The Worst Foods You Could Ever Buy At Walmart

The Worst Foods You Could Ever Buy At Walmart

While the low “rollback” prices and product
exclusives sometimes make it tempting to finish your shopping list all in one place, not every
item that lines the grocery section of your local Walmart is worth the trip. Here’s what you should never buy at Walmart. “Hey, look at that!” “Wal-Mart!” “Is it a mirage, or just product placement?” When it comes to their snack cakes, WalMart
isn’t likely to use their customer reviews as advertising blurbs anytime soon. The Devil’s Food Cakes reportedly leave a
“disgusting oily coating in your mouth.” While the Swiss Rolls are described as “Gross. Nasty. Disgusting.” The Golden Creme Cakes are compared to “sponge
cake soaked in oil” And one reviewer called the brownies “the
most horrible things I have ever eaten.” Not exactly the best ad copy! In 2018, CBS reported that cereal sales are
slumping. There are many theories why, but ours? WalMart’s knockoff brands are killing America’s
appetite. Business Insider actually did an in-depth
tastes test to compare WalMart cereal with the brands they were supposedly emulating. In no case did they find that the Great Value
brand even came close to approaching the original in either taste or texture. And when The Krazy Coupon Lady conducted their
own taste test, they had the same results, saying, “Generic Cheerios are gross.” Hey, when you’re right, you’re right. Another knock-off being vilified on the internet
are the Great Value Twist and Shout cookies, which are WalMart’s answer to Oreos. And they’re also an answer to the question:
what doesn’t taste anything like an Oreo? If you really need an alternative to Oreos,
get some delicious Hydrox and leave the WalMart cookies twisting… in the wind . Great Value granola bars are more “value”
than “great” You’re out for a hike. You reach into your backpack and pull out
a bar of… condensed failure. Welcome to the Great Value High Fiber Oats
& Peanut Butter Chewy Bar, which Consumer Reports included in a line-up of bad granola
bars that have “artificial or stale flavors and gritty or
tough textures.” Even good granola bars can be tough to choke
down. But bad granola bars? Now matter how cheap they are, it’s not worth
it. Mac and cheese in a box is a classic staple
for frugal shoppers everywhere. But not everyone who has eaten WalMart mac
and cheese has been happy with the results. Reviews on their website include incisive
feedback such as “The food tasted and smelled exactly like
sawdust” “Gross and salty” And “OMG sour taste!” Considering how cheap mac and cheese is to
begin with, you might as well buy a different brand that tastes better. Costco and Walmart both sell rotisserie chickens,
both of them price their chicken right around $5, and… well, that’s pretty much where
the similarities end. For one thing, Costco’s bird is a lot bigger
— Walmart’s chickens weigh around 3 pounds, whereas Costco’s can weigh in at four and
sometimes five. And for another thing, taste tests indicate
that pretty much everyone like Costco chickens more. The website Eat This, Not That! ranked seven
different rotisserie chickens based on how they tasted, and Walmart’s chicken came in
dead last whereas Costco’s, unsurprisingly, came out on top. MyRecipes also ranked rotisserie chickens,
with similar results, with Walmart’s being described as, quote, “not so great…[it]
wasn’t enjoyable.” And yet another website, Snack Girl, devoted
an entire review to Walmart’s chicken, summing the whole experience up by saying the bird,
quote, “tasted like burnt, salty meat.” There’s a reason it tasted so salty, though:
because it is. While a Costco chicken has just 460 grams
of sodium per serving, a WalMart chicken has a whopping 690 grams. So if you want to get discount poultry, try
Costco’s. Because WalMart chicken is clearly… for
the birds. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. meat. don't buy meat. gross.

  2. It should read “The worst foods you could ever buy ARE at WalMart”

  3. Hey mashed ❤️❤️

  4. This list should be called don't buy Great Value food from Walmart.

  5. Costco, son. Costco.

  6. H-E-B has the best selection

  7. Who buys food at Walmart?😷 🤢

  8. It's ok. They would still rather sell firearms then video games. Those einsteins are not very smart.

  9. Basically Don't Buy Great Value or Marketside from Wal-Mart.

  10. Next to walmart’s sign should read: “Made in china”
    As I imagine thats where all the products come from🔥🗑

  11. Walmart potato salad is gross made of potatoes and pickle juice. Please don't buy

  12. Hilarious. I like the disgust with great value at the beginning.

  13. Kelloggs™ sales are tanking since LEFTY Michael Obama decided manufacturers should not put sugar in our Fruit Loops™ because LEFTYS " THINK " they are the boss of us.

