The new political story that could change everything | George Monbiot

The new political story that could change everything | George Monbiot

Do you feel trapped in a broken economic model? A model that’s trashing the living world and threatens the lives
of our descendants? A model that excludes billions of people while making a handful unimaginably rich? That sorts us into winners and losers, and then blames the losers
for their misfortune? Welcome to neoliberalism, the zombie doctrine
that never seems to die, however comprehensively it is discredited. Now you might have imagined
that the financial crisis of 2008 would have led to the collapse
of neoliberalism. After all, it exposed
its central features, which were deregulating
business and finance, tearing down public protections, throwing us into extreme
competition with each other, as, well, just a little bit flawed. And intellectually, it did collapse. But still, it dominates our lives. Why? Well, I believe the answer
is that we have not yet produced a new story with which to replace it. Stories are the means
by which we navigate the world. They allow us to interpret
its complex and contradictory signals. When we want to make sense of something, the sense we seek is not scientific sense but narrative fidelity. Does what we are hearing reflect the way that we expect humans
and the world to behave? Does it hang together? Does it progress as a story should progress? Now, we are creatures of narrative, and a string of facts and figures,
however important facts and figures are — and, you know, I’m an empiricist,
I believe in facts and figures — but those facts and figures have no power
to displace a persuasive story. The only thing that can replace a story is a story. You cannot take away someone’s story without giving them a new one. And it’s not just stories in general
that we are attuned to, but particular narrative structures. There are a number of basic plots
that we use again and again, and in politics there is one basic plot which turns out to be
tremendously powerful, and I call this “the restoration story.” It goes as follows. Disorder afflicts the land, caused by powerful and nefarious forces working against the interests of humanity. But the hero will revolt
against this disorder, fight those powerful forces, against the odds overthrow them and restore harmony to the land. You’ve heard this story before. It’s the Bible story. It’s the “Harry Potter” story. It’s the “Lord of the Rings” story. It’s the “Narnia” story. But it’s also the story that has accompanied almost every
political and religious transformation going back millennia. In fact, we could go as far as to say that without a powerful
new restoration story, a political and religious transformation might not be able to happen. It’s that important. After laissez-faire economics
triggered the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes
sat down to write a new economics, and what he did was to tell
a restoration story, and it went something like this. Disorder afflicts the land! (Laughter) Caused by the powerful and nefarious
forces of the economic elite, which have captured the world’s wealth. But the hero of the story, the enabling state, supported
by working class and middle class people, will contest that disorder, will fight those powerful forces
by redistributing wealth, and through spending
public money on public goods will generate income and jobs, restoring harmony to the land. Now like all good restoration stories, this one resonated
across the political spectrum. Democrats and Republicans,
labor and conservatives, left and right all became,
broadly, Keynesian. Then, when Keynesianism ran into trouble in the 1970s, the neoliberals, people like
Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, came forward with
their new restoration story, and it went something like this. You’ll never guess what’s coming. (Laughter) Disorder afflicts the land! Caused by the powerful
and nefarious forces of the overmighty state, whose collectivizing tendencies
crush freedom and individualism and opportunity. But the hero of the story,
the entrepreneur, will fight those powerful forces, roll back the state, and through creating
wealth and opportunity, restore harmony to the land. And that story also resonated
across the political spectrum. Republicans and Democrats,
conservatives and labor, they all became, broadly, neoliberal. Opposite stories with an identical narrative structure. Then, in 2008, the neoliberal story fell apart, and its opponents came forward with … nothing. No new restoration story! The best they had to offer
was a watered-down neoliberalism or a microwaved Keynesianism. And that is why we’re stuck. Without that new story, we are stuck with the old failed story that keeps on failing. Despair is the state we fall into when our imagination fails. When we have no story
that explains the present and describes the future, hope evaporates. Political failure is at heart a failure of imagination. Without a restoration story that can tell us where we need to go, nothing is going to change, but with such a restoration story, almost everything can change. The story we need to tell is a story which will appeal
to as wide a range of people as possible, crossing political fault lines. It should resonate
with deep needs and desires. It should be simple and intelligible, and it should be grounded in reality. Now, I admit that all of this sounds
