The Ultimate Slim Wallet

The Ultimate Slim Wallet

What’s up guys! Lew here, back with another video and today I am here to solve the biggest problem… …biggest thing threatening mankind, that is; terrible wallets! You have one! Or you’ve had one! …or you’re yet to buy one. Everybody’s seen one of these guys… You know big, chunky Look! Inevitably this is what you do, paper! I hate it! Get rid of it! [wallet hits wall] A money-clip style, like this… …maybe a couple of different spots for cards and whatnot. But then I realise: Hey, I’m hardly ever carrying around cash So this cilp portion was less important to me Take that off, now you’re left with this really thin thing and a couple of different cards You can only really see a little bit of them getting them in and out… not ideal You can get your spine back You put one of those in your back-pocket You’re going straight to the chiropractor, alright! The real threat to mankind… …those big-ass wallets Alright, get rid of this. This is what I’m using right now It’s a bit of a hybrid, spots for cards …got this magnetic—I guess you could put money in there?! I like it, it’s pretty durable It’s still not all the way there! [wallet hits wall] Ordered this guy off Amazon. It is called the “Secrid” Look at that, oh yes! Card protector, Titanium, made in Holland! Finally! The thing I’ve been wanting: A card-only wallet, as slim as possible… with an easy way to see all of your cards and get them out Let’s see if this thing delivers on a promise It remains to be seen. Look at that. That’s tiny! Metal, very protective! What do we have here? How do we? Oh! See that Jack? Look at this! [click] Boom! What do we got? Is there english anywhere on here? “Protects your most important plastic cards against bending, breaking but also against unwanted RFID-Readers!” This is where the tech-component comes in! The future of hackers and whatnot! They’ll be able to dip through your leather wallet into your RFID, wipe you out You’ll lose your house, family hates you It treats you like a gambler But it never happened! You weren’t in Vegas… You just got hacked! See that little release? Thats what’s gonna give you very quick access to your cards Slide that baby out! So… some cards, yes of course Check ’em out! Ooo, that feels satisfying Alright and then we’ll have to hit the button Ooohh! [click] How? Boom! Pay! Back in. Button! Boom! Pay! Back in. Button! Oh, you need a different card? Okay! Pull that one out. Pay! Back in. I think we made it Jack! Look at that slick, little guy right there! Oh my – Satisfying too [click] No problem! Pay! Take it! Take all my money Okay leave a few bucks! If you wanted to fold a bill in there… Let’s see [click] Yea, look! If you’re oldschool and you still want to fold up a bill in there or a couple [click] Still works! You know… Maybe I’m more into this stuff than the average person, but I can’t be the only one! If that’s you… Show me some thumb-love, so I can prove Jack wrong. Jack’s like “No one cares about wallets, Lew!” I’m like “Listen! RFID – It can’t be hacked” Look at you you’re James Bond! Prove Jack wrong! Use your thumb! This is the kind of lightbulb that you would see in a cartoon! Like when the thought, like when the guy gets the, the great Idea… This goes off Ding!

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  1. Is that a real Centurion card that belongs to someone at the office? I'm dying to know the limitations of the concierge service


  3. Did anyone notice that there was a Centurion card in the wallet?

  4. The square metal edges are going to wear a hole through your pants quick smart…

  5. yap yap. Get to point!

  6. that voice is nagging yap yap yap

  7. I love my big chunky leather wallet. It’s like having everything I need. Cards. Cash. Documents. Stamps etc. Plus I can feel it’s there. No getting lost. Plus it’s made by Montblanc. The finest of fine wallets.

  8. shake the wallet dude…now how do we know if it is any good?

  9. Take it, take all my money. Haha

  10. I just got one of these. It’s a great product

  11. where are you knife from?

  12. Any Dutch people around?🇳🇱🇳🇱 amsterdammetjes?

  13. Is that a centurion

  14. Amazing! I watch your phone reviews as well! So glad someone else gets mad about the wallet options!

  15. The only wallet I've seen in this video is the first one that was thrown.

  16. Thank you. My son just got his and it is amazing. Getting all the men in our family one.

  17. Dumb idea. Who the hell wants a hard, inflexible metal box sticking into you ass or hip? Not to mention the fact that it has a plastic switch that will likely break. Thumbs way down!

  18. Get a secrid with leather around it

  19. when he throws the wallets…his face has a very satisfied expression lmao

  20. Made in HOLLAND!!!!!

  21. If you put it upside down do the cards fall out?

  22. i’m on 3 years with my secrid wallet. so tough and so durable. it’s a talking point with the cashiers when they see me pull out my wallet.

