The Miz vs. Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 2, 2019

The Miz vs. Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 2, 2019

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  1. Man wtf y’all doing my favorite wrestler dirty


  3. How about giving him a push for U.S. title? It could be a 5 star classic between Styles and Cesaro

  4. Cesaro lost to Miz??? Damn he fell off!

  5. How the hell does someone like Cesaro have a losing streak

    – Mojo JoJo


  7. Still got Miz using Daniel Bryan moveset

  8. Cesaro looked pale at the end

  9. Who saw the 40 spin on nxt

  10. Those uppercuts always connect with the chest and not the jaw

  11. No 24/7 champ today?

  12. I don't like this ref

  13. Cesaro deserves so much better

  14. Cesaro had a Great future that's why he is losing all the matches

  15. No one clapped for the miz 😂😂

  16. mix better win the IC champion because wwe has been not giving him a push he deserves

  17. this match is pointless

  18. Cesaro is perminitly needs going to nxt uk seriously.

  19. Cesaro debe considerar en irse a AEW xd

  20. Stop wasting Cesaro he’s a good wrestler

  21. Where was the crowd?

  22. Cesaro is a great example of patience and perseverance.

  23. cesaro gets a punch from a 6 years old girl still lose 1 2 3

  24. Cesaro
    GOES AEW!!!!!!

  25. Cesaro is fantastic.STOP make him lose

  26. I'm f*ckin' tired of watching Cesaro lose.

  27. When it comes to Cesaro in WWE, it sucks that he has a losing streak…

  28. I have a suspicious feeling that WWE want Cesaro to quit…

  29. What did Cesaro do to deserve this wwe??? Just curious

  30. They need to give Cesaro a belt like intercontinental or United States championship even a wwe title shot

  31. This match surprised me Cesaro was dominating most of the match.Why did Miz win and is getting a IC Title Shot Cesaro should be getting a shot

  32. Cesaro, the definition of no creative direction

  33. How the hell you send Cesaro to Compete in the NXT UK special. He has an Amazing match with some kid. And you repay him by getting beat in the ring by the Miz??

    WWE baffles me. Cesaro deserves so much better. He’s a Company Man who does his job and gets no reward for it.

  34. I started watch Tom and Jerry back…. Cozz WWE is gonna so boring……. It's looks so fake…….

  35. I'm tired of the miz using Daniel Bryan moveset

  36. Cesaro should leave

  37. Who Likes Cesaro?
    Like The Miz
    Comment Below Cesaro

  38. wtf wwe doing to cesaro

  39. Look closely cesaro head never hit the ring😂😂 fake

  40. Not a fan of Miz ,but glad he wins .I hope he get to Shane and give him a wipping .

    Vince in Twitter: “Yes I heard you :)”
    Monday Night Raw: Cesaro loses clean to Miz.


  42. What‘s the point of this match and Cesaro‘s lost?

  43. Cesaro should leave WWE… They don't deserve a talented wrestler like him

  44. Just make atleast
    Miz Vs nakamura Vs cesaro for IC championship 😑😑

  45. Cesaro should stay in NXT UK

  46. Get to AEW ASAP Cesaro!

  47. Send Cesaro To NXT UK

  48. In NXT UK Cesaro pulls off a 5 stars match. In WWE he loses to… The Miz.

  49. Cesaro should get a title opportunity

  50. Why does the miz look like a bootleg Chris Jericho?

  51. this 2 feuding us title in 2013 do you remember?

  52. dont use cesaro as a jobber….

  53. I hate how miz still uses the yes kicks I mean Daniel Bryan is not retired and it just dosent make plain sense

  54. Let's talk about Corbin while cesaro and miz are wrestling

  55. miz is boring to watch, rikishi has better athleticism than him, btw cesaro is better that this

  56. Yep, just keep BURYING Cesaro. I literally had no doubt that Miz was gonna win

  57. I feel like I'm watching that 2013 match between The Miz and Jack Swagger.

  58. Wwe just tell us when you give Cesaro a f**king PUSH?

  59. Miz is starting to forget how to wrestle!

  60. The Miz has gotten better and I love the lets go Miz chants

  61. Mg mf F f ele L cl f mm fwenñcnoekwfčwfoekk fv ff e gl ff k ñr💟

  62. Why does WWE prefer this method? I'm sick of…
    But I know Shinsuke is the best. Shinsuke is the best in the world‼ Shinsuke is the Awesome in the world‼

  63. After NXT UK Cardiff, this goes to show that Vince doesn’t know how to use most talent

  64. So basically this match happen. So the announcers can talk about other stuff.

  65. From Swiss Superman to Swiss Cyborg. He got downgraded, that's why he is in a losing streak.

  66. Two of the most underrated workers doing excellent work… sucks the crowd wasn’t more into it.

  67. Cesaro plz leave wwe u r very talented wrestling skills but wwe just waste ur talent u must go in aew

  68. Why is cesaro still losing matches in 2019

  69. Will Cesaro get to be WWE Champion if he puts on a wet hair wig, a bulletproof vest and genetically modified sweat glands.

  70. 2:00 jajajajajajajaaj todo arreglado

  71. Cesaro needs to leave WWE

  72. We need like 2-3 more titles cause of the amount of people taking loses when they need to be winning

  73. Ceasaro Needs a voluntary retirement from wwe..

  74. What happened to superstar shake up cause miz is on raw and shin is on smack down like why

  75. Cesaro getting buried by someone he easily outwrestled

  76. bir zaman gelir the miz de gider cesero da gider kardeşler sheamus ta gider randy de gider efsaneler gittimi artık tadı kalmadı smackdownun

  77. Hey Vince, If you don't want to push him on the mainroster then send him to Nxt or Nxt uk where He could be a respected champion, just watch him at Takeover Cardiff against Dragunov, it was awesome. Why the hell would Somebody bury such an amzing athlet

  78. Cesaro is way better than that. He shouldn't have had to lose to the wiz.

  79. Can't remember wen the last time saw the neutralizer by cesaro

  80. I really like the miz, but I'm also upset cesaro lost

  81. please Mere YouTube channel ko support karo mera naya YouTube channel please main bahut mehnat kar rahi mere channel ko subscribe kar do

  82. main aap Logon ki best friend Ban jaaungi

  83. I get Miz needed some momentum but why waste Cesaro like this? Was there no one else in the back who could have done this instead so Cesaro could be working on another great match? Was No Way Jose busy? Could one member of Lucha House Party not be bothered? Cesaro deserves better.

  84. Fixed match😵😵😵

  85. WWE championship deserves cesaro

  86. Just get out of there Cesaro, WWE's not worthy of you, not even close.

  87. The miz's wrestling style has not evolved since 2010

  88. When i see cesaro loss it makes me sick🤬🤬🤬

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