The truth about vaginal detoxing (Marketplace)

The truth about vaginal detoxing (Marketplace)

Mom, can a douche help you feel
more confident? [Charlsie] For decades women
have been told to keep their vaginas clean. For effective douching
any time of the month. [Charlsie] First it was Lysol. Some women would
apparently even use Coca Cola. Yup, it was all about douching. We all get that not so
fresh feeling sometimes. [Charlsie] But that was
de-bunked in the 80s. And then along came Gwyneth. I don’t know what the
[bleep] we talk about. [Charlsie] And another round
of gynaecological fairy tales. Like vaginal steaming. Ohh, have you tried it? No. [Charlsie] A Paltrow approved
practice that left a 62-year-old Canadian woman with
second degree burns. We know when we say something. We’re like, “Hmm how
bad is this going to be?” [Charlsie] You probably
remember the jade egg? Claiming to balance your
menstrual cycle and improve your sex life? Insert the jade egg to
help tone the pelvic floor. [Charlsie] And then
there’s the natural versions. Cucumber cleanses, even garlic. Now, insert the
applicator into your vagina. [Charlsie] But the latest
product promising to flush out toxins from our
most personal parts? This is a life saver! [Charlsie] These little guys. Goddess Detox vaginal pearls. Besides ridding you of bacteria,
these tiny baggies of Chinese herbs which you
insert for 48 hours, claim to help with fertility,
even rid women of past sexual trauma and bad boyfriends. I’m the CEO and founder of
Goddess Detox. You can detox your ex. The first detox that I did
with her was very interesting. I enjoyed this product. It definitely gave me some
empowerment over my body. I am getting ready to
take out my first pearl. It’s been inserted for 24 hours. [Charlsie] There’s a lot of
buzz about these pearls so we’re gonna set the record
straight for women for good. I have a vagenda. [Charlsie] Questionable products
aimed at women pushed Dr Jen Gunter to write
the Vaginal Bible. So today we have
the Goddess Detox, I just got it in the box. It helps with cramps,
helps you with your fertility. [Charlsie] So I think you put
one in for 24 hours and then you put another one in.
So that’s it. So someone has just
stuffed a bunch o’herbs in– [Charlsie] Oh, it
really does smell, eh? Oh my god. [Charlsie] It says in
here fructus kochiea motherwart,
angelica, rhizoma borreol. Is there anything in here
that sounds like it should go– Nothing in there
should go in your vagina, at all. None of it. It’s mostly gonna
damage the mucosa, the good bacteria, increase
your risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. [Charlsie] They also talk about
this product as helping women who want to rid themselves of
bad boyfriends or past sexual trauma. I think that’s very predatory. The idea that first of all that
there is any kind of remnant in your vagina from sexual
trauma is simply not true. Your vagina basically sheds a
new layer of epithelial cells all the time so you know
everything that was there three days ago is not there now today,
that’s a very particularly predatory and I find very
offensive and harmful notion. And I think people should be
ashamed of themselves for saying things like that. [Charlsie] Does it
need to be cleaned? Does it need to be detoxified? No. Your vagina’s a
self-cleaning oven. You should just let it be
and it will take care of you. [Charlsie] So, what are
the risks then of detoxing? So, there’s very real harm. We even know that just
douching with water changes your ecosystem enough that would
increase your risk of getting HIV if you’re exposed. That’s just with water, right? So, you start adding
these caustic substances, they’re damaging
the mucus layer. These things not
only fight bacteria, but they are a line
of physical defence. I’m hopeful that the more I can
get women to question things, the more I can get them to know
about their body and how their bodies work, we just have
to make getting the right information more attractive
than getting the garbage. [Charlsie] We asked to Health
Canada to review these special pearls and their health claims. They took action,
banning all sales in Canada. And you can take action, too. There are other
products just like this. If you spot them
online or on store shelves, Health Canada wants you to
report it. To find out how head to our

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