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  1. Notification squad is here 👍.

  2. So excited to see how this turns out.

  3. Oh and your makeup game is soooooo on point!

  4. keep going. I love your videos so much❤❤❤

  5. Saw the notification and clicked it faster than flash. Whoosh

  6. this is a conversation being had across all my social circles! thank you for including these thoughts for use in our conversation. Side Note: I LOVE your shirt!!

  7. Amy are you going to upload these podcast avilable on podcast app for iPhones.

  8. Excellent video today, Amy. It's very easy for people to be negative all the time and only look for reasons to complain. I'm guilty of this, as are many others. It's so much more healthy to look at the positives of situations, no matter what happens. It's such a simple concept to apply, but many don't think to do it until you hear it. Good stuff, and looking forward to the podcast.

  9. Would love and appreciate to have a video about sales over the phone and how to approach new but also OLD customers that haven’t used “your” services in a while.

  10. It's crazy how literally just changing one tiny word can in effect change your whole outlook on a situation. ❤

  11. You have a great channel, I just subscribed you two days ago and the ton of informations that I got from you are crazy, I’m trying so hard to use the google calendar as suggested on one of your videos and you actually showed us how to use it, but I’m extremely bad at it, I guess the reason is I’m using it with phone so I’m not getting the same results, but I think by time it’ll be easier for me to use it and organize and manage my time, thank you

  12. Now this was short ,impressive , informative and enjoyable . So thanks Amy for this podcast.

  13. Your makeup is flawless 😍

  14. Wow wow!! Mind shift! It’s like when I started saying ‘thank you’ instead of ‘I’m sorry’

  15. So I had an interesting PTSD gut reaction when you first said "victim mentality". My immediate reaction was to shut down because there is so much victim shaming in our culture. I sadly have gotten way to use to seeing people I look up to giving me a mental kick to the stomach because they end up falling into victim shaming. I had to stop myself from getting upset (5 second rule anyone) and listen/watch the whole video. Matthew's take on how to change what happened into something was in his control verses out of his control, it may be small, changing a word, but it's actually huge and is something I needed to hear. Thank you Amy.

  16. Save the drama for your llama

  17. Definitely not mind blown, Amy, but great insight. Matthew has the key to controlling as much of one's life as possible. Accept everything as an opportunity, as a challenge.

    The last company I was at downsized at the end of 2006 and I was one of 10,000 people let go, 1500 just in my town (yes, a big tech company). Lots of people whined. I chose to think about what opportunity I had and built my own marketing company. Opportunity, not victim.

  18. OMG!!! Mind Blown!!! Today is my 50th birthday & this morning during morning pages (yep I do them too, Thanks Amy) I was reflecting. Somethings that happened "TO" me by someone kept coming up. I quickly told myself I was not going to let that consume me. Anyway, I love that the small shift in "A" word can change EVERYTHING!!! Thanks Amy…can't wait for…(whispering, "psst Oct 17th")

  19. love this year's videos Amy!!!!

  20. Thank you for bringing up the topic of drama. Seriously, there are not many people out there talking about drama because it is too comfortable to too many of us. So thank you for this little kick in the butt and I’m looking forward for the podcast episode.

  21. 🤯 such a good point here!

  22. If your going keep slaying your makeup game I’m going to need you to start listing your makeup deets in the description box 😝

  23. I needed this today! Great advice.

  24. Amy your content continues to inspire me. I cannot wait for your podcast {10/17} <3 <3 What an amazing way to change our perspective on the challenges in our lives! 💖💖💖👍👍👍

  25. Make up is perfect again!!😘👌Amy have you done a video on staying motivated when your feeling under the weather? 💙💚

  26. oh and btw, your makeup is stunning. I know it's not the focus of your channel..but wow!

  27. That was awesome. Great idea to flip those words.

  28. Sometimes the YouTube drama comes from outside of YouTube. I posted a video of a children band at an art and wine festival. Not surprisely, a troll called me a pedophile. That video got 25 hours of watch time over four days, 95% of the views came from outside of the U.S., and the top three countries were known sex tourist destinations. That was creepy. The troll doubled down the following week by running a script against my channel to artificially inflate views and watch time. My stats were thoroughly FUBAR. I've been posting DOA videos that do poorly at first but accumulate views and watch time over time. The troll declared victory and left my channel alone. Meanwhile, I have a creator support ticket opened with YouTube to investigate these unusual traffic spikes. It's been a rough month.

  29. Great video! So excited for your podcast! 🙂

  30. I'm so excited to see Matt and Amy together. My step-father was emotionally and sexually abusive to me. It's really hard to think of him having done that for me instead of having done it to me. He held me back so much and as good as my life is now, I can't help thinking it would've been better if the abuse hadn't happened. The one good thing that stems from this, I think, is that I can now speak against abuse from the perspective of someone who's been there.

  31. Love that…change the "to" to for.

  32. I'm so looking forward to this podcast 😥😍

  33. October 17th….Calendar Blocked…. ✅

  34. Loved this Amy! Great message❤️

  35. Amy….!!!!! You have no idea what this video has done for me!!! I lead an extremely quiet life and recently drama has signed an indefinite lease with me…

    Thank you! I'm very grateful for having accidentally run into your channel a little over a year ago, you continue to innovate my self discovery (Lady-crushing hard!)

  36. I really needed this right now, Amy. Like REALLY. I was in the middle of stressing about drama in my life right now and got the notification of this video of yours… THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    I really appreciate and admire everything that you do and I’m excited for this new venture for you 💗

  37. I love a lot of your older videos but it seems like most of the recent uploads are sponsored and more of an ad than helpful info.