like a bit of a tall order. But I believe that in Western nations, there is actually a story like this waiting to be told. Over the past few years, there’s been a fascinating
convergence of findings in several different sciences, in psychology and anthropology
and neuroscience and evolutionary biology, and they all tell us
something pretty amazing: that human beings have got
this massive capacity for altruism. Sure, we all have a bit of selfishness
and greed inside us, but in most people,
those are not our dominant values. And we also turn out to be
the supreme cooperators. We survived the African savannas, despite being weaker and slower
than our predators and most of our prey, by an amazing ability
to engage in mutual aid, and that urge to cooperate
has been hardwired into our minds through natural selection. These are the central,
crucial facts about humankind: our amazing altruism and cooperation. But something has gone horribly wrong. Disorder afflicts the land. (Laughter) Our good nature has been thwarted
by several forces, but I think the most powerful of them
is the dominant political narrative of our times, which tells us that we should live
in extreme individualism and competition with each other. It pushes us to fight each other,
to fear and mistrust each other. It atomizes society. It weakens the social bonds
that make our lives worth living. And into that vacuum grow these violent, intolerant forces. We are a society of altruists, but we are governed by psychopaths. (Applause) But it doesn’t have to be like this. It really doesn’t, because we have this incredible capacity
for togetherness and belonging, and by invoking that capacity, we can recover those amazing
components of our humanity: our altruism and cooperation. Where there is atomization,
we can build a thriving civic life with a rich participatory culture. Where we find ourselves crushed
between market and state, we can build an economics
that respects both people and planet. And we can create this economics
around that great neglected sphere, the commons. The commons is neither market nor state,
capitalism nor communism, but it consists of three main elements: a particular resource; a particular community
that manages that resource; and the rules and negotiations
the community develops to manage it. Think of community broadband
or community energy cooperatives or the shared land
for growing fruit and vegetables that in Britain we call allotments. A common can’t be sold,
it can’t be given away, and its benefits are shared equally
among the members of the community. Where we have been ignored and exploited, we can revive our politics. We can recover democracy
from the people who have captured it. We can use new rules
and methods of elections to ensure that financial power
never trumps democratic power again. (Applause) Representative democracy should
be tempered by participatory democracy so that we can refine
our political choices, and that choice should be exercised
as much as possible at the local level. If something can be decided locally,
it shouldn’t be determined nationally. And I call all this
the politics of belonging. Now, I think this has got
the potential to appeal across quite a wide range of people, and the reason for this
is that among the very few values that both left and right share are belonging and community. And we might mean
slightly different things by them, but at least we start
with some language in common. In fact, you can see a lot of politics
as being a search for belonging. Even fascists seek community, albeit a frighteningly
homogenous community where everyone looks the same
and wears the same uniform and chants the same slogans. What we need to create
is a community based on bridging networks, not bonding networks. Now a bonding network brings together
people from a homogenous group, whereas a bridging network brings together
people from different groups. And my belief is that if we create sufficiently rich and vibrant
bridging communities, we can thwart the urge
for people to burrow into the security of a homogenous bonding community defending themselves against the other. So in summary, our new story could go
something like this. Disorder afflicts the land! (Laughter) Caused by the powerful
and nefarious forces of people who say
there’s no such thing as society, who tell us that
our highest purpose in life is to fight like stray dogs
over a dustbin. But the heroes of the story, us, we’ll revolt against this disorder. We will fight those nefarious forces
by building rich, engaging, inclusive and generous communities, and, in doing so, we will restore harmony to the land. (Applause) Now whether or not
you feel this is the right story, I hope you’ll agree that we need one. We need a new restoration story, which is going to guide us
out of the mess we’re in, which tells us why we’re in the mess
and tells us how to get out of that mess. And that story, if we tell it right, will infect the minds of people
across the political spectrum. Our task is to tell the story
that lights the path to a better world. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
    Till He appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
    A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
    For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

