The unheard story of David and Goliath | Malcolm Gladwell

The unheard story of David and Goliath | Malcolm Gladwell

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  1. Sir you are mislead , If Goliath was half bling and crippled where he had to be led , his army would not have ran in fear , “ knowing “ that David didn’t defeat a real Warrior but a over the hill , wore out giant . Your story has NO TRUTH . Sorry, it’s as the Bible says

  2. Is he familiar with the term reach😂

  3. This is dumb. If Goliath was blind or near blind, it just makes David seem like a bully beating up a handicap man.

    Although, later David would have a guy killed so that he can pursue a romantic relationship with that guy's wife… so David isn't the most heroic figure.

  4. Your are an excellent professional lier and fabulator. Amazing !

  5. You poor man. You are trusting in the wisdom of fools to make some ridiculous point with a story you don't even seem to fully understand.

  6. Yeah… 35 m/s is about 78 mph. So… yeah…

  7. how could these 2 foes communicate with each other ? surely they spoke different languages ?

  8. 3000 years ago when it was Israel!

    According to the bible, perhaps. I lost interest after this.

  9. Nop also remember that Goliat was a man of war from his youth so called thier CHAMPION. It means the best among of them…besides it was not the sling shot which killed Goliath but the sword that David took from him when he was felt down ….

  10. Are those basketball player are weak because they are tall enough? Haha

  11. A man told me once that the David vs Goliath story was a prophetic tale of Israel vs the modern world.

  12. There has never been no "Ancient Palestine" goon. This lunatic is so full of bullshit it is incredible, he even states Goliath was 6 foot 9 inches tall, hahahahahaha…let me listen more…hahahaha he evens knows the dialogue they had with David, wow, I have heard bullshit before but this dude is a champion…let me continue…buuuuaaaahahahahahahaha….David is an experienced artillery man, and Goliath is just infantry, hahahahahaha…so little David is Patton and Goliath is a Japanese soldier, hehehehehehe…man, how stupid can you get huh? Trying to diminish the courage of a boy against a Nephilim…hahahahaha, Goliath is a sitting duck,…what a lame flake this guy is, wow…buuuuuuaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, now is ACROMEGALY! Is this idiot for real? hahahahahahaa!….now Goliath was blind and seeing double, this dude is fucking PATHETIC! Probably a flake liberal anti-Semite piece of trash that hates his own race because he is a wimp. Join them if you cannot fight them huh? Go hang yourself little coward trash!!!

  13. Stupidly trying to explain away the historical account.
    1) this guy is an unbeliever
    2) the person who was with Goliath was the armor Bearer
    3) he was a champion. Not a blind or double vision crippled
    4) dismissing the God Factor
    5) I would hate to hear what else this guy has to say to explain away miracles in Scripture

  14. What was I thinking to watch an ed TV explanation of a Biblical account

  15. What a tool…be careful who you follow. He’s little and jelly David beat a giant …i those days

  16. 1 Sam 17:4 A champion named Goliath, who was from Gath, came out of the Philistine camp. His height was six cubits and a span.
    Four cubits and a span is not the same as six cubits and a span. A cubit is between 17.6 and 20.6 inches and a hand breadth is between 2.5 to 4 fours inches, equaling between 108.1 inches (9 feet) to 127.78 inches (10. 65 feet)… no the same as 6 feet 9 inches.
    1 Sam 17:50 So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.
    Killed him with a stone is not knocking him unconscious. Everything that he now claims to know is wrong. I could go on but i stop watching this crap. Malcolm Gladwell is ridiculous.

  17. Great logical and medical explanations, except you are overlooking the biggest point. David had the God of the universe on his side, not just a sling. David defeated Goliath to prove that God lives and was protecting Israel.

  18. Nice thoughts, but why would the phillistines send a near blind warrior to fight in such a decisive battle? And why would the phillistine army run from the battlefield and not hold thier ground or retreat orderly?

  19. Interesting If He suffered from that disorder I dont think he would be an effective soldier on the battlefield. But I love the metaphor this man brought out of the story….

