This Law Could Make California The Largest Legal Weed Marketplace (HBO)

This Law Could Make California The Largest Legal Weed Marketplace (HBO)

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  1. Is this guys hair a fucking joke?

  2. Steve is the legend!

  3. Kid n Play interviewing Willie Nelson about pot. Sessions will get them both in for-profit prisons within the year.

  4. If you use thc dominant strains in California and like edibles demand they sell thc dominant dietary seeds, I would recommend you dont shop at places without a seed bundle option on edible menu, high thc dietary seeds are probably healthier than other edibles, and intoxication is way more pleasurable with seeds at least this is believed

  5. Don't support the ones not offering you dietary seeds if you can, better to eat seeds on regular than vape or smoke, now make the revolution!

  6. Hopefully this business can be one to dominate the dietary seed market!

  7. California rule the dietary cannabis seeds! Can't wait for high thc seeds to snack on!

  8. nigga got kid and play…fever

  9. Legal medicinal marijuana for all 50 states finally!!
    Contact me for more details and instructions.

  10. Are these dummies in the ministry of silly haircuts?

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  13. "Eventually we will have a national inter-state market for cannabis."
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  14. harborside bigger then jungle boys!?!?!?! thats false

  15. I'm very very interested in working for you I am not working right now so I can travel ASAP. never bin arrested.

  16. why would anyone pay top dollar to get his weed , grow it yourself , excatly same as he does , why pay him to grow it , especially outdoor weed, if your buying outdoor weed from a dispensary , your an idiot

  17. Ya'll might be happy that the laws are changing but trust me….the government will fuhk the product up and all who will grow commercially. This is not about the usefulness of the plant, its about money. The Government does nothing but suhk the life and soul out of everything. There leaches. Addicted to tax money

  18. We will some day have many please hit my channel back some day I will be this big when I get big ⭐️⭐️

  19. I do see what trip is talking about ? The bigger company come in and clean out the lil guys .


  21. US culture is not ready for full recreational legalization. In Amsterdam people smoke responsibly, they work, go to school, and prioritize many things before pot. In the US High school kids are burning reefer by the tons. Making it legal will create a culture of wasted and incompetent youth.

  22. two words… craft weed. lets get involved in making sure that mom and pop can be a part of this cash boom

  23. California has all the signs of being the largest weed market in probably the world, but the golden state has another challenge to consider. According to recent reports, taxation on recreational cannabis could be as high as 45%, with a slightly lesser rate being imposed on medical marijuana. In my opinion, using medical marijuana is a much safer, affordable and overall better option. What do you guys think?


  25. execute all fucking potheads

  26. What About the damn planes a trains who daily transport and use my air spaces whether sound or physically ? I own that area I pay taxes and the taxes the communication system 's are able to charge for ? Hmm I thought we were protected from monopoly 's . I haven't received a damn dime from any plane or train corporation although they can have right to wake me day or night . Ridiculous .

  27. Thought I was on cannabis myself then when I looked at the guys fucking hair 😆that can’t be serious💂🏿‍♀️💂🏾‍♀️

  28. Yea a boodie for me

  29. I would totally get that guy a license in my name.. 4:02
    if you see this… let me know

  30. Time for all them Botanical skilled people in the US to move to EU , alot of bank to make if you know how to handle your garden


  32. If it wasn't for California and Colorado, Ohio wouldn't have Medical Mary Jane, thank you California and Colorado

  33. Who got the best bud, California Washington Oregan Colorado?

  34. Federal state law trumps state law medica marijuana isn't legal no matter what state says

  35. Next thing you know, the whole valley is growing hash and everyone is hungry and stoned.

  36. What is up with the background music? Can news ever be objectively delivered without an intent to make it entertainment or biased? Every strata of human culture is filled with the need to sway the public.
    Maybe it just goes along with making a video but I see it as a conscious or unconscious manipulation. (IE: making a statement about what is)

