The O.C. knocks out Bobby Fish’s tooth: WWE Now, Nov 7, 2019

The O.C. knocks out Bobby Fish’s tooth: WWE Now, Nov 7, 2019

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  1. poor guy, the one time he doesn't wear his mouthguard.

  2. Dumbasses saying it was ketchup

  3. 0:42 – This is another proof that not everything on Wrestling is fake.

  4. I thought it was a ketchup, because i think i saw a kinda ketchup bottle on 0:45 😅

  5. its funny to think theyre acting cool than out of nowhere someone wipes the smile off their face.

  6. I hope they bury his tooth right next to cesaro' s teeth

  7. I thought Christian became a presenter.

  8. So that’s what that red stuff was on that cargo crate lmao

  9. Bobby posted a photo almost 2 weeks ago on insta and his tooth was already gone so.. and if you pause frame by frame you can see he hits his cheek on the wall not his mouth, so idk.. 😂

  10. He's had a missing tooth for a long time. Why do you think he wears a mouth piece. Most of these "injuries" aren't real.

  11. Yo I was wondering where that huge stain came from?

  12. Don’t worry Bobby. Adam Cole has u covered for a dentist for that tooth

  13. The tooth uh was that script Ed?

  14. Toothless aggression

  15. Das war der Anfang von den Schlägen die die noch bekommen werden die loser 😂😂😂

  16. This guy got his tooth knocked out for something the NXT marks won't even remember a month from now.

  17. Wcw and ecw and bull my like impact and aew and raw and smock down and nxt sick

  18. Das passiert wenn Raw und Smack Down zuschlagen NXT LOSER 😂😂😂😂

  19. Ik i saw that thing like come from his mouth and onto the gray thing and I was like dang but saw the ketchup on the table and the thing that came from his mouth looked like ketchup, but damn it’s like Luke was just punishing him for no reason

  20. Welcome to the main roster U.E

  21. Cesaro have a friend

  22. Bobby Fish lost his tooth

    Jeff Hardy and Cesaro: First time?

  23. Didn't Bobby Fish post a picture not even 2 weeks ago, and he didn't have his tooth? If you look closely, he seems to have spit ketchup. Not sure though.

  24. What now Undisputed Era!?

  25. So that wasn't ketchup he spit out?

  26. WTF looks fake BUT I am very happy that they are trying something new and Cool

  27. Just wait for next week when this missing tooth magically reappears on NXT

  28. To literally every single person in the comments. Its called kayfabe.

  29. I’m literally asking did Bobby bleed at the wall

  30. Bobby Fish always gets injured just retire old man. Also this injury report is garbage we know it’s fake.

  31. good choice of a music for an injury video, very positive

  32. So now i know how he shoot ketchup so smoothly.. it was through his toothole~

  33. Do another holiday thing for Christmas like you did 4 years ago

  34. That’s one step closer to his pirate gimmick that he’ll get stuck with once UE implodes.

  35. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  36. Peleas mas falsas que el amor que te juraron 😂

  37. Did he just spit his Nesquik on the container? lol


  39. Didn't he just lose a tooth 2 weeks ago? He just lost ANOTHER tooth?

  40. Hello ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Isak yankum we need

  42. Ketchup 100% haha. If you playback at 0.25 speed you can see it clearly.

  43. Ketchup or not. He seems to be the most injury prone in the group

  44. Raw vs smackdown vs nxt it’s boreing

  45. That stuiped decied it I’ll be more fun when there is gonna be raw vs smackdown vs nxt vs aew that I’ll be good

  46. Smack down is gonna win the have Roman bran strowman

  47. Wwe now mix of beards and nigas(nigas not only black)

  48. It’s gonna be more interesting when raw and smack down roster attack nxt roster

  49. Welp what did I say in the oc attacks the undisputed era vid

  50. Dakota Kai is getting hotter by the minute.

  51. John cena just teased him being back soon

  52. That was for invading Raw and SmackDown!

  53. Unfortunately now Bobby Fish knows how Cesaro felt

  54. 0:42 Loosing His Teeth 😨

  55. lucky for him, adam cole knows a dentist

  56. Looks like Bobby fish is due for a trip to Isaac Yankem's office

  57. Fish just can’t catch a break.

  58. NXT will win at Survivor Series

  59. mans spit out ketchup and they're here talking bout somethin else

  60. I can see tomato sauce on the table🤣🤣🤣

  61. Ouch 🤕 you lost he a he lost teeth 🦷

  62. Bobby fish asks for cesaro about your teeth therapy.

  63. Bobby’s tooth: It feels nice to be out of that mouth guard

    Wall: I’m about end this whole mans career

  64. you can make the wwe network application no longer pay to watch videos

  65. Who needs blading when you can really knock a tooth out 🙂

  66. Dammit I thought he had sauce in his mouth

  67. This seems like a job for Dr Isaac Yankem

  68. I think Bobby fish have to dr Anderson and dr Luke

  69. Bobby Fish was just relaxing…

  70. 0:32 that superkick🤩🤩

  71. I wanna see Drew McIntyre vs Matt Riddle

  72. is NXT stars made of glass

  73. Lol Bobby Fish injured yet again jesus this guy spends more time out then in.

  74. I love when they do this

  75. How many of this viewers onhestly missing the" romen reng "👊👊
    No=comments 👎👎

  76. Looks like Christian lol

  77. Those who think that is ketchup! That's real you idiots.

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