    Listen up Kelloggs ™ I haven't bought a box since and I won't until you make them with lots of obesity causing Real Sugar EXACTLY like the old days. None of that corn syrup

  14. GV has really gone to shit in the past decade or so… it wasn't great or a value to begin with, but it's neither now.

  15. frigin stoopid dont like tje food dont hav toovmake friggin vid on it act like yor frigigin rite! frigin unbeleavable this frifin vid is milenaial sentral i bet mieanils eet this crap up!

  16. tweist and sjout cookires r awesom. frigin dum vidoe

  17. I dint see why people hate walmart so much… mediocre video

  18. Great Value gluten free mac and cheese and hamburger helper actually is better than most gluten free brands.

  19. At 0:58 the bird wearing the pirate hat on the Great Value branded Apple Blasts looks like it might be confused for "Toucan Sam" the Fruit Loops™ Character I wonder how Kelloggs lawyers feel about that

  20. Great Value gluten free Oreos are ironically better than the Glutino.

  21. pretty much everything is worse. Sub quality food but I only buy certain things in there

    Walmart will pissed off when they see this lol. But not to say , that the one I go to, there's police cops all the time.

  22. Fuck that if you grew up poor great value cereal and cookies were the shit!

  23. Who would have thought junk food would be nasty? Duh

  24. Damn I like their chicken lol, although I haven't had one in a couple years. Maybe they went downhill but I'll still check and see.

  25. I wonder how it is a giant corporation like wal mart cant get their recipes right. It seems to be nothing more than a matter of cost which wal mart can afford.

  26. 03:05 Mashed – Did you guys really mean to say "Costco chicken has 460 grams of salt per serving? The ocean isn't even that salty!! Any chance you meant "milligrams" of salt?

  27. 0:13
    Looney Tunes Back in Action
    Walmart Scene

  28. I am pretty sure that there is less than almost a pound and a half of sodium in a serving of rotisserie chicken

  29. Hydrox sounds like some kind of laundry detergent

  30. Jesus Christ… Just buy the regular cereal. Poor people should be forced to eat at a shelter.

  31. Avoid buying anything great value or any produce.

  32. lol but they still shop !!

  33. I think you meant milligrams and not grams on that last one considering there are about 454 grams in a pound

  34. Though I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart, I've never bought any of those things. I can now resist the temptation of rotisserie chicken. Good to know!

  35. Well I would say it depends. You would be surprised how many products are the same on the production line. Often people take a stance against a product that is the same they are promoting just different packkaging on the same production line.

  36. Actually, I like the GV raisin bran! To me it taste better.

  37. Very biased video against Walmart. I find most of the Great Value brands better than the name Brands. Check out their ingredient lists and you'll find GV uses real food whereas the Brands are mostly sugar, chemicals & fillers. You may be used to the powdery taste of Kraft mac & cheese but that doesn't mean it actually taste like macaroni nor cheese.

  38. I’ve never seen Hydrox cookies sold anywhere in Oklahoma.

  39. We love buying canned goods from Wal-Mart, cheaper but comparable in taste. I love the great homestyle chicken noodle soup but we noticed problems with Rotisserie chicken, either salmonella bound or legs, wings and thighs so dry, it's getting ready to make bouillon cubes. We absolutely love the frozen corn nuggets…(random, I know but love them). Frozen egg rolls in the meat section) great tasting and love them.

  40. Ok, so u guys gotta talk about what's the big hype about popeyes spicy chicken sandwich. P.S. I haven't tried it yet

  41. Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby at 02:10

  42. I don't buy the name brands , more bad ingredients in them and the way there processed is slowly killing us .

  43. I’ve bought Great Value chocolate chips, tasted like wax – not much flavour. I bought Great Value pepper – I think they bottled cigarette ashes – that’s what it tasted like. It sure did not taste like pepper to me. I threw it out. I have bought the rotisserie chicken once and that was it for me. I will not buy any Walmart brand foods. I’ll run from Great Value products as they are horrible. Other stores seems to do a much better job with their own label brands. However, I do find in general the original product is usually the winner. Sometimes the no name brands will abruptly change for the worse. They are not as dependable as the original manufacturer’s product. Often not much of a deal as you’re getting lower quality.

  44. I would like to give Costco rotisserie chicken to try and compare it to Walmart unfortunately the nearest Costco to where I live is like an hour and a half drive one way and I'm not driving an hour and a half one way for a rotisserie chicken lol

  45. Most of the deli products at Walmart are contaminated with fecal material.

  46. Please stop showing men with beards that's just nasty.

  47. My dad never buys real Oreos. The last time I actually had something Oreo related it was the cereal, more than a month ago. Not counting that, it was like Christmas. Generic Oreos are like knock-off devils.