  20. It’s a fairytale. Next Malcom explains Jack and the beanstalk and tells of ancient agricultural anomaly

  21. The Jews are of the Devil. 😂

  22. 6.9 I'm 6.6 and while I'm big I'm not a nephilim I don't have six fingers and six toes or five Brothers with six fingers and six toes that are giants he was a giant a son of Anakin the son of the devil. A seed of the serpent.

  23. ❤❤❤LOVE❤❤❤GOD & JESUS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Overthought.

    This is a mythical legend. Trying to analyse it’s details and find truth is like trying to find Ogygia by identifying the details in the Odyssey.

    No army would send a boy for a deciding fight, and no army would send a half-blind warrior who couldn’t walk. The more likely conclusion is that the story is an embellished legend turned myth.

  25. You know Ted you are only about 1000 years off on your chronology because unknown to your brilliance, David was born not at the time of Christ but around 1000 years EARLIER, e.g., 1000 BC.
    PS – Love the hair.

  26. You know Ted you are only about 1000 years off on your chronology because unknown to your brilliance, David was born not at the time of Christ but around 1000 years EARLIER, e.g., 1000 BC.
    PS – Love the hair.

  27. You can never understand God moves

  28. Scrolled to the comments with such happiness and inspiration with Gladwell's message of the story, curious of what amazing discussions must be going on down here.

    found a bunch of idiots with biblical verses missing the whole point of the speech. how sad.

  29. He's a giant. He's 6ft 9! Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Someone needs to tell him what a giant is!

  30. Someone actually thinking through scripture. What a thought

  31. He was MUCH taller than 6 foot 9 inches.
    More like 13 ft

  32. The devil the Bible doesn't of.. heathen

  33. All these dirty heathens speaking on my ancestors history. U are gentiles… It….. Has….. Nothing….. To.. .. do…. With….u… Heathens!!!!

  34. KJV 1 Sam 17:41 "And the Philistine [Goliath of Gad] came and drew near unto David: and the man that bare the shield went before him." "Went" is possibly a later addition. Nothing about Goliath waiting for David, nor about being led. Typical academic attack on the Bible – start with a false premise yahda yahda …

  35. Another one trying to dismantle the TRUTH of giants and throwing in some "acromegaly". David was the underdog because GOD WAS FOR HIM, and Goliath and the Philistines DEFIED God, thus Goliath was always a "sitting duck".

  36. David is a prophit of God , never an underdog. David peace be upon his soul , was given the ability of bending iron like paste by God so he was the first to make iron shields in the history of mankind. The leader of David's army , Talbot , was a giant also like Goliath , both were not Acromegalic but perfectly healthy giants . The stone David throw at Goliath went through his head from front to back. This gives you an idea about how strong little David was. That's what the holy Qouran says . Thanks for your lovely explanation .

  37. A 45 mm handgun? There is no such handgun! If there was I would like to see the GIANT man who could shoot it! Furthermore, you change the Biblical text too much. David didn't pick up stones from the ground, he chose them out of the brook. You just exaggerate everything, like a professional BULLSHITTER! It was SAUL was said to be head and shoulders above all his peers, heh heh heh; not said of Goliath anywhere! You carnally minded people never get it; you always depend on twisting words and adding in your bullshit!

