This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. I really like this home… It's still fully equipped but it does have the small footprint and plenty of space.

  2. Jenelle could never

  3. Obsessed with tiny houses. Dates a guy who does construction. You ain't slick 🤣

  4. This has to be by far the funniest comment section I’ve ever seen on youtube😂😂😂

  5. I like the feature at the end of the counter with the knives ect on looks like magnets ? Inspirational design.

  6. 7:44 …. Oh boy. This girl is going to get all this guy's shit. Run buddy.

  7. I heard he’s dead now they found him in the cat run

  8. Nice…but…hipsterhomes are not my thing. Lots of little ideas here n there. Just my opinion. Nice score on the land. Ide jump on it too.

  9. I hope he reads all these comments, and gets the help escape that he needs.

  10. She doesn’t care about him! Just using him! Poor man. Run Forest Run!

  11. 20 million views?
    Super congratulations!

  12. Merhaba, bu evin ölçüleri nedir?

  13. Parents: "you're to close to the TV"
    Tiny house owner kids: "we're on the other side of the room!!!"

  14. So… Did they break up yet?

  15. That is the best and most favorite I’ve seen so far. Good work!

  16. She's going to go psycho when they break up and he keeps the house

  17. He truly loves her if he was willing to compromise and live in a smaller house than he’s used to. She’s bubbly and jovial and isn’t after a large expensive and luxurious house. She also makes up for his introverted personality and I think they make a nice cute couple. Can everyone please back off? Just be thankful that they’ve shared their beautiful space with us

  18. I dont feel sorry for this guy, not at all. He was very about himself the whole way through eg my tv, my house etc. He built the home to show he could but I think due to his nature, he would do that with any house he built – and he will build again. It really is a lovely house.

  19. This tiny house is my absolute favorite tiny house! It's beautiful and I like that there's no small tight crawling spaces. Great job on building it!!

  20. Sooooooo many relationship professionals in the chat. Leave them alone and appreciate the damn video. Has nothing to do with their personal lives.

  21. This tiny house is one of the best designed homes I’ve seen over the internet by far. The lofts which actually should be called as second floor because of the height of the ceiling which gives you plenty of headroom to stand up and walking around are amazingly beautiful, plus the connection bridge between the two lofts as well as all these skylights are brilliant. The bathroom is very spacious and looking beautiful as well as very practical. The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous, and again as well as the rest of the house, it’s well thought layout works perfectly practical while giving you more than enough storage space in elegant setting. The outside living space for not only humans are gorgeous but for cats to enjoy a safe playground, are absolutely brilliant design. Over all, this couple has impeccable clean design sense as well as at most logical sense to achieve functionality while keeping the beauty of design and combined all elements into truly amazing dream home! Impressive 💕

  22. The girl doesn't even know what's in the kitchen drawers..

  23. By far this is thee nicest tiny home I’ve seen. It’s gorgeous 👌🏽🥂

  24. But where do all the clothes go? I need closets.

  25. So, she's a bachelor student who spent all her time on instagram looking at tiny houses and met a construction guy who was desperate enough to go out with her and then actually build her a tiny house. He probably paid for every and now she's happy cause she's featured in a YouTube video. Poor guy.

  26. This is my favorite tiny house so far👍❤❤❤

  27. Wher can I get a house like this?

  28. I can't. Lol… I can't. She put a spell on him. Matt, you better rebuke her in the name of Jesus Christ.

  29. "Bored rich couple builds expensive home, pretends it didn't cost a fortune"

  30. So Matt has the money because you made that very clear in your Statement. Sounds like you’re using him.

  31. Impressive! The bathroom and bedroom are WOW!

  32. Yeah I don’t like this girl. She keeps saying “my house”. If anything it’s his house, he did all the work.

  33. I hope this video helps his video his bathroom company.

  34. Wouldn’t do black in Australia.

  35. How do they do laundry?

  36. 何言ってるか全くわからんが家はステキだ

  37. This home is my favorite so far

  38. This is the best looking tiny house I've ever seen. Too bad that couple is so awkward

  39. She’s cheating on his ass🤣

  40. So basically she's good her tiny house and he's got a flushing toilet. Seems fair play!

  41. So let me get this right? She bangs on about tiny houses and he cares for her so much that he's put his blood sweat and tears (MONEY) into building her what she dreamed of. Yet they met ONLINE! Yikes, no chance I'm getting with some hoe on a dating app.

