Thoughts You Have Dealing With The Police As A Person Of Color

– [Voiceover] Don’t make eye
contact, don’t look at ’em’. – [Voiceover] Did I dress well enough to be walking in this neighborhood? – [Voiceover] Do I look innocent? – [Voiceover] I wonder if
he thinks I’m not a citizen. – [Voiceover] I hope they don’t think my tattoos are gang related. – [Voiceover] I hope they don’t think I’m going to steal something. – [Voiceover] I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do I feel guilty? – [Voiceover] Okay,
relax. Answer him calmly. Do not look aggressive. – [Voiceover] Maybe I should have shaved. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a terrorist. – [Voiceover] Do they
think I’m a prostitute for what I’m wearing? – [Voiceover] It’s cold, I
wish I could put my hood up. – [Voiceover] Just keep looking forward, no sudden moves, it’ll be alright. – [Voiceover] My license is in my purse, please don’t think I’m reaching for a gun. – [Voiceover] If I die today, will anyone even care? (piano music)

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