  23. $4 android PHONE or a $44 WALLET???? Wtf

  24. How many cards can be stored inside ?

  25. Und was ist mit Bargeld? Noch eine Portemonnaie.?

  26. I needed a good wallet now I know what to get thanks to you 💯💯

  27. Biggest thing threatening mankind is sophomoric YouTube reviewers shilling for companies.

  28. What would be nice would be if they included a "card" where you can put cash in which you can put into one of the cardslots in your wallet…

  29. I have this wallet and it does not eject your cash.

  30. When the box is slimmer than your wallet

  31. I saw that american express black centurion card bro

  32. Not sure about these. Leather wallets are flexible, this thing looks too rigid. Also, didn't show how easy or difficult it is to get a card out of the middle of the pack.

  33. Hey can u make a review on the dfy wallet

  34. Lou liked this comment and yaknow it cuz ur lit tap that bell dude

  35. Just bought this one xD

  36. Hmm slim is the dutch word for smart, and it's a pretty smart wallet

  37. I have a really similar wallet. Love this smart wallet revolution that's going on!

  38. Card wont fallen if it's upside down?

  39. Do you take card clicks on wallet button

  40. is that an american express black card I see

  41. i’ll show you some thumb love 😏

  42. I am wondering if he still uses this one? Coz i am. I have been using this wallet since i ordered it after i watched this video. Its now all scratched up but still works perfectly and still the best card wallet ever!

  43. How stupid is it to have a lever that size in your pocket, that is going to break off or snag on something. 👎

  44. The best wallet ever

  45. Im not gonna stick that in my back pocket…dont get cute with that….

  46. I want a wallet which plays CHA CHING sound when I pull out my card.

  47. So glad someone made a video about this wallet, I’m pretty excited about it to haa. My husband has one and I loved it so much I have ordered one for myself in a “feminine” gold colour. LOVE 💕 I brought for £4.99 (obviously not the same brand but claims to do the same thing)

  48. Can you review please pitaka magwallet ue please i want to know of my card with magnetic stripes will stay working as i use that wallet so like a secutity card from a hotel or a credit card that dont have a chip in it do they work on that wallet and by the way is more thinner then you reviewed here above

  49. Does the cards fall out, if handled upside down?

  50. well i really like the idea and i hope it will live its exepection i really do have ALOT of Cards and this thing will help me alot i bougth it 1min ago 😀

  51. How long till that lever breaks…

  52. those big ass wallets

  53. I have owned 1 of these for over a year now, and they are great. I got 1 with a little leather thing around it, where you can store some cash and put a card on the outside (I got my public transport check in card in it)

  54. Been using one for 2 years now. Never going back to the old wallet. I have the miniwalet wich has room for extra cars and some cash.

  55. Hey I work black. I only have cash man


  57. but how will you get the middle card without having to struggle for it? id rather just go to Gucci and get a thin one that feels nice and holds everything

  58. RFID attacks don't work if you simply keep 2 cards together in the same wallet since they will interfere with each other, so the "protection" part is a bunch of bull

  59. If you're in China, you don't even need this thing. You don't even bring cards. Say hello to Alipay and WechatPay😂

  60. I have been using that for a a long time.

  61. The big-ass wallet had its own little episode in Seinfeld XD

  62. The black card is FAKE! He wouldn't show the numbers, also, Votre Nom???

  63. Only bad part is that isn’t too flexible in the pockets but very impressive none the less great job

  64. 2:49 yes sir I need a different card this card is declined

  65. link works but its no longer available

  66. Irrelevant to me…cash all day.

  67. That's me I'm addicted to wallets

  68. 1:40 This brings me back bad memories 🙁

  69. No lid? No thanks!

  70. I bought it Today

  71. Hey Lew what wallet you have at 2019?

  72. Wait hold on, is he in Canada or the states. Only asking cause I only though Presto was only used in Ontario

  73. You only picked the top and bottom card. What about cards in the middle? You have to take all the cards out to access those in the middle? Cmon be a little more thorough for having 14M subscribers…

  74. Back when it wasn’t phones every fucking episode

  75. 1:42 thats what she said

  76. Everything seemed great, until I saw the price…

  77. Well, at least the hackers can't hack cash😂👍

    I hope……….

  78. Put an apple logo on it and boom u can sell it for 999.9 dollars only

  79. I don't like it seems waste of money

  80. I have one for years, love that it's made here In a social workshop, its amazing and yes I am from Amsterdam 🤘

  81. Fidelo on Amazon makes a very similar wallet with leather sleeves and money bands around the outside. Has been my wallet for a while now, absolutely love it!

  82. If be broke the spring

  83. Only real money have foldable technology. Cards don't.

  84. had mine for 4 years now still going strong

  85. All these new hip slim wallets have nowhere to put your ID. It’s hilarious.

  86. Can you use business cards for this

  87. I have that same wallet

  88. With that great James Bond invention, you will get robbed for it and also your cards will be stolen – lol

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