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very mystical 6th chakra today, the brow chakra So we’re going to be getting all
into how to balance, unblock, and open, this energy center. If this is your first
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CMI for all things in life crafting, I provide you here with the tools, and
resources, everything to help you create an authentic, fulfilling life. So, our video today on the 6th chakra, I’m not sure how long it’s going to be? So as a heads up, you can grab a snack, some water, get cozied in. I’m gonna try to hit this one from all angles, and be very thorough. Because this really is this star of the chakras. So yeah, grab a snack, get comfortable,
we’re gonna get into it. There’s also the first video that we did on the 6th chakra, which I’m also gonna link up top! And I would recommend checking that one
out first before you watch this one. that way you have a good foundational, working knowledge, of what this energy center is all about. Yes, so we are going all
out today. I have a lit the candles, I have saged and cleansed, cleared the space. I also have my marking on, which is in blue, in reference to the color of this chakra-
which is indigo. So I’ve got my marking on as well, and I’m ready to get into
this with you guys. So important to remember, this energy center allows us to perceive beyond our physical senses. It’s really responsible for creating our
reality and maintaining a stable mind. It is the mind center, and our reality
checkpoint. I feel like this is the chakra that everyone is really interested in and in opening. Even people that don’t have a lot of knowledge of the chakra system, are really interested in this one, being of the home of the third eye. And I
just want to mention before we get into it, that it’s really important to balance
the other chakras beneath this one and get those attuned first before opening
this one. Very important. And I’ve mentioned it along the way in our chakra series how important it is to really work up the ladder when it comes to our
chakras, so just want to remind you. So make sure that you guys have watched the other videos and the chakra series, on how to open and balance chakras 1
through 5, before you start messing with this one. If you’ve been missing out on our chakra series, I’m going to link it up top! Check that out! In the higher
order of our life it is critical that this chakra be activated and opened, and
addressed. Otherwise we’ll be confused, and there’s much in life that just will
not make sense to us. So this chakra blends the two parts to our
existence, which is the physical and the mystical. Without the energy of the 6th
chakra, we we lose command of our thoughts. And we lose our discernment,
which is an intuitive ability. There’s many things that can throw this energy off and block this energy. So all right, addressing some of these disruptors….they often center around creativity, money, sexual power, or power dynamics in
relation to sex. Other things that affect it, and they more so put it out of
alignment and stress it, are when we have to tackle absolutes. Things like dealing with the truth, and philosophical issues. You know, any type of absolute is
hard on this energy. They really stress this center, put a lot of pressure on
this energy. And the stress can cause like some real pain, like some real pain.
And also some abnormalities. So Agna is the second of the spiritual chakras, so we are in the higher order and level of things. And the blockages, the symptoms,
the causes, are a little more complex. So how some of these blockages will
physically manifest vary. I mean it’s in a number of different ways. Headaches and earaches are very common, as well as infections in those areas.
Vision problems, sinus pain, teeth grinding, and depression, all those are also very common. Because this is the mind center, more severe blockages will envelope things like a person developing a brain tumor, having seizures, blindness,
color blindness, strokes, learning disabilities, as well as panic and just paranoia. And more just on general blockages… So when there’s issues here of
any sort there’s problems just in general across the board with dealing
with the concept of reality, because that is what this center is over. It creates
our reality that we live in. When our 6th chakra is off, and not operating the way that it is intended to operate, we will feel stuck in life, like stuck in the
mundane. And there will be difficulty looking beyond our current state of
affairs and really creating and seeing that vision, that bigger picture for our
life. The mind is not clear when this this center’s blocked. It’s clouded. We have a clouded mind, and we fear the truth, a lack of clarity, which really prevents us
from making solid decisions and from thinking clearly. It’s common to have
inertia, or a sort of psychological paralysis when this energy is just not
flowing the way that it needs to. And if there’s no major physical manifestation yet, but you’re wondering if it could be out of balance and kind
of what are the first signs what are: the less pronounced signs, if you’re feeling things like your life is meaningless, pointless, that’s a clue! You shouldn’t
feel that way. That is a definite clue that this energy needs an attunement. We should not feel like our lives are insignificant. Even
feeling like this in your professional area of life, that your work is
insignificant, this is also a clue. So excessive focus on the past or the
future is another clue that something is not right. These are all symptoms of
blockages. Because it is associated with the pineal gland- the brow chakra, having
issues around sleeping it’s very common. The pineal gland sits right next to our
optical nerves and it’s responsible for the body’s release of melatonin. So to
open this chakra, home of the third eye, consciously start using your logic and
emotion when you’re making decisions. Especially, those big decisions. Don’t
mute that inner voice, trust your intuition, we all have it. That is your
communication that you’re receiving from the non-physical. If you are not living
your purpose you’ve got to get started on that! And I got you, I’m gonna link
some videos up top that will get you jump started! Also practice mindfulness and
self-awareness. So I gave you guys a warning here that there are definite
complexities here if there’s issues with blockages. And so to open it, often times, many times, commonly- there’s some deprogramming
that definitely needs to take place. The deprogramming is often centered
around just religious indoctrination that we take in when we’re
young. And if it is blocked due to religious issues, then you’re probably
having like headaches, a lot of headaches, and weird and chaotic dreams. And there’s
probably a lot of inner turmoil, which is really, really, stressful. And really
really hard to deal with. I know when I went through my spiritual awakening,
which I talked about here on the channel, in the first video that I uploaded. I had
a lot of inner turmoil when this chakra started opening. It was really
uncomfortable and it was very loud, and unavoidable. It was some
deprogramming that I definitely had to go through, as well as something else
that I’m gonna hit on. Which was the study of the psychic sciences, as well
as the study of the traditions of Asia, and India, and Egyptology, and philosophic
Buddhism, which are all things that I would definitely recommend you pick up.