  2. Sounds like he is stumping for Bernie Sanders. Putting the power back in the hands of the people.

  3. Banality of evil flies in the face of “altruism” alone. Humans are ultimately desperately wicked. The only enduring narrative that has done anything close to what you want is Jesus Christ’s message through those who do not pervert it or utilize it as a means for selfish gain.

  4. Absolute babble and void of original substance

  5. If you really want to know the new story, follow @my_self_esteem_ on Twitter. Her story has not been heard any where, because it’s against a major company in Canada, may be you can help. Thanks

  6. Ah yes…Revelation 19. One world govt, currency, groupthink and religion.

  7. Sounds to me he is like a hippy , all good stuff , but he has to unplug people from the tv , radio , and internet ? Good luck with that ?

  8. This is communism. It does not work. Humans are not altruistic. The leap he takes is ridiculous.

  9. God is the story of how we should be. Jesus tells the story on how we should act as humans. There is no room for hatred in this world. Treat others how you want to be treated.

  10. Simply brilliant. People need to believe in something, and a story is a great way as we can see.

  11. On the other hand Hillary Clinton continues eating babies during daily satanic violent orgies with podesta and Obama. Pedovores running all FALSE FLAGS attacks wars Fake news fake pharma GMO's chemtrails crisis actors DemonRats

  12. I think every word he said is plain truth, a shared narrative if I may so say 😛 Even the part that we (worldwide) are too often led by sociopaths and psychopaths (NO, though, I am not saying all politicians: I know many are not at all, but overall there is a sociopathic tendency in State decisions and it is getting worse). The lack of alternative ideology (yoops, story) is clearly lacking. Any mention of social policy is labeled socialist (red scare) and any criticism of capitalism triggers defensive reactions: we are too binary in our thinking. The classical story is good versus bad, but our reality is too complicated or our economies too integrated for those good old stories. Monbiot's compromise is what many have been proposing for a long time, basically focused on sincere and mature democracy. A good number of people are trying to build such cooperative and responsible economics now, but not on a State level. I strongly believe a better democracy is a solution (and also listening to our scientists much much more), but I do not know if Humans can do it… To be followed.

  13. No I don't feel trapped in an economic model, I feel like my average £30k salary puts me into the wealthiest 1% of the global population. Life is pretty good thanks

  14. Have you heard about Democratic Confederalism for a chance

  15. The word story means picture; and every picture tells a story. And, every story draws a picture.

  16. Save yourself the time it’s Andrew Yangs presidential candidacy #yangang

  17. Altruism and capitalism aren't mutually exclusive!

  18. This guy never talked to a trumpist sitting in his living room at Thanksgiving telling you that he/she would happily shoot you (the host of the holiday event, a relative and the homeowner of the house the jerk is sitting in) because you didn't vote for the Great Orange Imbecile.

    Yeah…no turkey for that jerk I'll tell you.

  19. Based on some in-depth polls, including in the USA, I think a critical mass of people share the model and values summarized by Monbiot here, BUT our mass media, with hired demagogues, are excessively neoliberal; practically religious neoliberalism. Our universities also, across the world, teach classical/neoclassic/neoliberal economics ; again they are taught like those theories are unmovable divine pillars of reality. Therefore, while most people see we need a more reasonable and democratic version of our current extreme capitalism, the dominant discourse insist the story not be changed at all. There is a disconnect between mass (commercial) media, even political science in universities, and common sense or popular wisdom. This is changing (not so much in the USA), but I am not very optimistic I admit.

  20. Business = Profit & Loss = Competition ( one's gain is another's loss) = War

  21. 420 likes 69 deslikes

  22. This man just said the problem is that the story always starts with chaos etc. Then he proposes that this is because we are told it's impossible for people to just coexist and "everyone play nice" and that's why the story repeats itself. So he just wasted all our time, as he defeated his own argument. His Utopian dream world will never exist as long as there are corrupt people who rise to the top. At least in a liberal world we have freedom to fight and against the odds end up becoming successful, if you are waiting for everyone to work together and for all evil people to stop chasing power, you are gonna be waiting a long time.

  23. Так, а ну-ка русские сабы организуйте быстро мне

  24. Sounds great. Hows this going to work in our cities packed with tens of millions of people.

  25. Those of you pushing for socialism have nothing to offer. You build nothing. You create nothing. You have nothing of value to put on the table. You are useless eaters and quite frankly the world does not need you. You are well aware of this fact this is why you know your only hope is to set up a system such that those of us that do provide value is forcefully taken from us and placed into your hands. Thumbs down to you parasites.

  26. Irgendwie ansprechend…..einfach mal mitnehmen……

  27. Liberal feelgood nonsense.

  28. A written summary:
    1. Narrative fidelity: we navigate the world and use stories to make sense of it. Facts and figures have no place to replace a story. Only stories can replace stories.