  42. Video starts at 6:00 btw

  43. I LOVE that cat run!

  44. Amazing…….amazing

  45. 'I can genuinely say that I don't miss anything from my… sigh large, normal house…' 15:33

  46. This is probably my dream "tiny" house. Perfect size imo; things are more efficient than a normal house but you're not forced to feel like you live in a shoebox. t's perfect!

  47. Well I’ll post a common sense post rather than a pillock post, you guys did an awesome job and should be proud of yourselves

  48. I'd say give it another 8 months so he's been there a year and then decide to stay or gtfo. Weird remote location.

  49. I'm Lmao that I'm clearly not the only who noticed that this couple doesn't seem too very happy together. I definitely noticed some bad energy between them LOL smh

  50. Beautiful home. Workmanship is great.

  51. I predict he is going to move in the cats enclosure

  52. this is impressive! Love this

  53. Greetings 2the2 of u. Ur home is simply gorgeous. I'm so happy 2 c ur dream. May all ur endeavors b safe,healthy &blessed always

  54. He does not like that woman at all it feels like she is forcing him to be there by the way he's acting 😂

  55. it's bigger than a tiny house 🙂

  56. Outstanding Quality & Design & Appearance ! Wow !! Greetings from India !!!

  57. wow they are so boring, house is amazing though

  58. @Living Big In A Tiny House.

    Bryce, thank you for showing the world what can be achieved!

    I would be extremely interested in how this home was constructed, the design and specification of the property are truly inspiring.

    I wonder if Matt would have a set of drawings?

  59. Indigenous studies…..

  60. The doud seems dead but i would totally live in that if its just me.

  61. One day she will have a really bad mood and snap, tell him to get out and he will. She will get everything except if there's some prenub.

  62. 5:37 the reason why most of us came here

  63. Some one have a BLUEPRINT of this house?

  64. he look like he's tryna tell the interviewer he needs help to get out of his situation lol

  65. Where is the washer and dryer? My bad, I must have missed that part in the video

  66. I feel sad for the guy, you can clearly see the he doesn't want that kind of house.

  67. 17:05 ouch!

    At least he's still got his cats and his sister made him those cushions. God help him, yikes, lol!

  68. Beautiful home- but a weird ass “couple”.

  69. It must be a tiny house thing, all the women seem a little nutty.

  70. This is an Rich Man Project

  71. What’s the big deal? All this is a modern trailer home. Instead of a double wide it’s stacked.

  72. indigenous studies? now thats a red flag right there.
    He seems like a hands-on, hardworking perfectionist kinda guy, she seems spoiled chaotic and lazy, he should get out of this rel. asap.
    Love the house though..

  73. 请问 下雨的时候雨水打到顶棚时造成的噪音 和顶面的防水是怎么解决的呢??

  74. Beautiful home! Very painful energy

  75. The best I've seen

  76. She needs to stop hitting that guy!

  77. I love this home! The bed area, with the windows! Excellent!

  78. Why tf would she NOT want a flushing toilet???

  79. Thats why they have 2 beds. They sleep seperately! Its obvious that he's not happy living there!

  80. The look in her eyes at 17:05 says so much.. I feel so bad for this guy

  81. Love the loft and the design! But where to entertain and eat a meal??

  82. Instead of two bedroom they can create dining table as it is comfortless to eat food on sofa.😊

  83. indigenous studies?
    Yeah you lazy..

  84. Better invest in tons of poopouri

  85. $90,000 . Could have spent a little more and had a real house.

  86. That was spectacular. How much did it cost…

  87. Why are people taking jabs a Matt for looking unhappy? I did not feel that at all. BTW…Lisa is very beautiful and Matt compliments Lisa. This home is absolutely "stunning". I truly love this home and would really like one myself…not to mention the property it sits on. Again…"stunning"…inside and out. Congrats on finding your "Happy Place" Matt and Lisa.

  88. 6:09 To 6:22
    Homeboy REALLY loves this house

  89. lmao at the comments

  90. All you got to do to hit that …………………pass.

  91. Bro built an amazing house 👌. That dude mannerisms reminds me of my best friend, a gentle soul. You should have swipe left on that, the things we do for a piece Clam.

  92. Claustrophobic level 100%

  93. I have looked at hundreds of tiny houses and this is my favorite, it’s a gorgeous home, so well put together!

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