Yeah, I recommend looking into all of that, as well as yoga. And one of
the main reasons why I recommend this and I think that you should really look
into these is because they all recognize the psychic states. And they recognize
them as as natural and desirable states. And it will normalize it for
you, and helps with the deprogramming because these states are actually just
normal functions of the brow chakra. So opening this center and activating the
third eye is going to allow you to have very strong intuitive sensibilities and
an inner perception. and even visions. And the visions tend to be subtle. And it
all just depends on how you receive your insight, everyone receives their insight
differently. There’s many different psychic abilities. Just to name a few,
there’s clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairsentience, there’e telepathy, there’s many different abilities in the realms of psychic
insight and psychic ability. So some of you will get visions to where you can see things kind of play in front of you like the movie. Others of you will
receive messages, you will hear things, and this is clairaudience. And this is
actually one of the abilities that I have, I’ve got a few others as well, I’m
also clairvoyant. And I’m also an empath, so I will feel things very strongly, in my body. But overall,
there’s a strong inner discernment from within when and this chakra is activated
and it provides us with wisdom and insight and knowledge. Visually the
energy plays a role in our creativity and our imagination. It is our inner muse,
and it allows us to imagine, and see it, and create it. So depending on your
background this chakra can be a little scary to open as a warning, just want to
be up front with you. So make sure that you have attuned the five chakras that are
beneath it before you messing with this one. And again, there’s plenty of content
here on the channel to help you do that. There are some poisonous and unwholesome states that you can wind up in, like if you have- let’s just say, a
religious background. And what am I talking about you could wind up seeing
like Devils or demons, if the proper deprogramming is not done and you go
opening up this chakra. Religion puts a lot of barriers up and it forbids a lot of things that are very natural, like, it forbids the free expression of our
sexuality for instance. So then we have sexual demons, I believe they’re called
Incubus. And they come to seduce those in such states. So proceed with
caution and make sure, again, that you’ve attuned the five that are beneath it.
These theories and beliefs of evils in and of themselves come from religion, so
because of that this area this is the area that has to be restructured and
re-established. It’s the deprogramming and the spiritual
education that is needed to untie the self. There’s a self-liberation, coupled
with the mystical education, that is needed to really open this center
properly, and have it activated, and get the right type of energy flowing because
we’re in the higher order, the higher level of things. It’s really dangerous when we get off into that type of space because it is our mind center. Again, it’s a lot of complexities. There’s some dangerous territory. On the other hand, seeing a UFO, or hearing a voice that tells you not to go somewhere, or that comforts you in a time of need, speaking to a loved one that has passed
away, those are all examples of just a normal functioning 6th chakra. There’s
nothing wrong! Psychiatrics is very anti mystical education, and the mystical
sciences. What they categorize as mental illness is often a person’s inability to handle and process the psychic phenomenon. Now, if someone can’t separate a delusionary state from reality, that is something else. That’s like for instance, if someone believes that they are the child of Jesus. And I believe that this happens when there’s too much over activity in the sixth chakra, this can happen. So you can see that it takes some focus and some getting used to being able to see in a different way, and seeing past all the
distractions and illusions. Once the chakra is open, once you know, things are different. And you can’t go back. There’s no undoing the knowing. The fact is, we are multi-dimensional beings and there’s a part of us that lives in a purely metaphysical universe. And a little telltale as to whether it is working properly is if you are remembering your dreams. If so, it is definitely working! So meditating, meditating I’ve recommended along our chakra series. And it’s great
for the other chakras, it’s really helpful to them. But to the sixth chakra,
to this energy center, it is vital. It’s very important here, and it’s very
important when you’re balancing it. And you can bring crystals into your sessions with you, and you can put your crystal right in the middle of your brows, right where I have my marking, which is where this chakra is physically located. Labradorite, amethyst, and purple fluorite, three really good choices. And they all resemble the color that governs the
chakra, which is indigo or a deep blue. You also want to consciously practice
self love and self appreciation, and dwell on the great possibilities of life.
Dwell on all the great things that life has to offer. This is psychologically great for you. You can also do one of my favorites to
balance this chakra which is sky gazing, at night. You can also just go off into
your own imagination before bed and stirrup images in your mind.
Jasmine is especially good here, jasmine incense smell so amazing. As for foods, berries are great here for this center, as well as eggplant, and red grapes, mint, poppy seeds. And are you ready for these two: wine and
dark chocolate! So when it’s balanced, oh my goodness,
we’ll have so many good things, so many rich additions. You will be able to see
and interpret visual cues, you will understand them, you will understand what
is seen. The your communication with your self is vibrant, you’ll actually be able to control the flow of energy in the other chakras, you’ll be able to
visualize easily, there will be that sharp ability to reason, there’s times
when you will be quietly observant. You will have emotional intelligence,
bringing you insight into yourself and others. We have great wisdom and insight and guidance when the sixth chakra is working as designed. We’re also comfortable in and with our spiritual beliefs. We’re not scared of our psychic abilities. And there’s this wonderful balance of emotion and logic. Ultimately, it allows us to meet our
true purpose, our deepest purpose, and flow with what is naturally right for us. Drop me a comment below, let me know your takeaway for this video! Also, don’t
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