Tommaso Ciampa’s return shocks Adam Cole: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

Tommaso Ciampa’s return shocks Adam Cole: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

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  1. This return is phenomenal

  2. First valor now ciampa there so much I can take bro

  3. I got chills when I heard his music. It took me some times to recognize his music.

  4. Cole vs Ciampa vs Balor vs Gargano. Do it, HHH.

  5. I'm damn near in tears. I said to myself, Ok Edge took about a year and a half off….so dont expect Ciampa back before then. I was counting down the months. I am so happy I'm crying. Jot the real prophecy is about to begin. Ciampa plus Goldie. I need a reunion immediately. He NEVER lost her lol 🖤🖤🖤+ 💛💛💛

  6. No No
    War Games
    Just Cole vs Ciampa
    Inside the War Games Prision
    Hells breaking loose

  7. Nxt = ratings….

  8. Stop for a moment and appreciate that banger of an entrance music of the 🖤 and his antics are a bonus.

  9. Chills…absolute chills…

  10. It's not NXT vs AEW
    It's Ciampa vs AEW

  11. Never seen this guy matches. but I already like him.

  12. War Games Ciampa vs Balor vs Cole vs Gargano 🙏🙏🙏

  13. I thought it was tazz ffs

  14. What happened to him was he the one who go seriously injured?


  16. The best thing that happened on that historic week!

  17. The reigning
    Champion of the world

  18. This is the NXT version of HHH returning at MSG. The most vicious heel in the company that got injured, turned into the biggest babyface on his return!

  19. When Will Tommaso Ciampa And Johnny Gargano Reunite??? And When Will Tommaso Ciampa Apologise To The WWE Universe??? Please Make These Expectations True WWE!!!

  20. Sorry Adam, you may be recognized as champion, but Goldie belongs to Ciampa, and he has returned to reclaim her.

  21. I feel stupid for watching aew this show was way better

  22. "No One Will Survive!!!" 🖤💛

  23. Peoples debuting in 2020…
    1) Undisputed Era…
    2) Johnny Gargano…
    3) Tommaso Ciampa….
    4) Kassius Ohno….
    5) Bianca BelAir …..

  24. Bálor: Bálor is NXT
    Ciampa: I just want Goldie back

  25. Ciampa v Cole v Balor means Ciampa doesn’t have to lose.

  26. Y'all are crazy if this makes you want to watch balor

  27. This video should have more views 😭😏

  28. When you get out of prison and find out your missus has been sleeping around

  29. Fun little detail, Ciampa not paying attention to Cole until the very end when he holds it up higher.

  30. Kratos is Back!!!!

  31. I cant stop watching this.

  32. I hope for War Games: Undisputed era vs Ciampa Gargano Lee Riddle

  33. Raw: Seth Rollins
    Smackdown: Cian
    NXT: Champa & Bailor … Amazing everything

  34. That was Awesome , Ciampa's Theme also makes it more than awesome as comeback … Really Enjoyed that.. Welcome BaCk Blackhart 🖤🖤🖤

  35. Ciampa's back bay bay!

  36. "No one will survive!"

    Ciampa survives.

  37. Now bring back Aleister, Buddy Murphy, Asuka and Kairi at NXT too.

  38. I love ciampa 😀

  39. This is gonna be epic..


  41. Man this new God of War Dlc looks good!

  42. Yeah I think it's safe to say Adam Cole is not having a good week


  44. Why are everyone returning and staring down poor Adam Cole?.

  45. Who else had goosebumps?

  46. NXcheap ! NXcheap ! NXcheap !

  47. Coles face when he heard the first beep is priceless

  48. Ciampa WANTS GLODIE BACK! Also, love Coles reaction, this is why he’s one of my favorite wrestlers hands down.

  49. No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive No One Will Survive I Love Tomnaso's shirt

  50. Ciampa vs cole vs finn that sounds like match of the year

  51. Ciampa Adam Cole Alister Black Pete Dunne the fiend my favourite 5 wrestlers in the wwe

  52. Ciampa almost looks like Kratos

  53. I have always like tomasso character…

  54. Ciampa Gargano Dream and Balor


    Undisputed Era


  55. I marked the hell out when I heard the music. So glad he's back.

  56. it's like watching stone cold and triple h of this generation !!

  57. Listen to the crowed welcome back ciampaion

  58. Balor vs ciampa vs cole😍😍😍😍

  59. I’m probably hearing things but I heard the crowd sing along when the “No one will survive” part hit.

  60. This is my 100 time watching this

  61. Did no one notice how Cole hugged goldy the way Ciampa used to

  62. Ciampa be like"how are you goldie?were they taking good care of you? "😂😂

  63. I'm so glad they didn't push him up to the main roaster nxt is alot better with him

  64. Yes! I have waited so long for his return

  65. Lolllll the look on Cole’s face – 🤣

  66. NXT is awesome…….

  67. The chills that just shot throughout my body is crazy

  68. Ciampa returning like an ex that hasn’t been seen in a long time with unfinished business

  69. Am still team undisputed Era … But i love the idea of champa

  70. I see Balor vs Ciampa vs Cole coming at war games & i like it!!!

  71. I watched NXT and dont know how i missed this LOL. The pop for Ciampa was so huge.. its crazy how fans went so crazy for his return when he was like the most boo'd wrestler before his injury.. I love Ciampa and Cole so im stoked to see where this goes. He wants Goldie back 🤓😎

  72. The Ultimate Heel!!!!!

  73. Ciampa’s face before he gives a wicked bj.

  74. That theme fits him so well

  75. The Nxt greats returned on Adam Cole. Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa

  76. He should have come out with his neck brace. Everytime until he won the belt, and he swaps the neck brace for the belt.


  78. When he came back, all the hate and boos resided and started to love Ciampa.🤘🤘🤘

  79. If they fight ciampa will destroy him

  80. The best heel in WWE right now

  81. Smash like in agreeance: This theme is absolutely amazing

  82. Good lord, this guy is SO intimidating, I love it!

  83. Hey, Goldie daddy's back!!!!

  84. considering the size of the crowd capacity at full sail, nxt makes far more noise than raw and smackdown combined! 🙂

  85. Tommaso ciampa vs johnny gargano was and is probably the best feud to ever happen,
    Adam Cole vs balor vs ciampa would probably be the greatest match of the year

  86. I know he’s had that titantron for awhile but I think it works really well here. It’s like Finn makes his big return to nxt and Ciampa is stealing his moment just by walking out to stare at Adam Cole and the title while his music plays. I love it.

  87. Predictions: Cole VS Ciampa VS Balor at Wargames
    Ciampa wins
    We finally get Johnny VS Ciampa for NXT Title where Johnny finally overcomes Ciampa
    Johnny gets his long title run that he deserves

  88. I felt goose bumps at 0:45

  89. İ like Ciampa but is overrated

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