TimeR Wearable NFC SmartRing

TimeR Wearable NFC SmartRing Hello and welcome to GadgetGuideUSA. Thanks
tuning in. I’m Stephen Kowalski and I’ll be your gadget guide today as we explore the
TimeR NFC SmartRing. It’s essentially a wearable for Android or Windows Phone or anything
that’s NFC compatible. As you can see it’s still kind of in the
retail packaging. I’m not going to lie. I have opened this quite a few times. I do
have some little tape there. I just kind of wanted to give you an example of what it looked
like when I got it. My tape is holding a little bit better than I’d hoped. Let’s go ahead
and get it opened. This is pretty much what I saw. As I said I’ve opened it quite a
few times so I’ve damaged the packaging quite a bit but you get the gist.
You open it and you have this sharp looking ring box here and then you’re going to look
at these directions. Mostly in Chinese. You have a couple of QR codes here and one of
them will take you to the IM Timer website and the other takes you to a Wii Chat website.
I couldn’t figure out why it was there. Essentially all that is is that’s just warranty
information. So let’s go ahead and get started with the
actual ring. As you can see it actually comes in a decent looking just a standard ring box.
As you can see it’s just kind of slid in there in some padding. It has more QR codes
and things like that. Let’s go ahead and get it open.
The first thing we’re going to look at is the construction of the ring. This is the
male version which is actually made with an interior titanium band. I think its titanium
all the way through with this black glaze over the top and that is a zircon crystal
and there is 2 NFC chips in it. One is located directly below the zircon crystal and the
other is on the exact opposite side. So really this crystal is really like a directional
indicator of whether you’re looking at NFC 1 or NFC 2 or however you’d like to call
them. There is a female version as well. It looks
very similar except that instead of titanium you get rose gold and instead of the black
glaze you get a white glaze and instead of the zircon crystal you get a Swavorski Crystal.
So I mean it does have a different version. It does come in multiple sizes as you can
see I’m pretty sure this is the largest size they have but it’s pretty large. It
would only fit my largest fingers. But like I said it does come in a variety of shapes
and sizes and when you order them you can order them by your ring size. You know ring
size 7, ring size 8 or whatever is most convenient for you.
Pretty much what NFC is NFC stands for near field communication and what that is it’s
the ability to send a small amount of data to a fablet, smart phone, tablet or anything
like that. I’m just going to go ahead and give you an example here and what you can
see here is I just have an app open and I’m just going to go ahead and set my phone on
it and this phone is NFC and Android Beam compatible so basically I just set it on top
of there and I’ve programmed NFC 1 the NFC chip directly below the ring. What that does
is it will bring you directly to my YouTube page there. As you can see all I did was store
a website in there to take you to a specific YouTube website.
The other side I have programmed to an automatic text feature so I’m just going to set it
there and it will just automatically text me.
There’s quite a few uses for these things and it’s pretty neat. Like for example for
the automatic text if you know if there’s somebody that I want them to have my phone
number I’m like ok. So I put that next to their phone and then they click send and it
will automatically send me a text message with whatever I want it to say. Like for example
I used the wording NFC Automatic Texting Test but that could say send me your profile contacts
or you could even send a contact. I could actually program my own contact information
here as an Android file and if somebody’s like hey I’d like your contacts I’ll flip
my ring over to the back side and give their phone a click and it will automatically import
my contact details directly into their phone. That can be really handy.
So next we’re going to talk about the app. If you actually scan one of these QR Codes
I believe the instructions it will actually take you to the IM Timer website and you can
download their app for free. I didn’t like the app. First off the permissions were quite
invasive. They want access to your entire phone. It’s not approved by the Android
Play store so you have to click I’m going to install an unsigned program. So I really
didn’t like that. And on top of that even once you get the app downloaded it’s not
the handiest in the world to use. So I didn’t end up liking it.
What I did get was there is quite a few options as far as NFC editing. I prefer to use Samsung
Tech Tiles. It’s an absolutely free app and there’s also quite a few other apps.
NFC Developer, NFC Tasker, there’s one called…well I can’t remember them all but if you search
for NFC task or NFC edit on the Google Play store there is at least a dozen free apps
and quite a few of them did a good job. I played around with quite a few of them but
in the end I settle on Samsung Tech Tiles. It will only work if you have a Samsung or
a Sony phone but I would suggest using NFC Tasker or NFC Task Launcher as a secondary
app and like I said all of those are free from the app store.
All of them pretty much have very similar options so let’s go through them. You can
program multiple lines into each NFC. Like you can set up modes so for example if you
wanted to say set it up on automatic mute you could program 3 or 4 tasks. The first
task would be dim the screen. The second task would be change my ring tone to something
like whatever I wanted and then the third could be set it to vibrate and then the fourth
could be turn power saver on or off or something like that.
If you wanted a car mode let’s say you set this back to your car you could just click
it and say it will automatically put your phone in car mode. It will dim the screen,
turn speakerphone on and change the ringer to something special. Whatever you want for
your car. So I mean it does have quite a few options. But let’s go down. You can turn
Wi-Fi on and off. Bluetooth on or off. You can change your ringer, your volume, your
ringtone. You can even change what notifications you have for texting. So if you get home and
you want it quiet you could set a mode for home that you know automatically turns it
to silent mode, turns your screen off and things like that. You can also set your screen
timeout. You can see I have it set for 30 minutes. That’s just so it doesn’t turn
off. You can turn driving mode on or off. So let’s go ahead and go back. You can set
it to make a phone call. Send a text message. Send an email. Like I said you could set it
to share a contact. If you wanted to share your business contact you could save a business
contact on one side and a personal contact on the other. There is a lot of options.