  48. This list is mostly b.s. GV brands are amazing! Most of the time the generic brands are the exact same as the original save from the name and logo. While there are obviously exceptions, this list pulled some that I know for a fact are wrong. I've purchased the Nature Valley brand of granola bars and they are pretty good. Albeit hard to eat, especially if you have brittle or weak teeth, and def not if you have dentures, hehe. However, I've also bought the GV brand which is significantly cheaper, and they are exactly identical to the name brand. I can't speak for every item they mentioned, but if they are full of shit on one then… With the cereal, I haven't actually tried any of the kinds shown here, but I have tried the Corn Pops, and they are the same as well. Also, since when is cereal Not soggy?! If you put them in milk, it's sort of inevitable. The only cereals that stay crunchy in milk throughout the bowl have so many additives and preservatives that it's not even worth eating in the first place. These particular cereals also tend to destroy the roof of your mouth as if you were eating broken glass! I find it hard to believe that I have just been extremely lucky, but I Always seek out if there is a GV brand of any product and give it a try, because why not try and save some money. If it's no good then just never buy it again. There are actually several brands of GV cereal that are exactly identical to the name brand that I just remembered. I can't recall the name of the cereals off hand, but one of them has several different kinds of flakes, almonds, and a touch of honey. They are Very tasty! The GV version of Almond Milk is identical as well. There are dozens of GV products that I use and will continue to use despite this video. Many of them food related. Tbh you really shouldn't be eating Any version of snack cakes anyways, because they are unhealthy AF! lol
    Edit: While I have never tried the GV version of Oreos, since I'm not much of a cookie guy, but I can say for certain that Hydrox cookies are absolutely disgusting!!

  49. I would watch 20 minutes of criticising great value. Do more : )

  50. That Walmart chicken is the greasiest thing you can possibly eat.

  51. One day, some decades ago, I decided to buy a 24-pack of Sam's Choice cola. Mannnnn, I can still recall the nastiness and flat taste to this day. Never again! Now their toilet paper on the other hand is really good, and so are most of their dairy products.

  52. It's been 18 years since I shopped at Wal-Mart. )

  53. All Seafood and steak.

  54. Why don't people just thank God for the food and stop making stupid videos. There are people starving on this planet who would love to have some of the food we waste.

  55. There are 2 items at Walmart in the Great Value brands that me and my family really loves. First is the Great Value brand French Vanilla coffee creamer. It's rich, smooth, creamy, just like the name brand creamers and less than half the price. Second is Great Value brand Buttery Rounds Baked Crackers. They are like Ritz crackers. Ritz crackers leave a gross oily film on my tongue and all around the inside of my mouth. The Buttery Rounds are not as greasy to me and don't taste as salty. And I remember correctly the don't have as much salt in them.

  56. Walmart probably sources all their food from China, and we all know how quality and environmentally conscious China is, just like Walmart!

  57. An, ugh, Walmart in the desert? No way. It would be a Dollar General.

  58. somebody tell walmart that chicken from egg to rotisserie is not a race -.-

  59. No Costco near me. Besides you have to pay membership annually, so don't think it's such a great deal. I've found many Great Value items that taste just as good if not better than name brands. For instance, peanut butter, bread, rolls, crackers, chips, soups, pasta, & I even enjoy the diet soda better than a brand name. It's all up to individual tastes & their wallets. Like cream cheese, it's horrible, so I opt to spend the extra for name brand. Just have to try things & see.

  60. they apparently never polled me. Brownies and sweets horrible ??? If it's cheap and sweet, it's me !! Walmart brands taste fine to me !!! Even the chickens YUM, YUM !!😋

  61. 690 grams of sodium? That’s 300 days of recommended sodium in one serving of chicken. Holy crap… also I know it was a fuck up on their behalf…

  62. Opinion websites and publications, are just that.

  63. On the flip side, what would you recommend buying at Walmart?

  64. tf kinda walmarts have they been going to ive never had a problem with walmart

  65. 3:05 im pretty sure its milligrams of sodium per serving, not 640 grams. 640 grams would be almost be uneatable

  66. 3:05 im pretty sure its milligrams of sodium per serving, not 640 grams. 640 grams would be almost be uneatable

  67. Hey Mashed fun fact, the generic/store brand are made by the big guys like General Mills. For example General Mills makes the store brand cereals for Walmart. It's all psychological, I find they have the same taste in store brand vs name brand, because they are the same thing just with a different name.

  68. Former Deli Lead at WM. They would force us to make the chickens that were going to go bad at end of the shift and sell them at full price. Don't eat anything "fresh" from any wm. Trust me, your stomach will thank you.

  69. I think your wrong.

  70. I think their roasted chicken is very good. But their bacon is the worst.

  71. Why would you buy any walmart brand. The thought terrifies me.

  72. Costco chickens are pumped full of dextrose (sugar), tasty but not good for you.

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