The Knockouts Continue as the Artists Are Star-Struck Over Mega Mentor Taylor Swift – The Voice 2019

The Knockouts Continue as the Artists Are Star-Struck Over Mega Mentor Taylor Swift – The Voice 2019

-Get ready for the knockouts! -I’m the team to beat, I’m just
say– I’m just bein’ real. Keepin’ it real and honest,
you’re welcome, America. -Well, I have the most
incredible team, that’s literally gonna lose
their minds. -Oh, really? Man!
-As soon as they see you. -Aah! Oh, my God!
-I knew it! I knew it! -Hello!
-I don’t know why I felt like it was gonna be her,
she was lookin’ good, she had that bad suit on, honey. I hugged her,
felt like money. It was just amazin’. -She just represents, like,
all the women of today, and, like,
she’s just truly herself, and I look up to that so much. -What’s up, y’all,
this is Taylor! Look at her!
-Taylor Swift! -Basically, y’all win for
greatest mega-mentor ever, so, you’re welcome!
-I’m not one to get starstruck, but there’s famous, then there’s
Taylor Swift famous. -I usually have one of her CDs
on repeat all day, every day. -Oh! -That’s not for me.
-Hi! -They never react like that when
it’s just me. -No, it’s your outfit,
it’s incredible. -I was so starstruck walking in
there, like, “Oh, my gosh,
that is Taylor Swift.” -Whoa, this is so weird,
oh, my gosh! Wow! Okay! She knows exactly what she’s
doing in this industry, and I want to be where she’s at
right now. -Look who’s here!
-This is cool. Whoa-ho! You’re Taylor Swift. Please don’t make me sing
in front of you. -Hey, what’s up?
-I used to have pictures of her on my wall.
-Hey. -Oh, snap! -Boom!
-I was completely blown away. One of the best songwriters of
our time. -All the feels. She’s so
impressive as a songwriter, when she goes through hard
times, she says, “I’m gonna make
a hit out of it now.” -My God!
-What’s up, y’all?! Taylor Swift is here!
-Hi, guys. -I’m freaking.
-I did not expect to meet Taylor Swift — I was
scared to look at her, that’s how amazing it was. -Taylor Swift is somebody that I
look up to so much as a songwriter, and to
be able to bond a little bit over songwriting was
really incredible. -Oh, Lord!
Freakin’ Taylor Swift! -Hello.
-Hey, I’m Taylor. -For me, Taylor was a great
mega-mentor. She started off in country, and now she’s crossed over to
the pop genre. -This is crazy.
-And she a mega-hit in pop. -What…
-Hi. -I’m shaking, literally.
-This is what we call a mega-mentor.
-Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I
would even, like, touch Taylor Swift, let alone be
in the same room as her. -To have them both in a room,
like, legends, literally, crazy. -Can you believe
this is happening? -Hey, guys, what’s up? -I was excited, I almost wanted
to, like, run off the stage. -She’s very versatile, she kinda
does a little bit of everything, she does it all well,
she’s incredible. -All right, come on out, ladies.
-Yeehaw. -What’s up,
this is Taylor Swift. -Hello.
-Look at her. -I’m freakin’ out! The day I met Taylor Swift —
Nice to meet you! Literally one of my favorite
people since I was, like, freaking this tall. -You look so pretty. I mainly relate to her
as a songwriter because she’s so not afraid to
just put her feelings out there, and whatever she feels, she just
says it, and I love that. -Yay, who’s next?
-That was it. -Oh, my God, congratulations,
you’re the trick. -That’s amazing.

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