You can have it save to a location. Let’s say you’re having a party you would program
your GPS location into there. Some people are like hey where’s the party at? You just
click on their phone and it could open up Google Maps directly. It can go right to your
house without any issues. You can set alarms, timers, play music and
videos. Just as a note you both have to have the same song. If I have a song saved on the
ring and I click it to your phone and you don’t have that song downloaded in your
phone it won’t work. So I guess there is some limitations there. Maybe there might
be other ways you can do it like send a whole song through NFC but I didn’t play with
it quite as much as I’d like to have. But like I said if the other person has that particular
song you’ll bump it and it will work right away. So I found that kind of neat but you
know not very useful. You can also open up specific applications.
Any application that’s on the phone you can set to open with the ring. I couldn’t
think of any specific uses for this except maybe open music, play certain song but you
know maybe someone else is more inventive than I am and you know they’ll figure it
out. You could also set it to say hey maybe if
you open up your flashlight app a lot maybe you could set it to turn on flashlight so
it’s like hey click your ring and your flashlight will turn on. I guess that’s not as useful
as I’d like it to be but you know, maybe if you’re more inventive you could figure
something neater out. These are the options I really liked of course
since you’re watching this on my YouTube you know I’m pretty familiar with digital
media. You could check me out on my Facebook page. You can update your Facebook status.
You could share like a certain phrase on Facebook. You can send a tweet. You can check in on
Foursquare or Facebook. You can follow a specific twitter user. I did have that programmed into
the phone. It was kind of neat. It was like hey you want to follow me on twitter? Click.
Click your phone and it will automatically open up the twitter app, select my name GadgetGuideUSA
and it will click follow me on twitter. The person after you scan the ring does have to
click accept but any easier way to get people to follow you on twitter I guess can be a
good thing. You can update your Google Plus status. You can share bookmarks. Like I said
earlier show a place on Google Maps so you can program that into the NFC, click on somebody’s
phone they get directions to your house for a party or for a meetup or an event or anything
like that. Send a glimpse? I’m not familiar with glimpse so I’m not going to go into
that or you can connect on LinkedIn. And you can set a lot of those to a single option
so if I wanted to I could program the diamond side to say friend me on Facebook, follow
me on twitter and open up your phone to one of my YouTube videos. All within a single
click. So you definitely have a lot of neat options. If you’re a tech geek like me then
you love these things. So I’m just going to go ahead and read off
a list of things that I’ve played with and things that I thought were great ideas for
it. You can auto run apps. You can auto open videos or if the person doesn’t have the
video on their phone you can actually just share links to specific websites like I showed
you I can just click it and it will automatically open up YouTube and go to one of my videos
so you can watch it. You can automatically have people follow you on twitter. You can
just program it in like I said. Oh click. Now you’re following me on twitter. Awesome.
Facebook friending. If you whisper quite a bit which is like a delete after reading messages
as soon as they read it it lasts about 20 seconds and it deletes itself. That works
well with the ring. If you actually have an NFC door. Some hotels have them and other
people have them on their homes. Samsun makes a neat NFC door. You can actually program
your NFC code directly into the ring so that when you come home you just wave your ring
in front of the door and it will automatically unlock for you. I don’t have Samsung NFC
doors but I would sure like to have them for this ring. You can change your phone settings.
Your volume, GPS, Wi-Fi. Or you can control music settings. Another thing people are using
these NFC tags for are for setting up like zones. So you have put a NFC tag at work an
NFC tag in your car an NFC tag at home and you scan…let’s say you’re just coming
home from work you scan the NFC tag for your car and it will automatically put you in car
mode. You know maybe connect to your hands free device or whatever you need to do. The
options for NFC are really limited a lot more by your imagination than the technology.
As far as all the apps available they have a lot of options and they are really neat.
So like I said you’re limited by your imagination and your coding ability as opposed to the
actual NFC technology. We already went over the construction. There’s
even some more neat options. If you’re one of those people that have rooted your Android
phone you can actually turn this…you can set the NFC code to be your unlock code. But
that’s only if you rooted your Android phone. I could not get it to work. Of course I tried
because I thought that was really neat that I’d no longer have to put in that code on
my Android phone. And nobody else, even if they knew that code could unlock it. You have
to have the ring to unlock your phone. I thought that was neat. Like I said I could not get
it to work on a non-rooted Android device. But if you would like to see that option
actually has quite a few neat articles about how to root your phone and then set an NFC
device to be your passcode. That’s not really within the realm of this product review but
I figured I’d throw that out there because I’m definitely planning on playing with
that as soon as I have some free time. It’s also IP68 which means the ring is actually
dustproof and it’s waterproof up to one meter so you’re not going to be going on
any deep sea dives on it but you could do, or you should be able to do dishes and everyday
use in the rain without worrying about damaging your ring so of course durability and ruggedness
are something we always focus here at GadgetGuideUSA. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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