  38. David are you a homosexual? Heh heh heh, yeah… we know you are!

  39. Although this man tells a great story, it is not one based in science nor the observation and or the acceptance of all empirical data. I was shocked to discover that there are in fact, tens of thousands of accounts by men of letters verifying the existence of Giants. Before you want to pretend your intelligent and use your feeble intellect to dismiss my statement I assume you believe your intelligent because you have a college degree? Well I have two and three minors achieved in 5 years and it was not in art. Furthermore, have you rejected membership into mensa? Is your IQ one of top ten in your state. Then by your own limited justifications of what is intellectually worthy you must obey your daddy. La Marzulli, Tim Alberino, and Stephen Quayle are great places to start I do not make any money off this. Sorry guy. Giants absolutely walked this planet and the attempt to make history fit into your modern day paradigm do not work. You are either unaware or ignored the data… Therefore, this talk is rendered impotent and its not scientific. You can not ignore the empirical data and propose the validity of your talk. Is this guy dishonest? Probably not, hes just historically inaccurate. Have any of you read any of the ancient texts? Non biblical? Have you not read of the literal giants of Sardinia? I have you heard of Sacsayhuamán? Have you heard of Cyclopean Architecture? The pregnant stone? There is a war for your minds. The true intellectual elite do not let the controllers do their thinking for them… Do you know that America has a pyramidal structure greater than the Great Pyramid? Why not? Monks mound… The Inca emphatically deny the construction of that wall with stones quarried from 65 miles away! Stones that weigh more than the Titanic. Oh, now I have your attention… Get your heads out of the books and stand on a tomb built by the Nuragic civilization. I was drunk and pissed all over one… The point is smart guy… Get busy living or get busy dying… The truth out there is more exciting than any of you turd burglar pseudo intellectuals parading around calling yourselves foodies could ever imagine. Who am I? Im still the guy knocking the books out of your hands McFly… Mensa HAHAHA Yeah, reciting information greater human beings than you either discovered or propagated or developed doesn't make you better than other people. It makes you a nerd. These guys looked like even the Klingons at the Trekkie convensions kicked their arses out in the parking lot… "Oh my God… You carassed a woman's breasts? Lonnie… Get over here fast! This guy has touched a woman before"! By the way, the Inca say the Giants built that little wall… HOWEVER, the big bad intelectual drips won't let those native fools possibly tell their own history…. No nooooo I go to Harvard… No little brown fella knows better than me…

  40. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  41. It was true that David was an expert slinger already and knew he could kill Goliath. He said I have already killed a bear and a lion. He probably had been training with the sling for years. Even with Goliath at anticipated ability a really talented slinger would hit him pretty accurately from 30 yards in.

    Not saying God wasn't with him but people get caught up with the shepherd boy part and not the trained to kill part which was absolutely there before the fight.

  42. Would make a great Woody Allen movie.

  43. Wow! People will go to any length to diminish God's word..How stupid can a nation be to put a weak,half blind,slow warrior forward to save them!!!And this dude got a platform….for this,really?

  44. Hebrew reader here. It doesn't say that. First off, he isn't escorted by anyone, a shield barrer walks before him.
    Second, he doesn't walk any slower than a normal person, it says that David provoked him and as he got up and started coming towards him David started to run towards him and while running grubbed the stone from his bag and slinged it. It says that David took his stick with him, so he did have a stick and a sling. To say why do you come at me with sticks is a figure of speech, like exaggerating, meaning unarmed, no reason to put more speculation there. So basically, no.

  45. why would anyone use Goliath to battle man to man if he suffered with his condition?

  46. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but that "we are all taller now" idea is bullshit. No evidence & it is just pushed by ppl trying to prove evolution. Yes, we have better nutrition(or did) nowadays, but that adds an inch or 2…. not a ft or 2 lol

  47. David is antic Greece and Goliath is antic Egipt (Kemet) We know nothing about antic Egipt becouse Greece have stollen all the knowledge and have distroy the memory of Kemet. All the bible is about Kemet. Israel is an artificial country, created for give a better justification at the bible.

  48. YOUR AS MAD AS YOUR APPEARANCE….! read the bible again, and sort your wardrobe out dude…

  49. Gladwell said there was something wrong with Goliath because he had an escort to help him out to battle against David. That person was a very common armor-bearer , called a squire during the middle ages. The armor -bearer during the time of king David carried Goliaths,sword, javelin and spear or at least some of the weapons. 1st Samuel, seventeen: Forty-one 17:41 The knights during the middle ages had squires to carry their weaponry. Goliath was 9 feet tall, 1st Sam 17:4. That is First Samuel, Seventeen:4

  50. The philistines were so stupid they sent a sick, blind, crippled as their champion.


  52. It seems obvious that you're not as smart as you seem to think you are

  53. That was srude beguiling and deceptive as I have ever heard who told you this story Satan

  54. As soon as he said 45mm handgun (it’s 45 caliber btw) and killing a target 200 yards away with a sling, I knew he was just making this all up. A rudimentary understanding of ballistics will confirm it is very possible to kill a target at 10 to 20 yards but definitely not 200 yards. You simply cannot generate enough velocity. This guy is another example of someone who, while professing to be wise, is nothing more than a fool!! Beware when mortal men minimize God, it always means they don’t acknowledge Him!

