The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate

The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate

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  1. I did a 11 month diet free from suger and processed filth..I ate alot of berrys nuts and diebeties went I lost 7stone became fit and actually got a buzz from getting only takes a week to stop wanting suger…and believe me it's worth the effort!!! feel uphoria and happy … without suger!😁

  2. It's not realistic for me to completely cut out sugar as it makes food convenient to prepare and adds flavor so that it can be consumed. So, I switched to sugar free foods like coffee creamers, candies, and other store bought sweets. Well, it turns out that the artificial sweetener (acesulfame and aspartame) are even more harmful over time than table sugar. Now what ??

  3. Why does everything have to be a "secret" these days?  I just wish they would leave our food alone…

  4. Wow, now in 2019 obesity is overwhelming, just 5 years after this original posting. Now, Fatty Liver Disease is becoming more common. 😞💀👎

  5. Would be very interesting to see an update on this documentary… 2019 knowledge to update what was explained in this story.

  6. Sugarcane dope from 🎅, Jesus freaks.

  7. Sugar is especially devastating to low I.Q. populations.

    Over half the Latinos suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

    Type 2 diabetes has ravaged the black and Latino populations.

    A deadly combination of sedentary life style and bad eating habits.

    They also suffer from the highest drug addictions.

    These things must not be accessible to them.

    One way of reducing sugar is to make sugar expensive (tax) or ban using EBT for purchasing sugar and sugary foods.

  8. The CBC news women or talked to the older women that kept saying nothing was wrong with eating sugar! I don't believe her! She knows to much sugar is bad for you! Maybe she is getting paid by the Sugar company to say that? 😲 sugar🔲🔲🔲◻◻◻◻

  9. Candy is evil lol i use to eat it so much. Now here and there but I would like to stop all around. Pray for me 🙂

  10. Health ministers in each country should i would expect,have the interests of the population in is this allowed to happen.?????

  11. stay away from processed foods… eat fresh veggies and fruits and meats… and in a perfect world we'd be fit… I also find it interesting that kids today are huge in comparison to when we were kids. (I'm 40) NOT ALL KIDS. but many

  12. Dr Jason Fung Sugar rots you inside out

  13. I find it shocking that the majority of this video isn't painfully obvious to absolutely everyone. The level of ignorance is laughably pathetic.

  14. I quit sugar and all those processed food 3 days ago. I am craving it sooooo much. I am eating a loooooot (but healthy) and can’t control myself, and feel a bit down. It’s like quitting cigarettes ((( I don’t want to come back to it ever in my life.

  15. The dramatic music in the background makes this "Story"more believable. Smell like bull and taste like bull spit it out.

  16. I think if I must then it must not be more than 6 tea spoon per day.  That's coffee, tea, foods etc.  That means I have a very short list of items on my grocery list.  And it basically means the same things all my adult life.

  17. Guarantee that family will go back to eating all the crap 💩 they used too. My gosh I would like to see them on a good day! Miserable as sin and boring ☹️don’t want to sound harsh, but seriously that family depressed me

  18. He is 100% right!! Thank you sir; so many of us who are 'voiceless' have known this. This is a WAR on human health. For profit poison; what knew?

  19. here we go, doctors, arguing with each other

  20. Phyllis Tanaka seems to be an enemy of her own species – she wants to "educate" people how to"fit" refined sugar into a healthy dietary pattern lmao wtf XD no wonder she represents mega food corps – she also claims "theres a long way to go before the literature is sorted out" – duh cause the companies she represents lobbies government food agencies and launches mega ad campaigns to assault people with false information about sugar

  21. 29:45 The case against sugar has not been proven/

  22. My coworker was addicted to Pepsi. He admittedly drank a 12 pack of Pepsi a day. He would bring a 6pack at 8am and at 12 noon break he would buy 2 more 20iz Pepsi's. I added the grams, converted to oz, and lbs. It came up to over 300 pounds of sugar a year just in Pepsi.