    2. Restoration disorder: This same story pins "disorder against the hero, restoring harmony to the land."
    Keynes: economic elite vs. enabling state
    Neoliberal: mighty state vs. entrepreneur
    Opposite stories with identical narrative structure.

    3. 2008:… No new story! Without a Restoration story, we lose hope and have no purpose to move toward.

    4. A good story should..
    Resonate with deep needs and desires
    Simple, intelligible and
    gounded in reality

    5. Humans are actually amazing at…
    Altruism and urge to cooperate for success. These are the central crucial facts about our species.

    6. However, our current times tell us we should focus on individuality and distrust each other, pushing away from social structure that gives us meaning and purpose.

    7. Solution: A politics of BELONGING and community. Three factors: resource, a community to monitor it, and rules to manage that resource.
    We need local, bridging network (heterogenous people), not bonding networks (homogenous people.)

    Whether you agree this is the RIGHT story, we should agree there needs to BE one. If we tell it right, it will afflict people on every part of the political spectrum.

  29. I've always believed in bridging networks (people with different beliefs together) vs. bonding communities (people with same beliefs). Much of our country lives with only folks of one belief. If we can see they're simply taking care of themselves and their families, same as we are trying to take care of ours, we might see the emotional needs of both groups are the same. We can then meet in the middle, take care of both needs, and be solution oriented. ♥️

  30. I would argue, a new story was developed, essentially by neo-liberals but with a more nationalist flavour (see Trump, Johnson, Farage, Salvini etc). It goes something like this:

    "Disorder afflicts the land, caused by the powerful and nefarious forces of social liberals, who's welcoming of foreigners and stifling of freedom of speech are endangering our livelihoods and trying to change our traditional social order. But the hero of the story, the strong leader, and his traditional political party, will fight these powerful forces, roll back to a better time, and through fostering nationalist values and giving businesses freedom, restore harmony and economic growth to the land."

    Edit: I don't like this story, and would much much prefer the Keynesian story or Monbiot's propoposal here.

  31. Oh yes, such a natural way of being that it has not happened before in all of human history. Brilliant…

  32. Sorry, George…but your part of the story
    that just won't go away, you speak like
    so many others, who spoke before you,
    about the same thing
    only to use different words…

    The story of Man is:
    The Beginning of the End…
    It is the Human Condition…
    Life is the Story of Death…
    It always was, It always is, It always will be…
    and nothing in the universe will change that…

    it's not about how we live, tho we like to think it is
    it's about how we die…this is what makes us different.
    Human history is long, but life is short
    My death has no meaning, it really is the human condition.
    but my life had reason and that is enough for me.

    …and what is so different from your story
    make "it" the bad guy!!! beat "it" up…
    put it in the trash can…
    …out of sight, out of mind???
    you raise the question…
    but you lead us to nowhere
    all talk…no solutions…

    the big question is…
    how do we fix a long term problem
    with only a short term life…

  33. new story: socialism

  34. Who is ready to sacrifice today for future? "This is the real story"
    Anybody? Like this comment if you think you are ready..

  35. How many of us live in autopilot mode? We tend to repeat until major failure , small or big, depend on who is the repeater. 😉

  36. 20 seconds in, my Marxist Malthusian bullshit alarm is blaring.

  37. He belongs at the theater…..

  38. The "leaders of this world" do NOT deserve to rule over better people. There is no "trickle up" theory. This is utter nonsense. A bunch of narcissistic posers desiring to sound better is all TEDX is.


  40. Freedom Dividend!! Money is the bridge.

  41. We don't need a new story. Not when we've already got one that's been tried and true. For thousands of years we Native Americans have lived in harmony with mother earth without money. White man simply has yet to embrace the indigenous story. When he does, he'll know what true joy and freedom is.
    “Upon suffering beyond suffering; the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one." -Crazy Horse

  42. Fictional explanations just fuel ignorance and further the agenda of the wealthy elite by separating the working class from reality. So no. This is hogwash.

  43. he seems to be describing Russian farm and manufacturing cooperatives,.. we have seen where that went … mediocre effort, frustration and alcoholism. Individuals have different energy levels and motivation,.. talents,.. any new system/ story needs to provide compensation for these to the individual,.. this the fair and right response,.. I believe with new AI assisted design and production methods ,.. each family can produce much of what they will need,.. as they see fit and feel is necessary. recycled items will be ground up and reformed into new components. remember that old saying, "be careful not to throught out the baby with the bath water."

