The worst place to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)

The worst place to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Can't nobody call you!

  2. If it was a crosswalk there should have been two white lines crossing the street

  3. I'll tell you the easiest way to avoid parking tickets. Stop beside parked cars, in the middle of the street and put your blinkers on. You are not considered parked on the side of the road because you are in the middle of the road.

    Of course, if you are there too long, you will be towed. But you will never get a fine.

  4. Another example of how you don't live in a democracy.

  5. Corrupt from top to bottom.

  6. Canadian authorities scamming their own tax paying people, what a shame

  7. So how can you tell when the ticket is legit or when you can toss it straight in the garbage?

  8. Nenshi is such a moron

  9. This is just the beginning. It's only going to get worse as tech gets more intrusive. Also you can't argue with mindless government bureaucrats.

  10. How do the Muslims avoid paying the fines ? ? Can they claim Sharia Law prohibits them from paying fines for parking ? ? Canadians really get shafted a lot. As an American, I'll just avoid going across the northern border, plenty of vacation options besides Canada. Most even cost less, even without the parking ticket scam.

  11. Take a day or two off work to lose less money by paying a fine for a violation you never deserved in the first place. Pay either way, and the scam is cheaper than missing a day or more at work. Organized Crime would be so proud of this monopoly, criminal government scams are Big Time money makers.

  12. cities with criminal politishions .vote the scum out

  13. Stihl gasoline powered portable cut off saw and 2 minutes later….no more problems

  14. Fallow those politicians and loooosers and put that ticket back on their car.

  15. That mayor looks like Porky pig. He needs to rob you to keep your property taxes down? Not for him to 🐖 out? Right..

  16. That’s why there’s no Canadian dream , only * American dream*

  17. Fun fact. No parking enforcement cars are parked outside. Odd ey?

  18. licensing software in china…. he is smoking to much weed… china does not care about I.P. rights.

  19. Wow we have the same problem here in sanjose California is a business for the city.

  20. Wow. Nenshi has the gall to declare that he'd sell this technology to a dictatorship like China?!

  21. What a horrible world we now live in.

  22. One word…corruption!!!!

  23. The citizens should take a hacksaw to all those cameras on that car. Police state.

  24. I love CBC! Always looking out for everyone. I wish CBC could cover topics in the US. I guess it would then be called “ABC”… I guess ABC Should start having marketplace segments, too!

  25. 11:41 also you can use ProtonMail.

  26. Hands up, who knew Precise Parking would refuse an interview

  27. Aye they get free healthcare though, it’s all good!

  28. Hey Canadians — Your government hates you.

  29. Extortion there greedy pricks

  30. 96000 a year…

    meaning if every ticket was $35
    it would be 2742 people charged ,

    thats 1 person charged almost every hour of the day where youre allowed to park there (8am-530pm)
    or 1 person charged every 2 and a half hours if you count a whole day, and it's obvious that the stree ticketers don't work evening or nightshifts

  31. Hosers are getting hosed. Cheers!

  32. Scammed money off targeted motorists- funnelled immediately to cover all the phony "refugees" living in our 4 and 5 star hotels.

  33. what a sleazy mayor lol jesus.

  34. Suggestion : Why don't these roadsharks pay for the road maintenance.

  35. Great you guys noticed a problem, but have you guys solved this issue or what?? All of your videos like this, show WHAT the problem, but NOT what you guys did to take it up with the city/province and actually see results..

  36. I thought Canada was a utopia for it's citizens.All the world loves Canadians. Its just the socialist government screws their citizens whenever they get a chance ! O'Canada !!

  37. Why the hell are the hydrant areas not painted red in Canada?!

  38. Remember kids text and drive 😀 where you dont get a ticket lol if you park somewhere block your plate where they cant see :3 they wont get out lol

  39. I toss my tickets in the garbage. When I get 3-5 and I am on a tow list, I go spend $20 on new plates! 😬

  40. What?! 23k in ONE SPOT?!!!!!!!!!! Yikes

  41. 6:54, the parking ticket mafia boss is like him entering a house thinking he's going to meet a teen girl, but then Chris Hansen come out! Stuttering with a limp noodle!

  42. A curb cutout is a crosswalk? Then every driveway is a crosswalk?

  43. Outright fraud but since these are companies deep into the local politic, no prosecutions will occur.

  44. Private companies have no authority to give tickets wtf

  45. Parking scams , pirate tow trucks , fly by night insurance brokers – been a victim of all , and lost on every occasion . The worst was the insurance as I lost my motorcycle , it was towed by a pirate truck , impounded at a body shop and I still get hassled about it . A pirate truck towed my car off a highway , damaged my car and gave me a 1200 towing fee . List goes on and on to the point I prefer to drive scrap vehicles and forego insurance . Go ahead and seize it as I have extras.

  46. I think its very simple get the public all together and take all those signs down. Last I heard the city work for the people and the people paid for those signs. its sad that the governments in 1st world countries are starting to think they are private entities and use their position to ensure better pay and retirements for themselves.

  47. What bothers me about this is that they still claim they don't have the money to afford doing things for the country… so annoying, like what are they wasting the budget on?