  55. But your forgetting one thing . This was a battle for the whole inchalla the philastin leader would not send his weakest solider on the battle feald ,no matter how scary he looked. Saul had no choice David was the only one who said he would go.

  56. I have the biggest crush on Malcom Gladwell.

  57. This is pure bullshit

  58. How do you know Goliath was 6 foot 9? I don't see that in the Bible. What a goofball. Caesar was over 6 foot tall so was he considered a giant?

  59. Dumbest video I’ve ever watched.

  60. This Guy is Thick or He thinks we are.

  61. I THINK YOU NEED TO GO BACK AND READ YOUR BIBLE MATE. It says in the bible 1st Samuel 17:9 Goliath was 9ft tall. He was a champion. He wore a coat weighing 5 thousand shekels (125 pounds, 57 kg). His spear weighed 600 shekels (15 pounds, 7kg). How can a weakling lift all that weight? Vrs 7 it says that Goliath"s shield-bearer went ahead of him. He wasn't lead like a cripple as you said !!. Why would you send a weakling to go and fight your enemy. The Philistines sent their best.
    Vrs 45 Then David said to the Philistine (Goliath), “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. The point of the story is that God was with David. The victory was already won. David was born for this specific time. DO NOT TAKE THE BIBLE OUT OF CONTEXT.
    Why did David pick up 5 stones and not just one? David was going to take out Goliath's 4 other brothers
    Giants were common in those days. !!! Genesis 6:4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

  62. I feel sad for this fellow, so wise in human eyes and yet so deceived. Blind leading the blind.

  63. You said goliath was6.9 feet the bible sayshe was 9.6feet getit right if your gonna tell a story i can imagine how misleading your book or books are

  64. Fake Jews are funny..

  65. He insinuates that giants who supposedly have acromegaly are slow, lumbering and blind. Then he uses Andre the giant as an example. He even omits that Goliath was a champion from his youth. How can an armorbearer carry a giant's heavy war gear and still manage to lead the owner by the hand down a rocky terrain? Goliath was no fool to come near the archers' range, hence, come to me.

  66. Jews have big balls. Fighting giants. Parting the red sea. Killing jesus.. Doing 9/11. Taking control of the us government and the news media etc.. And they still are allowed to continue their crimes.. They really must be the chosen race.

  67. 7:00 yes the slingers. Ironically these days the Palestinians who you have imprisoned sling rocks at your merkava tanks and skunk trucks

  68. 15:00 jews looking from the mountain huh? Like when they gather to watch the bombing campaign against civilians in gaza?

  69. I would like to know why Malcom conveniently left out all of the parts about David's faith in his God, YHWH, Yahweh or Jehovah. 1 Sam. 17:45 – "Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a javelin: but I come to thee in the name of Jehovah of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. This day will Jehovah deliver thee into my hand; and I will smite thee, and take thy head from off thee; and I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day unto the birds of the heavens, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, and that all this assembly my know that Jehovah saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is Jehovah's, and he will give you into our hand." – American Standard Version

    So It was not faith in his ability as a "slingsman", but his faith that Almighty God would guide the stone from his sling to it's mark. This is because Goliath was taunting Jehovah, the God of Israel. Because of this, David was greatly angered and THAT is why he asked to go silence the DOG that was Goliath, who was offending his God.

    Malcom left out these details from the story, so that he could use the David and Goliath story as a metaphor for not judging a book by it's cover (which could have been done much more simply and using a different story that wasn't told inaccurately and with imaginary conjecture that left the point muddled in the end and also offended the very character of the main characters of the historical account). I also find it offensive that his metaphor implies that David was attacking a frail handicapped person that needed to be led onto the field. If that's the case, then why were the rest of the Israelite soldiers afraid of him? There's a tendency of "philosophers" to breath imagined characteristics into historical characters in order to fit their philosophical agendas to explain simple points. They usually warp the facts, or leave out valid parts in order to fit their agendas.