  23. Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down…

  24. The government should step in as an advocate…. The government needs stripped down…. Tired of being told how to live… It's easy, eat everything you can…

  25. 41:34 shes miserable

  26. Dr. John seivepipper What a hypocrite and all the rest! That's so greedy for there Money instead of people's lives. If this is true?? That he's cocoa spoke person..its on u Tube..

  27. Grow your own stevia ,dont buy the NWO foods ,grow your own food .Leave the bad stuff on the shelves

  28. Anyone who thinks sugar is safe ,take a lighter and light it and watch it burn ,its poisonous and you cant burn stevia and its sweeter than sugar and healthier

  29. Beets ,turnips and greens ,carrots ,can detox body and liver from sugar poison, but we must stop eating sugar first so It can work

  30. If you want a treat grow mint and herbs or fruits it's a candy store in your garden

  31. My friends, only refined sugar is unhealthy, unrefined sugar is just fine.

  32. Visit ncbi and read any experiment about sugar. You'll see that this substance is responsible for many diseases and abnormalities in the gut for instance. Like the overgrowth of certain bacteria in the gut that damage the lining of the intestine.
    Going zero on sugar is the best you can do. Drink just plain water and nothing else, exercise, eat small portions of carbs, eat more lean protein from white meats and lots of salads with olive oil and lemon and of course good luck.

  33. Philis Tanaka is a nut bag

  34. Stopped drinking soda pop 10 years ago and still going. Never knew how much it over does it to your body.





  39. There are more overweight ppl nowadays than I've ever seen in my long life. Centuries ago, it meant affluence. Now I think it means sugar gluttony, whether you're rich or poor.

  40. too much of everything is bad for you.


  42. I always wondered. if sugar can go through the hard surface of once teeth causing a cavity, I wonder what it does to our soft tissues in the inside …

  43. is Jonathan spaghetti won't convert to sugar eventually?

  44. This is an absolutelly fantastic documentary. Very informative. Thank you

  45. Keto is the way to go! Changed my life.

  46. Tanaka sounds like the Nancy Pelosi of the big corporations. Excuses, excuses,excuses.

  47. Starbucks, In and out , Mac Donald s why do we see huge LINES ?

  48. Food technologists call it 'Pure,white and deadly'

  49. I'm 53 and I've been off sugar and all processed food for thirty years and feel great. Once you are off of it, you won't be able to eat it. Just get away from it for a year or so and you will be healed.

  50. I hope the family continued the healthy diet!

  51. She was staring down that lucky charms and notice it didn’t find the give away bucket lol

  52. GM edagdwg thanks for sharing you are telling us we are druged with sugar this is a real blessing to find out about this God is so good peace ❤️🙏 changes things Linda j ☮️

  53. I cut sugar and carbohydrates about 80% of all kinds now for 4 months and I have never felt better, but I Run 3 11 minute miles everyday. Most people who give up sugar do not exercise that vigorously and I'm over 55 now.

    The gentleman in the beginning should be embarrassed to admit that he eats 8 3/4 size cups of cereal. that's the entire box. If he ate a normal size maybe two cups he'd be perfectly fine, but 8 of those should be cut down to 2 cups. I would hate to think something bad happened to him

    Regarding diabetes, if a person exercises vigorously everyday they wouldn't get as sick from eating bad food. Not as sick. Bad foods our bad for you obviously oh, but exercise is better for you

  54. You are killing people with food yes but they like what we sale money talks thank you you tube glad you are paying attention to what is going on with food ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  55. Thanks for sharing I will be doing the same enough to have me stop paying attention to what I eat Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯💯 💯

  56. Truth is what makes me change my eating habits taste is a real thing make sure they buy more sweet is good use more thank you for sharing I'm good ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  57. “Chemically it’s all the same” YO EXCEPT IT ISNT BECAUSE REFINED SUGAR IS ACTUALLY A TOXIN AND NATURALLY OCCURING SUGAR IN THINGS LIKE HONEY AND APPLES IS NOT A TOXIN. Spreading some false information in this video as expected🤦🏻‍♀️

