Tips for Selling Online at Marketplace

So, basically the strategy to succeed selling online is same like the strategy of your marketing on offline channels which are your stores around the cities, at any malls, any streets. There are 5 elements you must cover. Place Product Price Promotion Public relation Okay, I will explain one by one. Place Place here refers to online marketplace. If you talk about online marketplace, indonesia has many. There are Lazada, Blibli, Elevenia, Mataharimall, Etc Choosing online marketplace is like when we consider what parameters we choose for people who is fit to be our boyfriend /girlfriend. We mostly consider, traffic to marketplace is important. But sometimes, it’s not always right. The most important is, you must know product type that you want to sell whether it is fit for marketplace’s you targeted or not. You can ask your e-commerce manager or e-commerce partner like 8Commerce for getting product category of market share data of each marketplace. If the cake share is big enough, then you must go in. You also consider easy usage and terms condition of marketplace in terms of management, payments term, promo campaign support, and their valuable members amount that they already had. Number 2, Product Product here refers to what kind of products you want to sell in marketplace. Don’t forget to get marketing analytics and insight about product you sell from your e-commerce manager or e-commerce partners like 8commerce so you can measure correctly what is the fastest way to get customer and makes they buy again so that you can make profit more. Number 3. Price especially when you sell to indonesia customers. Indonesia customers is very critical about this and they are not lazy to compare price with others. So to win indonesia customer’s heart you must give what they want. A very competitive price and a very valuable benefit they will get. I know you cannot always be the cheapest price. That’s why you need to focus more on other benefit that your customers cannot get from other competitors. For instance, your package may be more expensive but you offer add on products that are hardly to be ignored by your customers. Or you offer same day delivery with money back guarantee 100% for improper ordered product. Any benefits you can create for your online customers so you still can win their heart. Number 4. Promotion The first objective of entering online market is how to make everyone know you are there! Yes, it’s very basic because if there is no one knows you are ever exist, then how you will get customers? Promotion in marketplaces basically has been supported by each marketplaces to get traffic. But it is still needed own support that massively promote that the marketplaces sells your product. So discuss with your e-commerce manager or e-commerce partner like 8Commerce how to make this massive promotion run effective and efficient. Mostly it will be more impactful if you take joined promotion program with marketplace. It can be anything, from online campaign until promotion barter through above the line or below the line channels. Number 5. Good Public Relations Good public relations is about investing your brand into your customer’s mind. You can start by arranging some media conference or connecting to media people that you’re now focusing on e-commerce. You also keep nurturing all of your social media channels and updating website, so people knows you’re always ready to connect with your customers and continuously giving benefits through insight and recommendation for making their life better. Having good relationship and connection with your customers as close as your relationship with your spouse or best friend is the best investment way to keep your brand being loved by your customers and at the end, success in e-commerce. Well I think, for now those 5 tips of mine is enough to make you success in e-commerce. Keep following 8Commerce by subscribe this channel to get another insight and news of Indonesia e-commerce. Thanks for watching!

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