The Hosts of Ridiculousness Play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ | Ridiculousness

The Hosts of Ridiculousness Play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ | Ridiculousness

– Here we go, little thing
called rock, paper scissors. – Yeah.
– Okay, ready? – Wait how do you play? ‘Cause some people play
one, two, three shoot. – One, two, three shoot. – Okay, okay let’s go. – Got you! – [Audience Member] Woo! – Got you! – No, you did not! (crowd laughing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh uh, yeah, yeah. I’mma tell you what, I love victory, okay? (laughing) Because in this little
category right here, nothing beats rock. Take a look. (rock music) Look, nothin’ beats rock (mumbles). (groaning) – That was still best case scenario. I was afraid. – [Rob] Nothin’ beats rock. Ah (beep), snowboardin’ and rocks. Where is it? It’s right here. What year is it? ’74? – Ow! – What the (beep) Wonder Years cameo? – And before the skateboard
ramp was ever invented, we used to ride rocks! (glass breaking) (crowd groans) Okay, okay. – You know what? I think it knocked him out and then woke his ass back up. It hit him twice! He got knocked out right here. – [Rob] He’s like out. – [Steelo] He’s out. And then it hits him
again and he’s like aight. – [Rob] He’s back up. – [Steelo] What’s goin’ on? Where we at? (laughing) – [Rob] Just me and the sunlight. Sunset my strength. (crowd groaning) Ah man. – It’s so beautiful though. You gotta keep the shot. – All this muscle and so much pain. But my silhouette looks amazing, bro. There you have it for nothing beats rock. (crowd cheering) I feel like you fall into
two categories in life. Either you love to play with food or you don’t, okay? Where do you guys stand? – I don’t love to play with food – Who plays with food? – I love to eat it.
– You tryna tell me you don’t get a full
pizza and ask for it uncut when it gets to your
house so you can spin it on your finger for awhile? – No.
– You’ve never done that. – Yeah, I’ve asked for a non-cut pizza, – No you don’t.
– Shows up still warm but stiff, right because it’s been cooked, and I just send it for awhile. – I’m havin’ a hard time believing this. – And then I set it down there and then I have a pizza
cutter that’s this wide that I can double hand
it and I break, break, break, break. – Do you have one of those for real? – Okay, look. Did that look like a guy
that didn’t have one? You know what I’m sayin’? Pop, pop, pop, pop. – No bull(beep). It did excite the (beep) out of me just seein’ you do, I was like, oh (beep). – I’m a man that’s not afraid to play with his food with purpose, okay? Just like everybody in
this category, food is fun. Take a look. (hip hop music) Oh, Debbie it worked! – Oh, she was suckin’
it in so much at first. – [Rob] I told you workin’
out was gonna pay off. – Did my core exercise for the day. – [Rob] This is what I’m
talking about right here. – [Steelo] This is not you. I mean, he’s really good. – [Rob] He’s gifted, man. That’s a guy that cooks
pizza for a living. – [Steelo] There any
toppings on that pizza? – [Rob] Not yet. – If he make the whole
pizza in the crowd, fam! – He is, and he’s gonna
use a glow stick to cook. (laughing) Here we go. Oh yeah! – But who gon’ eat that? – Somebody that loves golf. – What do you mean? It’s gonna burn off the germs. – I’m not tryna have you
golf my (beep), period. – How germy is a golf club anyway? – Pretty germy, it’s pretty germy. – [Rob] Oh Lord, oh come on, Deborah. (crowd gasps) – Bruh. – [Woman] Oh my. And she put it in ice? – She brought it with her? She did not bring her own Polish. Bikers in the back put his head down. – [Rob] She does like a little thing like woop woop. – [Steelo] I mean her
profile’s worth hammer time on Christian Mingle. – [Rob] It’s just Debbie. I bring a wiener to every bar party. You meet somebody and they say, oh I’m not like those other guys or I’m not like that other girl. – They’re exactly like all
those other guys and girls. – Now, if you hear someone
say that, is it a red flag? – You gotta go full force
once you hear a girl say that. (laughing) ‘Cause you understand she’s
just like the other girl, so you’re good. – Oh, oh okay, okay. – When girls say that you like oh this gonna be easy work right here. – Well look, this is a
ladies only category, right? – [Steelo] Okay. – Because there are different
types of ladies, okay? And some are incredibly unique. They have different styles, they go to a very, very exclusive level that we like to refer to
as limited edition ladies. Take a look.
(laughing) (techno music) – Have you ever done a sinus rinse before? (groaning) – What the (beep)? What did we just watch? – Done a sinus rinse before? – It kinda way was amazing. – [Rob] I’m one of a kind! I love mayo. – [Chanel] Oh my God, that’s mayo? (laughing) – [Steelo] What is that? Oh my God. – It’s great mayo! – It’s like she gettin’ burped. – [Rob] There ya go, Deb. Uh oh, uh oh! (laughing) – ‘ Cause I’m the duct tape titty queen. – A cyclopes titty! – I’m the duct tape queen. – Imagine making one titty, that’s crazy. The togetherness of those titties. – [Girl On Screen] Hello? – Oh she at the store?
– How you doin? Oh you don’t wanna be in my live? – [Rob] No. – Oh, so he duckin’. – Yeah, he’s duckin’ the duct tape titty. All right, that’s it
for our episode today! Thank you to Steelo Brim
and Chanel West Coast! I’m Rob Dyrdek, we’ll see you
next time on Ridiculousness!

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