    Your eloquent speaking, quirky mannerisms and looks, Harry Potter glasses, Kramer hair and PHD in whatever makes people listen to you like you know what you're talking about doesn't fool me, or anyone who knows the scriptures. Please don't use the scriptures to explain a point you are trying to make in the future unless you read the account in full detail, so that you don't offend the memory of King David and the account of his faith in God, which is really what the account is all about. It's about how faith in God can help you overcome what may seem like insurmountable odds, because God sees that faith you have, and wants to help you even more because of it.

    No offense Malcom…really. I thought I was going to listen to a TED talk that was interesting and informative. But instead it was 15 minutes of speculation and what I would consider a very sly way to create a narrative that is subversive to the idea of faith in a God that can help you through trials. I was really just surprised at this…and that's why I'm making this detailed comment.

  70. A lot of assumptions. I think the courts would call it “circumstantial evidence” today. Also, Goliath’s servant was a shield bearer, not a walking stick. But I really do think that Goliath had no chance at all. He was defying the armies of the Living God. God + obedience = dead Philistines. They didn’t have a chance.

  71. It say's in scripture, there were giants in the land in those days…Skeletal remains have been found around the world..They werent all suffering from acromegaly, but were another race. Probably as a result of the men of renown havng relations with the women of the land……..
    Genesis 6:4
    Men of renown. The antediluvian giants had, by the time of Moses, become renowned heroes of antiquity, as far as the world was concerned. They, like their parents, were probably demon-controlled, their giant stature engineered by genetic manipulations discovered and carried out by these evil spirits. They could not have been demi-gods (half man, half “god”), however, as ancient mythology claims, since such imaginary beings are beyond the pale of God’s creative purposes. Fallen angels are not prospects for salvation, whereas fallen men and women are. A half-angel, half-human being would be an impossible anomaly, in terms of soteriology.

  72. one of the best books I've EVER READ!

  73. Crazy how the speaker leaves out God in this story. I think this is an attempt to stray from the miraculous defeat of Goliath. Why couldn’t it be by faith that David defeated Goliath? What’s next MG explaining how the death and resurrection of Jesus was a lie, and his body was taken from the tomb? Oh yeah that’s already been done by the Pharisees and continues till this day

  74. Dude!!! You said equivalent to45 mm. no such thing. And you said stone moving 5 meters per second. Nothing that slow could stay in flight. I find it hard to believe anything you say now. DO YOUR HOMEWORK NERD. And 6’9” is not a giant. He was 9’. You lost me

  75. The hair should have given it away…but this guy has no clue what he is talking about.

  76. Mr. Gladwell makes several discernible mistakes in his analysis.

    While he is only somewhat correct regarding David, but still fairly mistaken. While David may have fought wolves, the Bible recounts that David killed a bear and a lion while defending his sheep. David, however, did not likely use his sling to do so; he used his hands. The biblical account, in fact, solidly infers that David went out after the lion and the bear and when those animals "arose against me" David "caught [them]" and "smote [them]", and "slew [them]" (1 Samuel 17:34–35). Mr. Gladwell also calls David "a shepherd boy," but this is probably incorrect. Though the youngest boy, David was likely between 16–18, given his age at death and the length of time he was king, as well as accounting for the time he was under Saul's leadership. Moreover, in the previous chapter (and First Chronicles is generally chronological), Saul's men called David, "a mighty valiant man, and a man of war" (1 Samuel 16:18). He apparently was not as tall or as massive as Eliab, but the description by Saul's men suggests that David was no sissy. So, Mr. Gladwell is accurate regarding the deadliness of ancient slingers, he is inaccurate about the ancient person of David.