  44. It'd be even better if we could somehow get people to stop being such simply-motivated, easy-influenced, and shallow tools so they could, you know, look at stats and figures and see something more important than vague-self-aggrandizing-fantasy-tales.

  45. He is talking about Communism. But labor becomes a commodity so the leaders force labor. It ends with the state being totalitarian. Don't vote for lawyers… vote for people who chose to sacrifice like soldiers, builders, doctors. Lawyers rule you…

  46. Why tell a story when we can actually just make life better instead of trying to always tell a story…

  47. Yawn….nope…i dont want to…like me own kind…i hated school…in school we were forced to sit by people we dont like that called us names and picked on us…eventhough i was voted most talented my senior year i still didnt feel accepted cause i was weird…go shove off…this will never happen no matter how hard you want it to cause what you really deep down want is no one pushing back to be better and thats what drives us in the end is success…success to not be a failure and if we accept failure then whats the point anymore…just dull existance
    ..yawn im bored talking to no one listening

  48. Wait are you telling me that 99.9% of us, most likely including me, don't have everything figured out? GTFO of here! Until now I thought that 49-51% of us have everything figured out and it's so obvious and that the other half is utterly insane. /heavy-sarcasm

  49. A much needed message, thank you sir!

  50. Amazing how many people in the comments are just adding further proof to the talk. People utterly consumed by identity politics.

  51. George Monbiot just didn't get the messages that psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology teach us, he needs to swat up on what Hans Rosling, Jon Haidt and Steven Pinker have explained.

  52. Bravo, Excellent!!!

  53. Speken by the millions who are NOT billionares.
    Be happy with a few fabulously wealthy.
    If the depressed demand change, a smaller number will aquire wealth but some argument will be made that says the situation is better!
    Fewer numbers of billionares will be better, if for no other reason than there will be fewer billionares.
    Some good must have been done!
    The current situation in the west is as good as "it" can get.

  54. Is this video about Andrew Yang?

  55. Politics on TED only has one direction and that is left into socialism, communism and like all communists countries ends in totalitarianism. F….OFF!!!!

  56. Most of the good things mentioned is found in the ruling system in Islam. one example is the tax system called Zakat

    that is build upon helping the boor. You can see this and many more good things in the first Caliphate where the caliphs were living in humble houses and the choice making was held in Al Masjid an Nabawi
    where most of the inhabitants shared in it.

  57. The world is not mucked up. Us humans are mucking the world up.. or rather our minds and myopic virtues.

  58. I Understand his New Story.

  59. I believe this where the New story will begin from. PEOPLE.

  60. Good to see Monbiot on TED! He needs more attention.

  61. Communist. Trash free markets all the while ignoring the faults of collectivism

  62. I loved the beginning of the video. Started to disagree when you said that hayekian economics were applied in near-liberalism.

    We are still in a keynesian world, the hayekian story only began spreading with bitcoin. Before that it was only libertarians that adopted it.

  63. Dr Jordan Peterson explained it very clearly in his book. It is not the model it’s that all hierarchies eventually move capital to the 1% and become corrupted. The purpose of govts Is to legislate and protect against it while providing freedom to the people to move up in the hierarchy. Bush Clinton and Obama stopped this and hurt us.

  64. My hard working money making capitalist sense of well being allows me to be altruistic. European inhabitants love being altruistic ask German, French, Swedish public not the Globalist left wing propagandists. Guardian columnist …enough said.

  65. "where financial power never TRUMPS democratic power again" well played…

  66. This sounds similar to a high school student's term essay. Unrealistic, ideal, and without any actual applicable content.

  67. Y'know it'd be real neat if we decided to deprivatize automated labor and fund a UBI with it. Robotic systems have been displacing human workers for decades – you can argue we will infinitely specialize to stay ahead of the machines, but AI already has a big lead in a lot of fields, and machines have replaced a huge numbers of workers in the automotive and resource extraction industries. As the number of jobs a human is needed for dwindles, why not enjoy the fruits of our collective labor and retire at 25 instead of watching the population starve to death as a handful of billionaires hide in their mega-yachts?

