They Are Making Millions of Dollars Off of Influencer Marketing?! | DailyVee 361

They Are Making Millions of Dollars Off of Influencer Marketing?! | DailyVee 361

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  1. I've been consuming your content for a couple years now and haven't had any vid o of yours hit home the way this keynote did. Great insight and a punch in the gut for sure. This literally will change our internal strategy in 2018! Keep up the good work Gary!

  2. I am commenting with ''hey" only because you told as to do so :p

  3. Sent it to my friend @Subhranil Debnath.
    @YouTube, can we please have the tagging feature.

  4. I watch all of your content Gary and your last point about being vulnerable to the people closest to the consumer is fantastic. It's the first time I've heard you speak of it and really makes you respect what Walmart and Target have done to build their brand. Appreciate all the fire!

  5. keynote just sent (via whatsapp) from a cowboy drug dealer (cattle vaccine rep) to a Mexican programmer (college buddies) in Silicon Valley. Full circle i'd say.

  6. Sending this video to my marketing team and my friends' startup business! Gary V with the wise words

  7. I so on board with eating crickets. And also figuring out fb ads and livestreams… #IGotThis #Positivity #Voice

  8. Could someone PLEASE post the link to the video he mentions, I can't find it (;-;)

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Hi Gary, I'm sending it to no one because I've already sent your name and my endorsement to anyone I can enough about to make their lives better. I may send it to other's but right now they're not ready and wouldn't be receptive to it for any number of dogmatic reasons.

  10. Gary is an investor/Businessman first,

  11. This was such an amazing keynote Gary! But wow you smoked that last part of your speech when you talked about how Walmart and stores alike gained so much leverage by starting to leverage the brands they kept in there stores who bought shelf space, then started private labeling their own products, etc. That explanation had me fired up. You rock man.

  12. With the fall of Net Neutrality.. Influencer Marketing will die… Most will not pay extra for instagram

  13. One of the best rants yet

  14. Great keynote. Sending to my manager and any friends I can think of that are worth a damn! Thank you.

  15. My sister will be hearing this today..thank you so much bro..your the fucking man

  16. What about relationships?? The world would be a very lonely place if everyone stayed in their own little pod 20 hours a day! Not even mentioning the health side effects of no physical connection…

  17. Thanks for the inspiration Gary, I'll be starting a podcast in 2018 to help build my personal brand. I got a question last night from a friend that saw my SnapChat and she asked, "How do you stay so regimented in your routine?" How would you answer this question?

  18. Playing this on loop all day. Gary…seriously thank you for sharing! Your content is unbelievably valuable.

  19. I go on a beautiful journey when listening to Gary talk; Gary speaks the truths.

  20. Go Broncos 🤣 Nothing but respect Gary!

  21. Things have changed… The old Billboard, Banner ad, tv commercial, radio commercial ads are JOKES.. Social media is where peoples faces are GLUED. Its why you tubers and social media E-Famous celebs are making sooo much money. It all makes sense. So grab on to it and make it yours!

  22. This was such a cut throat key note OMG Gary is so savage I love it lol.

  23. Damn you were in the zone. EN FUEGO, SENOR!!!

  24. My friend Jeremy who's hopefully going to work in Silicon Valley and find the right girl!

  25. Gary, this is by far your best material to date! So relevant, like a current state of the union… well done! After talks like this, I have no doubt that you'll go down as one of the best business minds of all time! Thankful for you documenting the journey! It helps people like me get more insight into the minds of a business genius! #StudyGreatness

  26. Always grateful for this type of valuable content Gary V.

  27. I feel like Gary is speaking many of these things into existence.

  28. 41,000 Views is akin to highway robbery! I’m going to watch this again and again! Better yet and specifically to answer “who I’m going send this to” I’m sending it to ALL my B to B customers who have joined me in Vlogging to the end consumers who ultimately purchase the products I produce as a Manufacturer. I’m LOVING coaching them on creating relevant content that consumers want to consume! THANK YOU!!!

  29. Sending this to my friend jeremy

  30. I'm sending episode 361 to my mom, who is a marketing director in the radio industry. I want to make sure I'm doing the same thing you're doing with your father: long term legacy and business/brand stability

  31. new drinking game: take a shot every time he says "disproportionately"

  32. That whole Portugal and net neutrality thing has been debunked. THERE IS net neutrality in Portugal.

  33. I'm sending this to my friend Mason, cuz we are studying your perspective of disruptive services and technology. Mainly we are using it for investing in Blockchain so when the banker guy @56min asked you what he should do, he opened the bag for the following question on how you see Ethereium could be effective in our daily lives. Thank you Gary, fucking love you man. VaynerNation

  34. Btw is there a Spanish version of this ?

  35. Always dropping jewels! Thanks so much Gary. More than appreciative for your content. The kind of brut common sense our political leaders need.

  36. Damn, "the only thing that will keep you from being commoditized, will be your brand." Truth hits hard

  37. Have you heard of google keyboard? You might want to consider switching to it if you havent already if youre still tapping instead of swiping/gliding your finger, this comment was not typed by google keyboard because it wont load 😛

  38. Focus on Day Trade Attention 😎

  39. I've made a decent amount on one of my facebook pages where i sell second hand products, been using influencer marketing to boost the page's overall popularity, and so far it's going swell, if you're wondering what i'm using, it's called phlanx

  40. Sending this myself. Thanks Gary

  41. 43:40. the arrow hit it's mark. ouch! thanks for that.

