The New Day vs. The B-Team: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 24, 2019

The New Day vs. The B-Team: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 24, 2019

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  1. 1:15 it looks more like social outcasts thing or Bo Dallas also used it in when he debuted in main roster in 2014.

  2. Is big E bringing out his gay side?

  3. Big E never fails to make people laugh.1:19 made me go LMAO!

  4. I'm so really hate the new day gimmicks! It's for kiddy show and not for wrestling fans to watch.

  5. Mr.Perfect's son is being booked terribly awful 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. B team are not serious they are like Smart Jokers

  7. Congratulations to New day

  8. B- Team they can fight well when they will put some jokes a part

  9. Big E followed the damn train lol

  10. Really its obvious who was gonna win wow wtf thats why im watching aew now

  11. Why havent WWE let those two go yet, B Team suck!

  12. The New Day deserve better. :/

  13. Why is Xavier wearing elf shoes?

  14. Well, The New Day is drawing to a close now. At least in theory. I think they need to split. Mainly because I want to see what they're made of as individuals. Woods has a high chance of being a prosperous cruiserweight. Don't quote me on that. And Big E need some Big Gold, so, when is that gonna happen. Big E versus Lesnar would have you catching chills. Not to downplay Kingston, but, that hype train came and went.

  15. A match with a twist of comedy

  16. Yeah no one cares anymore…

  17. So we got Bray Wyatt who's new gimmick, The Fiend, is possibly the best gimmick in wwe history then we got his little brother Bo Dallas of the B-Team

  18. How b team turned heel

  19. B team vs The miz Tourage…make it happen

  20. Why do the jobbers of wwe let them selves be jobbers

  21. Why’s axel still doing the floss

  22. B Team without the miz

  23. Big E is soo happy lmao

  24. Yo, is it me, or did Xavier woods get jacked???

  25. Mr Perfect's son flossing in the ring smh

  26. 1:50 Big E doesn't keep it pg with that pin, lol!

  27. Curtis Axel looks like Taichi in the thumbnail

  28. I had really forgot that B-team still exists

  29. If The B Team were actually in shape they might get a serious push.

  30. The New Day win The B-Team.

  31. I wanna see bo Dallas get a championship push

  32. The new day need to stay together they are heros to everyone and great for kids to look up to and watch the new day are heros to kids they are a great tag team

  33. Well, at least they made the b team look strong…

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