This Strategy Makes It Impossible To Procrastinate

This Strategy Makes It Impossible To Procrastinate

How often have you started a new habit that
you then quit after several days? If you’re like me in the past, the answer
is something like, “all the time.” Forming a new habit is hard. I don’t have to tell you that. We all know how difficult it is to live a
prosperous and healthy life. If it were easy, everybody would do it. We also know that our chance of succeeding
is much higher if we start small, right? It’s common sense. “Don’t take on too much in the beginning
— you’ll have more reasons to give up.” So goes the advice, which is solid. I’m not going to argue with that. But far too few people actually start small. In fact, I see more people starting big than
starting small. Why is that? I think we can get too excited about making
a change or doing new things. When we dream about making a change in our
lives and start believing in it, the excitement usually takes over. That’s why we end up doing too much too
soon. To be clear, I don’t think excitement is
bad. You need energy to make a change. And it’s great to be fired up about achieving
something in your life. Always remind yourself that you want to stay
fired up. Because when things get hard, we can lose
that fire. So when you start forming a habit (writing,
working out, reading, eating healthy) or learning a new skill, remember that it should not feel
like a challenge. The activity should be easy. If that’s not the case, we all procrastinate
— even the most self-disciplined people do that. When you start something new, it’s not about
your results. When I started writing every day, I couldn’t
care less about how many words I wrote. Or when I started getting daily exercise,
I didn’t care what type of exercise. I just wanted to make sure I did it. Wrote for 4 minutes? Great — you did it. Went for a 20-minute walk? Great — you did it. Read a book for 2 minutes? Great — you did it. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits,
which is about changing your life by forming small habits, writes about this idea in his
new book. I like how he removes all barriers for starting
a habit. He writes:
“A new habit should not feel like a challenge. The actions that follow can be challenging,
but the first two minutes should be easy. What you want is a “gateway habit” that
naturally leads you down a more productive path.” Remember, the action itself is not easy. But as James says, the first two minutes should
be easy. And what you’ll find is that you can scale
down nearly any habit or activity into a two-minute version. Want to read every day? Read one page. Want to meditate every day? Sit in a meditation position. Want to study for an exam? Open your book. I like this strategy because it nearly makes
it impossible to procrastinate. When I look back at all the times I’ve procrastinated,
it was always related to getting overwhelmed. When you haven’t even started something,
the end result seems a million miles away. That’s how you end up saying, “screw this.” So instead of focusing on the BIG outcome,
focus on the SMALL start. Look at what you want to achieve in your life. Then, look at what habits will make that happen. For example, want to be a CEO? Most leaders are readers. So you might want to start a daily reading
habit. Then, scale down the habits you need to succeed
into a two-minute activity. The goal is not only to get started — it’s
to keep going. Nobody wants to read one page a day for the
rest of their lives. To me, this strategy is all about getting
used to doing something every day. Look, changing your lifestyle is not an easy
thing. Let’s say you’ve been living in a certain
way for 30 years. What do you expect? That you change overnight? You and I both know that it takes time. So we should change our perspective accordingly. Your first priority should always be to form
the habit — something you do regularly. And remember: Habits are not about results. No one cares about how many pages you’ve
read, how hard you’ve worked out, or how long you haven’t smoked a cigarette. You should only care about what you did today
— and don’t focus on metrics. Life is a competition with yourself — not
others. And if you want to win, you must make it easy
for yourself.

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  4. 1:18 but that food IS healthy!

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  6. But what you forget is when the work gets harder (really fast) you need way more than 2 minutes to only understand whats going on. If you are in a field which is complex this strategy is hard to follow after a few hours.

  7. Anybody who is falling behind or worse thinking of quitting.

    Please keep doing as little as you can.

    It may not seem much but eventually it will grow.

    You are not alone, I am guilty of procrastinating too but I am never going to give up neither should you.

  8. Been there, done that, somehow not entirely satisfied with the result.
    Can make little changes in my diet but it's easy to put the weight back so in the long run I didn't have results, whether I did little or big changes.
    I had the same principle with creative hobbies that you want to start but somehow you procrastinate. This is kinda better because at least it's not weight loss. If you did a tiny step in your work, it never dissapears, it's not like diet where if you do a good day and a bad day everything goes back. And it seems much easier to gain weight than to lose weight so you can do 2-3 days well and 1 day bad and negate the results.
    With creative things, I write code, so I say write code for 10mins, it feels counterintuitive at first because some of the projects I work, it will take years for something to finish months. But anyway,. this kinda works because you end up sitting more than 10mins if you get into the flow, into the zone. So, I am not saying it's bad strategy. But there were periods of life that I went back to old habbits and didn't do my work for a month, not even open for 10mins oneday. While I know, when I have pushback from myself, that all I need is to just do something for few mins and then I am free. While I know that, sometimes I don't even dare to do that. Strange.. so much pushback from my inner self to not follow my dreams.

  9. want to wake up at 6 am?
    sit up in bed for 1 min.
    10 seconds later: " Im at my limit."

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    That conforts me that I'm doing the right way many thanks !

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    But remember
    The Seed was first planted before it became a tree
    Seeds can be planted within 2min

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  32. Summary of this video ;
    Start small

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  38. This video is gold;
    For the longest time I was never content with starting small. I wanted results, dammit!
    But since it's not about the results when forming a habit, I feel a lot better about it.

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  40. I started this small habit when I was a child, and now I can do this habit in a big manner.


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  42. Turns out that I've been applying this idea with my girlfriend. She accused me of procrastinating over moving in with her and getting married.

    I said can we just start with the bit where we have sex every day?

  43. Thanks Darius Faroux I now understand that i can slowly decrease my masturbation habit from 13 to 12 times a day til I reduce it to at least 5 slowly thanks to your techinque… salutations from Chetchnakystan 🇧🇳

  44. I REALLY ENJOYED the information in this video!! I'm excited!! Thank you!!

  45. I used to only read non-fiction then I tried a few fiction books that engrossed me. It was easy and reading doesn't require a lot of activity. The stories motivated me and gave me motivation to do other things, a good branching off activity

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  61. life is a competition with yourself, not with others.
    You must make it easy for yourself to begin. Make the first 2 minutes easy, then you will enter a state of flow.

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  64. Nothing new from James Clear, it is called Kaizen in japanese by Masaaki Imai from 1986.

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  66. start small
    making a habit should be easy in the beginning. its about the effort and not the results.
    the first 2 minutes should be easy
    its about getting used to doing it everyday. (consistency)

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  78. (LIFE IS EASY) only the individual makes it more complicated. If you say it's hard then it will be hard, if you say it's easy then it will be easy. It's what you believe easy (do) or hard (do not) your decision.

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  80. Great video, 1 critical improvement to add here. If you read the book The Power of Habit, it breaks down habits into 3 parts – Cue, Routine, Reward. You need all 3 to make an embedded habit. Lets use the I want to start working out every day – Cue might be – Alarm on phone set at 4pm everyday. Routine is what you do, so going to the gym. Reward you can attack this a number of ways – Maybe you just like the way you feel, or the feeling of your muscles straining, or the fact you walk taller – Remind yourself during and after of this as that reward will embed the habit. You can also reward with some sort of treat, maybe this is I'll treat myself to a black coffee from my fav coffee shop instead of drinking my cheap coffee at home. Whatever you find works for you

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