  37. try CANADA it will be the largest growing and using country on the PLANET in 2018-07 in Liquor stores nationwide and treated like alcohol =)) it is now on the stock market as well~

  38. legalization made it even harder for the mom and pop growers to even pay there bills in california now only a few big stores make all the money while everyone grows so much of it it brings the price per lb to a all time low of 600 dollars which is almost worthless these days considering what you have to do to get it to the point of selling and eventually the big wigs will come in and destroy what was left of us making a dollar so its kinda fucked imo. you guys need weed msg me i can get you guys alot and by i mean alot i mean ALOT FOR CHEAP

  39. im going to do this when it becomes legal in britain

  40. what an amazing plant it really is.

  41. I have FOR SALE- and . Contact me and I'll show you how to use them, to grow your Cali weed business , ty !!

  42. I would like to work at a Marijuana store.

  43. Nice haircut holmes.
    You look like you have a trash can hat

  44. 3:25 hey so now that they are gonna remove all weed convictions out of everyone's record. What happened to trip!?? That man need to get his papers already

  45. Smoke up.. As an employer I have the right to drug test and random.. You will be fired.. What they are not telling you is that the cost of drug test has dropped by half with this law.. The smokers are paying for part of it.. Lol.. So smoke up and be prepared to be unemployed and getting stoned all day..

  46. That would be awsome.

  47. Marijuana should never be legalize in our society, for the reason that, Marijuana tends to stay in our body far longer than most other drugs, thou preventing young people to get jobs because they can’t pass a simply drugs test, and especially very bad for the Black community because they are already at a disadvantage.

    Marijuana can sometimes interact with prescribed medicines and reduce their efficiency, it is bad for your lungs and in some people, it can worsen the symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety. Frequent Marijuana use in adolescence is also linked with an increased likelihood of mental illness later in life.

    Marijuana smoke contains 50 percent to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than doe’s tobacco smoke and has the potential to cause cancer of the lungs and respiratory tract. Marijuana smoke is commonly inhaled deeper and held longer than is tobacco smoke, increasing the lungs' exposure to carcinogens. The Democratic Party tends to support everything that is slack, lowdown, immoral, ungodly and corrupt in our society.

    The Democratic Party is a demonic possesses organization design to destroy human civilization. The Democratic Party support same-sex marriage, mass abortion of Black babies, transgender, Islam and Muslim takeover through it open border policy and also the Mexicans invasion. The Democratic Party uses the Paris Accord climate change agreement to restrict American progress and now the legalization of Marijuana. Marijuana is bad for our young people and it should not be legalized.

    (1 Peter 5:8) Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
    (1 Cor 6:19-20). Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

  48. I was in Portland, Oregon when weed became legal. It was legal but peoples wasn't supposed to smoke in public but I saw peoples several times smoking in public, both in bathroom and parks.

  49. cut your Hair Bart Simpson 😂😂😂😂👌👎

  50. Sure glad I don't live there.

  51. Still a cash only business with no where to keep that cash profit due to Feds.

  52. Yosemite, 1966. I was 16 and it was summer. My first hit of weed. You could get in a lot of trouble in those days, felony. Today I legally grow my own in Nevada at my home, 70 miles east of Yosemite.

  53. JERRY BROWN NEEDS TO HANG FOR TREASONIST ACTS ON THE citizens of the state of California.

  54. We the real Americans need to ban marijuana for once and forever.

  55. Lmao this interviewer looks like a down-syndrome version of drake who got picked on his whole life and now that he's an adult he's trying so hard to be cool hahaha. Go to a proper barber and fix that shit that is looking to soon be a neckbeard and shave your god damn upper chest or trim it if you are gonna wear a vneck with that much ugly chest hair. This isn't Miami in the cocaine golden days. God damn. Vice will hire anyone.

  56. Trump Tax cannabis, but I thought everyone hated him? lol ,

  57. Good to see another person with only one stretched ear!

  58. California can leave Trump's USA, and we could make Cali a kick ass weed nation.

  59. Hi vice,España legalizze cannabis .

  60. interviewer seriously baked every shot
    see 3:27

  61. watch out for GMO cannabis
    corporate cannabis did you catch that?