    Then, regarding Goliath, Mr. Gladwell inserts much logic as well uses whatever sources fit his need to minimize Goliath's effectiveness on the battle field. Saul's name means "large" or "big"; the Bible describes him (not Goliath, as Mr. Gladwell supposed) as being 'head and shoulders above' his peers (1 Samuel 9:2). Saul was probably close to 6 feet (or more). If Goliath was 6' 9", as Mr. Gladwell assumes, that is still a big difference. However, the Bible says that Goliath was "six cubits and a span" (1 Samuel 17:4). If we use the shortest cubit (17.4 inches), this makes Goliath over 8' 8" tall (actually, right at 9'). Howbeit, this in no way infers a birth defect or a disease. The Bible is very capable of pointing out diseases in people and the writers often did, but nothing is so mentioned here. This is not because the Jews wanted to paint David in a good light, otherwise they would have left out 2 Samuel 12 (and other passages that detail his failures [not singluar]). This is because Goliath had no disease or health issues that we know of. Next, Mr. Gladwell assumes he had bad sight because he saw David with "sticks". The term actually is "staves" and this is more likely because shepherds usually carried a "rod and a staff" (Psalm 23)… i.e., plural (two) items. Also, Goliath wasn't "led" onto the field. A shield bearer went before him. Johnathan (Saul's son) had one; so did Saul. That didn't make them blind or beggarly. In fact, if Goliath had been only 9 inches taller than Saul and needed help to get around, why were Eliab and Saul afraid of Goliath. They wouldn't have been. Mr. Gladwell is sadly mistaken, and probably on purpose (which is sadder still).

    The most ironic part is, Mr. Gladwell assumes the details of the account are accurate, but discredits the accuracy of the theological implications. This is typical for those who build straw man arguments—they pick and choose the details that are 'true' and ignore or discount others that defeat their argument.

    The truth is, Mr. Gladwell is intentionally ignorant of the facts. Goliath was 9 feet tall or more, heavily armed and armored, with a shield bearer, and was a terrifying foe (humanly speaking). But, in reality, Goliath was not the giant on the field, neither was David. God was the giant on the field that day. David won because he was on God's side, not because God was on David's side. This is typified in our relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how big and impressive we are, if we're not on God's side (if we are not in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ), then we will not win (Revelation 20:15). Only those who have chose to be on God's side (who have received Christ as their Savior [John 1:12]) have won.

  77. This is a joke… False!!!

  78. Saul also had a shield bearer. Was he also vision impaired? You're making a major assumption by reading into the story that which isn't there. By starting with the presumption that Goliath was vision impaired, you then proceed to follow your own narrative, but lose sight of other elements. If the Hebrews were so sure of a slingers ability to defeat Goliath, why did they doubt David? Why not send one of their trained slingers down into the valley?

  79. long before your book we were dissecting this Biblical story in military and using it against the enemy, a few things you left out but Thanks

  80. Interesting analysis, too bad it’s just a bedtime story.

  81. This is just stupid lol

  82. This man has no idea what he talking about

  83. people sure are adamant about arguing over nonsense.

    it doesnt matter if there were three little pigs or four little pigs… that wasnt the point of the story.

  84. 6 foot 9, most reference him being 12 feet tall.

  85. Goliath just 6'-9", ridiculous. This is just another way of concealing the truth that giants did exist as mentioned in the bible.

  86. no you are stupid that is Goliath who stood over other soldiers only an idiot would make that mistake

  87. clearly some of you morns half listend the talk

  88. Brilliant! I LOVE your work. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights. Yours in Gratitude

  89. There was no attendant leading Goliath by the hand ("because Goliath could barely manage on his own"). What was there was Goliath's shield bearer who went before him for obvious reasons. The danger of "unheard stories" like this one, whether intentional or not, is that it adds to the truth to negate the magnitude of God's power that is made perfect in human weakness.