  58. Fact: sugar is a legal drug

  59. Sugar (refined) is horrible, but for those of us with epilepsy, consequences for substitutes are extremely and immediately dangerous. .. if you want to cut out sugars, be careful of aspartame , asperflame, sacarine, ect…

  60. Aspartaam not sugar

  61. Claiming white sugar and honey are the same, is disinformation. White sugar is sucrose, and honey is only 1.5 to 3% sucrose. Honey is natures sweetener, whereas white sugar is highly processed mainly from GMO sugar beets, and is addictive.

  62. Damn, I’ve been eating sugar all my life, I’m 59 and I’m strong as a bull. I love sugar! I know it’s bad for me I need, HELP!!!!!
    I need to lose about 50 lbs!!
    Shame what the food industry does.

  63. They killing Americans secretly

  64. If things in this movie are true, why Billions of people on this Planet are still alive. Million of people in Iraq drinking Tea everyday with sugar and they still happy people.

    Ohh come on this is just another Youtube video!

  65. Food should not be in packets and boxes but should be natural and grown from the ground

  66. ???? so saccharin is better?

  67. What we need is a few class action lawsuits against the sugar industry and the government for allowing it. Isn't poisoning people murder?

  68. Sugar is everyone's number one drug! And I moustache why they didn't wax her moustache !

  69. If sugar is dangerous imagine aspertame; lethally toxic. And our governments food agencies are complicit if not accomplices.

  70. Haha, LOL. You want to live? Eat Sugar. You want to get sick? Don't eat sugar. These people are liberal dopes.

  71. The best thing we can do is get rid of processed food. I follow a low carb lifestyle. Sugar is toxic.

  72. She didn't want to admit they out sugar in products like tomato soup, pastas sauces, crackers, bread, etc. Items you just wouldn't expect it. Then says ppl need to just read the labels. They are just as convuluted. Bcse sugar is most times not clearly identified. Many times they use the chemical name to deliberately confuse ppl. Just like when they advertise sugar free soda but some of them have diet sugar and hfcs. But hfcs sugar content isn't listed on the bottle.

  73. & Quaker Oat, Cheerios & others are all FULL OF PESTICIDES !!

  74. I'm watching this drinking a big glass of Hershey's chocolate milk 😂

  75. I'm a Londoner- I couldn't believe my eyes when I first came to the States ten years ago and went shopping. In the bread aisle countless breads boasted being 'sugar-free'!

  76. The medium or the way to tone down the sugar i find is tomatoes or tomato juice it keeps the sugar in check…

    Be blessed !

  77. Having the government step in to CONTROL what we eat is a dangerous move. Government has told us how bad: fats are, caffeine is, eggs are, pork is, etc. only to be told YEARS later, they were wrong. I do not trust government to look out for my food & drink choices. It's already a reality for some people that their health insurance premiums is tied to their participation in diet & exercise programs along with how much weight they lose. It's also tied to nicotine usage. I believe education is a powerful tool. I also feel there should be more transparency with food corporations. Smart adults don't need a Nanny government. If you want a Nanny to control what you eat & your life, then you hire a personal Nanny. I don't need it want one.

  78. It's fine in moderation, sugar is a good energy source. Didn't you people listen in school?

  79. What about coffee? I had muscle crumps during the night. I wach my diet take calcium I still have crumps. I didn't drink coffee for a week because I had gastritis and I realized I didn't have muscle crumps. I start testing. I start drinking coffee, after 3 days the crumps started too. I stop drinking coffee after 2-3 days the crumps will stop too. Sometime I drink coffee because I need energy for long hours work I have to do to deliver results. But I avoid it as much as possible and I don't have muscle crumps during the night. I believe the coffee is one of the main cause of osteoporosis increased rates. I work in medical research field for 30 years. So I know in details the metabolism and everything else, so I know what I am talking about.