  38. Istg this video came on time, thank youu!! 💜

  39. Where is ur apple watch band from?

  40. Hellooooo 🍁 🇨🇦🍁. Can't wait to!listen to both podcasts.

  41. I love your Shirt!

  42. wow I really needed this. Thank you so much! such a small shift you can do to overcome it.

  43. Really great paradigm shift.

  44. Yes very beautiful and helpful! Thank you something I needed to hear! Thank You!

  45. Absolutely LOVE his mindset! Great interview! I really needed to hear that. Thanks for all your helpsful content!

  46. Thank you, Matt and Amy for this little gem of positivity today!!

  47. Outstanding …. simply outstanding.. this is 1 of ur best videos

  48. Looking forward to the podcast! When you announced it, I instantly knew you'd bring so much value!

  49. Girl! Your makeup! 😍

  50. My mind is blown indeed, cant wait for the podcast. Going to try my hardest to change my language and no longer see myself as a victim

  51. Love your content and congratulations on how you have grown your channel. I do have one small request, I know you need sponsors for your business, however every video you seem to be pitching a product. Just my opinion. Thank you for your content

  52. Hey Amy thank you for a little good morning cheerfulness here in the Forest . Yesterday was amazing I managed a 12k cycle walk change your mind change your physical state & feel better right I wished I had a Go pro it's a 6k long slow walk up an old disused Rail line that tunnels thru rock & forest ( so Lord of the Rings it could have been filmed there ) I took loads of pix & then it was freewheelin all the way back down 6k wind in my hair shades on .. God knows what I looked like but I felt cool man .. lol .. As to the podcast preview .. good advice .. my wife always quotes the buddha story of the wise man who agrees to ferry a fellow traveller across the river on his back . After the crossing & some miles later the traveller finally climbs down & says " why did you carry me all this way ? " & the Wise man says "Oh you ? No I left you at the river " .. Bye good vibes to all ..

  53. Better job on this one. I can see the growth between the first podcast snippet and the second one. Better listening and conversing.

  54. THANK YOU Amy. such an inspiring video. I agree with Marlena Alicea " your makeup is stunning"
    (make up tutorial, please )

  55. Thanks Amy, this is what I come here for. Such a good one this week. I've just added Matt to my podcast list … yay!!!! 😀

  56. What is the name of the music????

  57. Thank you for putting a camera up and giving us a visual of the interview. Loving it ♥️

  58. Great video! I talk about flipping perspective in my how to be happy video. It really is so effective but if someone isn’t used to doing this is very hard. Just takes some time and practice to look at things in a different way.

  59. Enjoyed your video… Learned something new…
    All the best…. God bless you…

  60. I really appreciate the reminder to switch our mindset about certain things to avoid the victim mentality. However, I think we need to be careful of our language when discussing this. It can be really useful when someone is late for coffee or doesn't fulfill their part of a bargain, but it feels very dismissive of those who have suffered because of abuse or systemic biases.

  61. This is THE most helpful video I've watched. Thank you, Amy. Actually something I've been working on the last few months is forgiving those that have hurt me in the past, and this helps put things into a whole new perspective.

  62. So excited for this podcast release!!!

  63. LOVE THIS!!! I have this mentality but couldn't put it into words.
    Also, please keep dancing 😂😂😂

  64. I think that's great advice that a lot of people could benefit from! I love looking for opportunities for growth rather than dwelling on problems:)

  65. skip bullshit: 4:00

  66. Hi Amy, my name is hard to pronounce for non-Asians. Please let me know if I start my YouTube channel do I need to change my name to an easy to remember one in order to get more subscribers and views?

  67. Society needs to here this! Awesome! Thanks!

  68. Changing the language can indeed create changes in our personality. Both in the words we speak but also the words we use in our minds, when we're doing our private chat. Language is a powerful tool, and many philosophers even believe that the capabilities of our expression are only limited by our language.

    Maybe that's why George Orwell created the Newspeak in "1984". By limiting peoples language, it would also limite their lives and the capabilities of critical thinking. Which would then lead to people not becoming masters of their own lives, but rather just puppets of the situations.

  69. Where’d you get your Apple Watch bracelet?

  70. Is the podcast out? or is it due to come out? I would love to subscribe. :DD

  71. In one of your videos I heard this advise ‘when something gets on your nerves then de-stick yourself’…! Worked for me and made perfect sense

  72. Excellent video got a question for you … what is the song you are using in this video?

  73. He is so cool
    I watch him a lot too …. with the hubby. Lol

  74. Excited for this podcast!!!!!!!

  75. I'll be excited for this. LOVE SANTORO

  76. Ive usually enjoyed your videos, but lately, they have taken a turn towards the commercial and self-promotional 🙁

  77. What are you wearing on your lips? It's amazing!

  78. Where can I listen to the full interview? I don't see it on my podcast feed… Thank you! 🙂

  79. Please could you do a video on how to deal with frustration with colleagues who don't meet deadlines or who don't do work properly…and things are not going to change any time soon (management not able/willing to change the situation). I.e. how to cope in this situation and not end up doing all the work/re-doing things.

  80. I needed this reminder! I'm currently going through some less than desired challenges but I decided I would change my mindset about it. This let me know I was headed in the right direction. Thank you!

  81. Wow, I LOVE his point about switching "to" to "for." Changing your mentality is so powerful and challenges truly can be seen as gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  82. The victim mentality is something I've struggled with, until now, thanks for the epiphany Matthew!

  83. Ironic that a woman is giving advice on how to deal with drama. When usually it's woman that cause drama in the first place.

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