  42. Attention span… I just watched 63 min

  43. Thank you gary. That was one of the best keynote of you. I hope you can post a lot of keynote content. Cheers.

  44. This is one of the most on point keynotes Gary Vee has ever done!

  45. everything has changed! and will continue to do so. Fun times 🙂

  46. Great Key Note Gary, I invested a few thousand in AMZN a couple years ago and I'm still holding. I think you're right though FB or AMZN and you really can't go wrong.

  47. Yeah, this was a good one! Passed this along to my father-in-law. He dug it and as Pres. of a company he shared it with his staff and sales crew!

  48. interesting keynote

  49. my favorite sweater!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  50. "In the next 5 to 10 years,
    it will be impossible for you
    not to have an Editor-In-Chief of your business".

    Cannot agree more.

  51. Love this video:)))

  52. Bezos is a dangerous man. Period.

  53. Synchronicity with Gary on a daily. I’m watching you Closely Mr. Gary V.

  54. made my first video from Gary's advice. tell me how much it sucked/how much you liked it.

  55. Anyone who has followers is an influencer. Gary is right about going Deep and Not Wide. There is a lot of money to be made after the first sale.

  56. Did they really just try to make an oil pipeline ad on a GaryVee video??

  57. I think influencer marketing is great, it can grow your business with a very high ROI. As I mentioned in a video, "49% of consumers rely on product recommendations shared by influencers for their purchases".

    That metric alone should make you at least consider Influencer Marketing.

  58. I wish Gary would use less industry buzz words. And slow down a little bit.

  59. Just blown up.💪

  60. Just use for browsing influencers

  61. here's a good microinfluencer guide that includes what microinfluencers in different industries charge!

  62. good shit mr garyvee youre awesome

  63. I am finally starting to get it. The internet is at an inflection point.

  64. Voice is going to be huge when the accuracy is high enough. I have been tracking voice since the 90s, and hasn't been that great. When it happens, it will happen fast and reshape everything.

  65. If you can't watch a 1-hour educational video, you're undiagnosed.

  66. Second time I’m listening to this keynote and probably not the last time. There’s so much raw data to process here and even though I didn’t understand half of it, every time I listen I just catch something “new”! Some great nuggets of wisdom on the top of my head: The internet is the middle man; The quality of the content is the differentiator not the length; and many more! All that to say, very inspiring and informative talk. Many thanks.

  67. The future looks very sad the way he explains it, I am glad I will not be around to see it.

  68. 19:32 Why San Diego? hahaha

  69. FB's biggest mistake is the BS censoring. That's alienating half of the country and has most likely pissed off over three quarters just on principles. It's not rocket science. If they authentically showed love for all, they'd simply kill but this mistrust is more than just a bad move.

  70. Influencer marketing is definitely a great strategy for growth and reaching larger audience. Only problem is the ever increasing number of fake influencers. Analytics like Influencer Auditor to basically "audit" the influencer is definitely helpful

  71. Gary has a lot of repetitive content. Although i am extremely new to this space and i respect him greatly, its becoming non-relatable.

  72. We're always on a lookout for new fitness & travel influencers !


  74. Invertir en Facebook y Amazon: min 56:36

  75. 4:22 "…grain of assault…"

  76. Tho guy has a voice of a E from Entourage…

  77. He’s fascinating to push facebooks stcock go up cause he owns stocks in it and he got paid for it by Facebook…

  78. Why he doesn’t mention a company which gonna do competitions google ad free with no need to ay for ads then or eBay without fees ?

  79. Sending to: THE WHO;E FUCKING WORLD!!! consuming you on the 3rd of January 2019 and yet this information is still very relative! jam packed with so many gold nuggets! and for fucking free you negative, never fucking made shit in your life keyboard warriors mother fuckers!!!! the admission price for this info today? my attention. Thank You, Stay blessed brother FMC

  80. Gary, like always, an amazing video!

  81. Hey gary, just wondering if you still think the robots are gonna kill us literally, thanks

  82. Real Energy! Thanks Gary!

  83. Been using your tips for my influencer marketing venture and it's been bringing great results! There are minor issues though, fake influencers. I'm currently using influencer auditor just to be sure.

  84. im sending this to my dad

  85. This one went straight to my CEO, gotta act on this. It's easy to praise you Mr.V sitting comfortably at the screen: 3 things one can watch endlessly – fire burn, water run, and others work. As a Marketing Director of a VR company, I'm pulling my marketing expense out of garbage today.Thank you!

  86. That's why you should always make it a habit to audit your influencers via influencer auditor to ensure you have high quality, legitimate influencers. The better they are the better the returns, but don't get scammed by fake ones, hence why i recommended the use of auditing platforms

  87. 43:27 thaat burn thoooo, I need some cold water

  88. News flash only the 1 percenters can afford a smart house

  89. This is phenomenal

  90. Hyperventilating from the FOMO watching this!

  91. I sent it to David Quin

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