to boast high rankings when it comes to unemployment,
adjusted median income and vacancy rates. People are really friendly and there is a
great mix of city and outdoorsy things to do. The weather here is temperate and nice, and
rarely doesn’t it get too hot or cold. This is a place everyone should want to live.

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    Also, if you like dreary, wet, windy, cloudy, depressive, dynamics, you will thrive. It is way, way, green, I must concede.

    Don't get me started on the mental masturbation of media and the Guilt Trip Industrial Complex and their slick way of sapping money from the poorest regions (nine-tenths of Oregon cities) to fund their hapless, quickly defunct ventures like Rail, Cable trolley, Buses nobody will ride in. That's Portland. Bend is like heaven above its hell, a mountain range separating us, but that toxic mentality is moving in one news cycle after another.

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