  90. A person with acromegaly wouldnt have the strength goliath had. It says goliaths armor coat alone was 5000 shekels of bronze or 125.66 pounds. To put in perspective a firemans gear weighs around 45 pounds (about 75 with a camera, radio, box light, halligan bar, and axe). Goliaths coat of armor outweighed all of a firemans gear by 50 pounds still. Plus goliath had bronze armor on his legs and a bronze helmet. And also a bronze javelin that he slung around his shoulders. And he carried a spear that just the head weighed roughly 15 pounds (600 shekels) made of iron which the weight of the shaft has to go a little more than needed to counter it (otherwise the spear will nosedive) so probably a little over 30 pound spear in total. Again to put into perspective a normal spear at the time was about 6 foot long and weighed about 3 pounds in total. It also talks about goliath having a sword in 1 samuel chapter 17 verse 45. Think of somebody able to carry well over 200 probably over 250 pounds of armor and weaponry and be able to move fluidly enough to not just be good in combat but be the mightiest warrior in the philistine army. If goliath was 6'9" an average weight for someone that height would be somewhere around 280 pounds for a pretty built person. Think of a basketball player trying to play basketball with while wearing a Jersey that weighed just as much as they did. Even though there is speculation to whether Goliath was 6'9" or 9'9" (4 cubits and a span or 6 cubits and a span) it's much easier for me to picture a 9'9" person moving fluidly with that much weight versus a 6'9" person. The physics of it works better arguing for 6 cubits and a span. Also, the person accompanying goliath was his shield bearer, which was a common practice in warfare at the time (not somebody escorting him into battle because he couldn't see). And it never says David's weapon of choice as a shepherd was a sling. In 1 samuel 17:35 it uses the language went after and struck the lion or bear (never says wolf) and also says if the lion or bear arose against David, he "caught him by his beard and struck him and killed him". Hard to imagine someone catching a lion or bear with one hand and using a sling in the other to kill it. The bible also describes goliaths reaction (or as you described it as a lack of reaction) to david as being out of pride. His ego made him not take david seriously not his eyesight. He didnt believe someone so small could take him out even with superior weaponry. The sticks as goliath referred to probably were in reference to David's shepherd staff and his sling. As a shepherd, David usually carried his staff with him pretty much all of the time so it is likely he would have came that way into battle as the sword and armor weren't his thing. For someone who was "obsessed" with this story of david and goliath, it seems as if you overlooked many of the details in the story in an attempt to think up a version that makes sense with God absent. The real thing that should be focused on is although David was far outmatched in size, he never once paid any mind to it because he knew God was his strength and God was far bigger and far more powerful than Goliath. David only mentions Goliath 2 times in this story in the bible whereas he mentions God and Gods strength 9 times. The two times he mentions goliath were in verses 26 and 36 and he doesnt even mention his name or where he is from he just refers to Goliath as "this philastine". This is what we should be taking from this story that in the face of an impossible task, a terrifying and intimidating giant, David was over 4 times more likely to mention God than he was his problem; his foe. Are we that likely to think about God and His power as we are our problems; our giants?

  91. His smile at the end had me cracking .. .. as if he found the real narrative of the passage that nobody over the centuries did. Nobody ever did because this narrative is plain rubbish cloaking in the guise of intellectualism. For all his prelude about the context, he fell dead out of the context. He missed the literary context, the religious context, the historical context, the political context and the battle context. Somebody teach him how to read a book, any book for that matter.

  92. 6 revs per sec is slow

  93. This guy is literally doing nothing useful with this topic. And he is reading our day and age into a very different age, as he calls Goliath a sick person rather than a real giant as the Bible is very clear about that existed both before the flood and also after.

  94. See what happens here when a dead man tries to explain the Manufacturer’s Handbook.
    (Spiritually dead! ). Pathetic.

  95. There was never a Kingdom of Israel outside the Bible . The Israelites were just a clan of bedouins livig in Tents and mud houses . There is no historical mention of Filistins having come from Crete , the only seafaring people mentioned in antiquities are the Phoenicians ., no nomention of Saul . We know who are stone throwers and sling hooks at the Israelis now .

  96. Giants ruled the whole planet. Goliath didn't have a thyroid problem. He was a different species.

  97. this guy makes lots of mistakes, unfortunately for him. no one ‘led’ Goliath. His“shield bearer” went before him!!! there is nothing in the text that shows he had acromegaly. not only that, it specifically says that Goliath took steps toward David. then a miracle occurs and Goliath can’t move. his arm to strike – and that’s when David slays him when the rock goes deep into Goliath’s forehead. what really happened who knows, but David definitely kills him. i don’t know where he got his info, but it’s NOT in the text!!!

  98. This is one of most dangerous of twisting of the Holy Scriptures of all times, David fought Goliath and killed him with the power of God that is what the Bible

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