  48. It’s ridiculous that public street parking costs money at all. Should be free, such a cash grab

  49. Haha..this reminds me of Cape town South Africa .. they charged me cos of a sign wayyy down the street..couldn't even read the darn thing from where I was parked. Oh..and then there is stopping to close too a stop line. I didn't stop on the line..but apparently I was too close to the line. 😆

  50. Government being the enemy as usual.

  51. Parking at Park Link, you need to use your cell phone and take a picture of your receipt on your dashboard. And when you come back to your car and there is a parking ticket, get a picture at a angle that shows both. And you will have a date and time on each picture.

  52. Is there a channel that does this for so cal?


  54. This is way i don't have a car I'm free from tickets lol

  55. This what happens when a city gives the contract to greedy corporates.

  56. these Canadians have something to learn from the Amsterdam parking authorities.
    They've taken the scam to the next level: wait until a street is full of cars, and only then put up the no-parking signs and immediately fine and clamp all the cars.
    Then a few hours later when the cars are gone, remove the signs.
    Rinse and repeat.

  57. Another result of OVERPOPULATION!

  58. Man in NZ I've been robbed once in terms of Parking. I was paying for a fine, while I was paying for that fine they hit me with another TICKET (both tickets within 20 minutes) wtf I contested it and got it cleared.

  59. Yeah never pay the parking tickets.


  61. Here in the uk we have double yellow lines and red lines which tell drivers they can’t park somewhere

  62. Yo, that Dude, and his Daughter fighting the ticket. That Girl may seem like a nerdy chick, but she’s really a Freak. St8 P.Star⭐️. 😝

  63. Parking tickets are nothing but a scam! Where does all that money go every year? Bet most of it gets lost some how.

  64. I don't like the idea of the camera cars driving around with cameras on them. its a bad look. its a bad feeling. Obviously even ppl in England thought this is too far.

  65. "But, we have free healthcare!"
    Yep, and this is one of the many ways you pay for it.

  66. Paintball gun Precise Parklink and all the karens that work there.

  67. Who Knew Canadians could be the biggest scumbags. Sickens me how these cash grab traps are in place to
    Make money off of unsuspecting people. Really Canada Seriously?
    You can do better then that.
    Don’t turn out to be like the USA.

  68. Marketplace should investigate CBC for conflict of interest and election interference in receiving money from Trudeau to push left-wing narratives and favourable coverage of the Liberal government.

  69. “DEFNDR” 😂 love that

  70. The fire hydrant is common sence

  71. that mayor is a shadyassfuck

  72. Really is this in Canada??

  73. Calgary parking authority are very dishonest. All ready to line up and lie in court.

  74. I love your show so much, lots of valid information. THANK YOU CBC

  75. Every single person that gets a ticket should ring the mayor everytime. Annoy him they way he's annoying you.

  76. I live in Brighton UK 🇬🇧 where we have more tickets issued other than outside Westminster, London.
    Our small city is 250k ish, more than England's second largest city Birmingham. Probably 3-4 million people. I do not. Ind traffic wardens doing their jobs by ticketing obstructions or real problem parking, that stops cars and or emergency 🚨 vehicles. They even have to carry spit kits for DNA, body cams for all the abuse they get.

    Good luck but you will always struggle to beat the "system &or government"
    Saying that I've got out of paying 7 out of 8 tickets, always appeal.

  77. I get parking tickets for parking my car in front of my house in the same spot for 72 hours

  78. Paint the curb red

  79. I dont really like that Mayor. Kinda shady.

  80. It's corruption through and through. I remember a few years ago parking at the subway station in Toronto and I paid for full day parking, placing my receipt on my dashboard as always. When I got back to my truck I found I had a parking ticket under my windshield wiper, in full view of my parking receipt on the dash board. I took it to court with my parking receipt, to which the parking enforcement officer claimed there was no receipt on my dash board, even though it was in full view right by where he left the parking ticket. He lied, but the judge believed him and I had to pay. So I was forced to pay a ticket I never should have gotten along with missing time from work to go fight it in court. Pure corruption of the legal system because any unpaid fines on your record will result in one not being able to renew their license permit. Shameful.

  81. that mayor is so slimy 🤮

  82. who are this wird dudes?

  83. Definitely need some Americans…I'll be damned if I will pay $35 for a crosswalk, that doesn't exist…I will pay the ticket, but you make damn sure there is a "crosswalk", when I get finished!


  85. There are two great products to handle those camera cars. One is made my Krylon, and the other is made by Louisville Slugger.

  86. just take your number plates off, you arent required to have them on a stationary vehicle

  87. In Boston, they will ticket UPS and FedEx trucks while they are delivering Bullets and everything the city needs.
    It is crazy, the worst is they will tow the trucks as well.

    it is a cash grab since commercial vehicles should be allowed to park without being ticketed, they factor the cost of tickets into the cost of doing business.

  88. I have an idea why don’t ppl park their cars on top of their houses so police can’t reach them

  89. They should start fighting back hard.

  90. time to buy one of those plate covers that ghosts your plate

  91. isn't what they trained their employees to give more tickets as possible?


  93. They know you wont lose a days pay to go fight a $30 parking ticket. I was even told that by Toronto city parking enforcement when i contacted them.

  94. I don't know why I'm going on a binge for these types of videos. I already have trust issues with companies lol.

  95. Canadian Government at all levels persecute their own citizens. Sad fact of reality.

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