The Quick Start Guide to Google My Business Posts

The Quick Start Guide to Google My Business Posts

Alright in today’s video I’m going to
show you how to get started with Google my business posts this will be very quick and
you’ll be up and running in the next few minutes this is a new feature from
Google and allows you to do a quick micro post. Almost like a little mini blog
post or really if you think about it is like a facebook status update
that kind of thing and it’s going to show up with an image and it’s going to
show up in your search results for your company’s name things like that as well
as in some cases in Google Maps search so it’s a really neat way to get some
messaging out there and put a spotlight on specific things most people are going
to use them for you know like events a special offer if you have a sale maybe
even product updates like you have new merchandise or something new is in the store
or just announcements in general and say you’re closed on 4th of July you could
make that messaging clear so people are seeing that before they even visit into
your site and lastly you could probably do content marketing so for instance in
a test that I did I went in and highlighted a recent guide that a client
had posted on their blog alright let’s go take a look at this live and I’ll
show you how simple it is when you’re in Google my business you’re going to see
the normal things are insights your traffic and also a hat tip to Woodside
health and fitness they are a local Kansas City health club and they are
client of ours it allowed us to login and them to show you this video so it
was very nice of them. You’re going to notice though post if you haven’t been
in here lately is brand new if you don’t see it just think it’s coming it should
be by the cognate as opposed to rolled out just about everybody but it’s not
there just hang tight it’s coming also on the Left menu Google is drawing
attention to this post here as well so let’s click create post
and you’ll see how simple the user interfaces is.
first of all images are going to be very important for this post type because
there are a huge portion of it almost like that like I said a Facebook post if
your image is kind of boring it’s not going to draw or attract much attention
google says that minimum photo size is 720 by 720 so you’re thinking square
format I would recommend the photo size larger than that I would double it and
go 1440 by 1440 just so you have a higher resolution image across multiple devices
so upload a very engaging image next would be the post itself so you can do
100 to 300 words I’ve tested it and it allows essentially up to 1,500
characters with spaces so it will start cutting, it’ll cut you off at 1500
characters so usually that for me that was close to 300 words around 260 or so
so in that hundred to three hundred word recommendation that they’re doing that
they’re giving is is is going to work out the next thing that you’re going to
look at here they have a special thing for events and that’s a lot because this
really does well for events but this will give you a title so a title tag
that you can name your event and you can do up to 58 characters and with spaces
and you also get neat features like you can pick the start dates and the end
times really really neat for events and I
think a lot of people are going to initially use this for events however
let’s say I’m not having an event they have this button option and this button
option if you have learned more these are all different CTS learn more
reserved sign up buy and get offer now to click in on any of these you’re going
to see that it’s just a link so in my example that I used I just link to a
guide that they had put up on exit the benefits of exercising with friends on
their blog you’ll see that I’ll show you in just a second a live example so all
of these are this way right now you just put in a link of where
one in New Delhi I’m sure they’ll expand this I’ve seen some people say that
there is a call button I haven’t seen it yet so maybe that’s not rolled out for
everybody up but that will be really cool like a click to call right away
button so really really cool stuff I’m sure they will you know expand these
features as we go so let’s take a look at a live post now if you click in here
you can edit your posts you can delete a post which is really nice and I just
publish this so it’s not there’s no insights yet but they’re actually going
to give you some analytics so you’ll have insights for each of these post if
you click view it will take you to it that I’m logged in so I’m going to go in
it incognito view so I can show you how this looks out in the wild here we go on
a Google Club woodside and you can see all the information that’s pulling from
their Google my business account here’s some of their events and boom here’s our
post so this is showing not really really you know predominantly the images
engaging is colorful and it’s simple to use if you click to learn more you’re
going to be taken right to that blog post that I was mentioning about this
guide on exercising the benefits of exercising with friends I like that
Google made this simple they could have added a lot of bells and whistles to it
you know but hey if you want to make a huge blog post you are going to use WordPress or
something like that so this is just an easy way something to add into your
toolbox if you’re a local marketer or local SEO that you can get an instant
benefit from. When I hit publish on this post it was instantly available in the
search results so that part is really really cool and down in the comments let
me know how you plan on using this maybe link me some example show me some events
that you’ve posted or announcements or content
your your pushing I want to see some of the creative ways people are using this
and how they implement it in real life I look forward to seeing your feedback

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  1. cool tutorial, keep it up

  2. This is very useful. I am using this tool to promote real estate listings, open houses, and auctions. You are so right that Google made it simple and easy to use! I could post for hours haha

  3. Thank you, very understandable.

  4. I recently made a post on Google My Business, then received notifications from Google that my post was expiring. I think it last 2 or 3 weeks. Any info on how to keep it a permanent post?

  5. Great thing is you can now schedule google my business posts

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