  68. its like everything without the rat race

  69. what an idiot. first sentence: "Do you feel trapped in the broken economic model" What an incredible lier: in just the last 20 years 500 milion people came out of poverty. Thanks to free trade. But no, the guy (moron or evil person in my opinion), addresses the people in the West that is blind for those who came out of poverty and are angry because they had to tighten up a little bit.
    He takes that anger and put it to the evil rich to put his UTOPIAN (lie) political agenda forward.
    Please listen to another leftist statistician: Hans Rosling. At least he confront us with the facts.

  70. George is a wonderful defender of preserving the global environment. His politics I take with a pinch of salt because he is a dyed-in-the-wool ultra socialist who blindly follows the Corbyn doctrine to the exclusion of all else. Global politics are now determined by a pseudo-criminal oligarchy and their resources of absolute wealth are now extremely difficult to overcome short of armed revolution.

  71. "We are a society of alturists governed by psychopaths"
    What a lazy pep talk.

  72. .. and pause for the clapping.

  73. Allotments in the UK should be allotted without people having to rent them, then we can say that they are free of capital. All resources should be shared taking into account each individual’s ability to nurture or sympathetically increase that resource. If we build our societies as if money is no object, or better still with money out of the picture completely, this might help us live abundant, generous lives.

  74. Every system that is created only bolsters the establishment to govern us by new, hollow doctrines and catchphrases. Any new system, any new "story", will only be more of the same.

  75. My story:

    A big problem affects society. (Disorder afflicts the land…)

    It's so big that it may threaten the very survival of the human species.

    It's the obsession with having.

    Having property, having knowledge, having money, having opinions, having rules, having power.

    Anything we cling on, are obsessed with, are afraid to lose and want more and more is poison and kills us as human beings.

    The obsession is killing us, not the object of our obsession.

    I have a vision.

    I see a society where you don't feel bad if you have little.

    Where you are not afraid of losing what you have.

    Where you are allowed and helped to be who you are.

    Where, if you lose what you have, you still are who you are and everyone else is there to help you with being who you are.

    Where everyone is there to help themselves and others to discover who they are.

    Where, when you discover who you are, you find that what you have doesn't matter so much.

  76. If only this guy knew about blockchain technology

  77. You can't resolve the contradictions of capitalism within capitalism.

  78. So at what point are the guillotines deployed…?

  79. Here on our planet, back in the old days—back in the real old days—it was just every man for hisself, scrooblin’ and scrat-scrobblin’ for the good stuff, the greenest valleys, and scrat-scrobblin’. And the strongest, meanest men got the best stuff. They got the green valleys and were like, ‘The rest of you, y'all scrats get sand.’ And that’s when they made the laws, you see. Once the strong guys got it how they like it, they said, ‘This is fair now. This is the law.’ Once they were winning, they changed the rules up.

  80. Myth,narrative ,storys wont brainwash us into immunity.
    Come up with a plan .This isnt gonna get anything or amywhere cause its no substance .

  81. Political you say?
    Me: Takes popcorn and watches the comment section.

  82. Great talk! Separation of money and State would be a good start! That's why Bitcoin (BTC) is so revolutionary! It gives you the option to exit an unjust financial system. And just as he said, it resonates equally with the left and the right. Andreas Antonopoulos explains Bitcoin better than anybody else

  83. Landmark video. All prior narratives start with the ruling nefarious minority. Then let us make the laws not them. Nobody to blame but us. No elections needed. Last story. Finally…

  84. The answer is fascism! Or socialism both works just fine

  85. An amazing message, really well presented! You, sir, gave me back hope, after a decade of depression and anxiety. You made me cry, you gave me back hope for mankind and you restored my sense of purpose as a human being. I am not exaggerating. You've given us a lot to consider, in a much needed humorous way. Thank you sooo very much!!

  86. I have known this for a long time, The rabbit hole of deception goes very deep into our human history.
    I used to get depressed when thinking of the future – then I got some good news after watching a video on Youtube.
    The Youtube video was called "One Small Town" (can change the world).
    It contains a plan for small town communities to transition out of the banking system. Best wishes to all.

  87. To those who found this talk interesting, you may find the societal design specification published for free by the auravana project very interesting and addative (or just complementary), as it specifies and explains more fully a community-type socity.

  88. Everyone must wake up spiritually…only then will exploitation cease

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