  80. We must take care of ourselves. No one else will.

  81. This lady saying that sugar is ok is the devil, I believe the gentleman who calls sugar poison…..

  82. I think its the altered sugar and chemical sweeteners added to lower production costs in sweet foods but most processed foods have sugar added even Ketchup miracle whip, things you wouldn't think. Our body don't process it the same and it builds in our cells and joints and causes arthritis fibromyalgia and worse (my opinion – consumed too much) until trying "sugar free" then had bad reactions and live w/ symptoms listed so now read ingredients bf buying.

  83. Okay… so sugar causes all kinds of chronic diseases… but if you DON'T feed people all that sugar, how is the Medical Industrial Complex going to maximize its profits? Crikey! You CAN'T go around feeding people HEALTHY food! If you do that the corporations are going to lose out on BILLIONS of dollars in profits… and you wouldn't want that, now? Would you? 😉

  84. Sugar=sickness sugar =money for big food industries and pharmaceutical

  85. Good info but I'd like to see an item examined fully. For example that Campbell's tomato soup. Yes it has too much sugar. But more alarming to many people should be the incredibly huge amount of sodium per serving. And that is only made with water. There's enough sodium in one small serving of that soup to take up the whole RDA. So forget adding any saltines with your cup of soup. Eat like that you'll be hypertensive in no time. This is no healthier for kids than for adults.

  86. Can (too much) sugar also make one skinny?

  87. Although I was completely on board in the beginning but the more I watch I realized I'm old
    Not overweight with out Alzheimer's and I have never had a drink of anything without sugar 🤔

  88. Well you must have been in another dimension because everything about sugar has been known like since dirt was made. That 2012 cern shift of our timeline stole your brain!!

  89. Wheat is basically sugar….same effect on the body….just a longer insulin spike instead of a sharp one…ok video.

  90. I tried this when my health bottomed out could almost not even eat *I spent 3 months with NO SUGAR MY DIABETIC A1C NUMBER WENT TO 5.0 IN THAT TIME I WAS VIRTUALLY NORMAL NO LONGER DIABETIC HOWEVER I CAVED AND MY DIABETES SHOWED TERRIBLE RESULTS IN JUST DAYS" I caved because I was vulnerable caused by stress from hernia surgery.

  91. The Female "Expert" aka "The Industries "Sacred Cow" is LYING Thru every Fiber of Her Body.
    (I've become sort of a Expert on Reading Body & Eye moments)
    When every anyone is talking to you, and they break eye contact, and they look up…Either to the Left or Right, they are 'Lying!"
    Besides, this "old Lying Sack of Mule Dung." Doesn't get paid to tell "The Truth." Just look at her. She has that look…of being a "Habitual LIER." What was that saying…That
    Hypocrateas always said. "Let (Healthy) Food be your best Medicine." You know, like…
    "We Are, What we Eat."
    Just a Thought.

  92. Im a sugar addict. I need help.

  93. Nearly all sugar now, cane sugar and beet sugar is Genetically modified. They used to package them separately. But about 1-2 years ago the FDA approved beets can be Gentically modified so you could not choose a non GMO. I read They now mix the two products in any bag.

  94. People aren't always willing to seek out the info they need for good health. Education IS the answer, as you proved with the Bredans.

  95. difficult but possible to cut out sugar. start with your coffee and use Stevia only. Never use processed foods, the amount of sugar is crazy. You will be surprised at how wonderful you feel after three days. remember it is addictive!!!! and must first leave the body. You will be uncomfortable and irritable in the beginning. that by itself should tell you something. good luck and just do it.

  96. Instead of bitching at us for eating bad things, teach us what is good that we can afford and have time to eat. Come up with drive thru places that give us ready made healthy things. I don’t have time to shop for veggies everyday, chop them up and cook them. Quicker to buy a box of granola bars to eat while driving. We are poor and have no time.

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