  62. * @e7B by 2020 …

  63. The Damnocrats need it’s voters high and stupid to stay in power.

  64. what are you going to do when the water runs out

  65. Cali has so much of a drought problem, you always have at least 1 fire raging on all the time, all the water used for that, Every plant, thats alot of water. plus all the pools, 5 million taking a shower everyday.flushing the toilets.

  66. Yeah…We knew that! It has the largest population….. What was your point?
    It won't be legal nation wide until the "big money" has control, and their working on it.
    They can't arrest everybody!!!

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  70. this vice hair-stylism is "illegal" 🙂


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  74. Hey! I live in North Carolina, too! I'm currently in Asheville, where do you live? CBD is legal here (and in the other 49 states, too). I use Verified CBD for pain management for my endometriosis and my friend uses it for pain management for his fibromyalgia. I get mine online because even in Asheville, the selection is small and super expensive. I wonder if the CBD didn't work very well for you because of the product you were using. Some products don't absorb as well as others. For example, I use a 10mg Capsuleincture and place half a dropper under my tongue. This seems to be the best way to have it be completely absorbed and to help with pain right when I start feeling it. My friend with fibro has had similar results using this product/method. If you aren't able to find any CBD near you, you should also check into buying online. I've been getting mine recently from Verified CBD and I've never had any issues receiving shipments here in NC. (: I hope this helps!

  75. “Prison is for rapists, thieves, and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you're the fucking criminal.” ― Joe Rogan

  76. Interviewers hair looks like a big ass pencil eraser.

  77. So much bullshit with cannabis…..small growers got pushed out and the ones who pushed them out..will get pushed out many big companies with the money to out do smaller companies..

  78. Check out my new Cannabis Stock tips and news that I will be updating with a stock pick of the week!

  79. I tip my hat to the people who plowed the way for everyone else, facing 20 plus years, felonies, loss of children, jobs, homes, only for big legal to be allowed to do what they do. These are the people that should be allowed licenses, not pushed out of the market. These are the pros. These are the people whose fire in their heart told them to do the right thing

  80. Trip was on the show weed country episode 2

  81. golden state…turn into green state

  82. Nice name. "Trip".

  83. Haven't seen a high-top fade like that since Kid n Play were popular.

  84. this is hilarious, trip oh man he got arrested today

  85. What year is it. 92 .?what's up with eraser head


  87. It's just pot people. Remember stoner' s are not very intelligent. Growing pot is easy, like tomatoes . Not a science.

  88. No matter what law gets written it always seems to benefit Rich guys to get richer and screw poor guys to get poorer .
    prop 64 is no different

  89. ເບີ່ງກົດໝາຍສະຫະລັດກຽ່ວກຫນກັນຊາ

  90. All those in the past who pushed the propaganda that weed is dangerous and kills your brain, they all should be put in jail for keeping the public from all the benefits pot has been found to have. Gather up these assholes who hate fun and put them away so they can't do further harm to the public.

  91. Yessium. Keep it legal. Marijuana is the best thing that has ever has happened in the U. S… it has many medical cures…. it'S OUR SORRY ASS GOVERNMENT THAT WONTS TOO KEEP PEOPLE HOOKED ON PAIN KILLER… WHILE BIG POLITICAL PARTIES LINE THIER POCKET FROM THE SALE OF PHARMACISTS

  92. “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full
    utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight,
    sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly
    mad and dangerous world.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  93. “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full
    utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight,
    sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly
    mad and dangerous world.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  94. “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full
    utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight,
    sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly
    mad and dangerous world.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  95. “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full
    utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight,
    sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly
    mad and dangerous world.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  96. please tell the Host that hair doo is not a good look for him. Its was never a good look in the 90's unless your a freshman in High school.

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