The hidden FOOD PARADISE at Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok!

The hidden FOOD PARADISE at Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok!

Hello everyone, good morning from Bangkok.
I hope you are all doing great. Today we take you to Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is mostly famous for its huge shopping choices. But we’ve heard that there are also quite a lot of nice restaurants and snack vendors. So we’ve picked a few of them, and we’ll check if they are really as good as they say. It’s very easy to get to Chatuchak Market. Just take the MRT to Chatuchak Park Station, and the market is right on the opposite side of the park. – Very delicious, coconuts. Straws. – Welcome to Chatuchak Market. It’s Sunday and very busy.
Both tourists and locals buy everything from clothes, furniture and cups.
You can really find anything here. It’s already 1pm, so I suggest we go to the other side because most of the restaurants are over there. – Voila. – Okay, we’ll start at the first restaurant, Viva 8. Here we’ll eat American Style Fried Rice. There are beans, chicken, shrimp and New Zealand shell. Mmh. The chicken meat is okay, very delicious. It’s very well cooked. And now the New Zealand shell.
I eat it with rice. Very delicious. – Mmh. The rice is really crunchy. This was already pretty good and won’t be easy to beat for the second place:
The Pad Thai restaurant. – Okay, this is Pad Thai Rua. There are two big shrimps. And there are also a few smaller shrimps.
River shrimp or sea shrimp – I’m not sure. That’s awesome, very delicious. The noodles are sticky and soft. – And like always when eating Pad Thai,
don’t forget to add some peanuts. – Okay and now to the highlight – River Prawn. Mmh, so delicious.
The texture is strong and even a little crunchy. – Okay Da, now we have two choices. Either we have a beer in the popular Gate 2 Bar, or we go for coffee and cake.
What would you prefer? – Hmm.. I want to drink a coffee. – Coffee, okay.
Then I think we have to walk this way. – Here, I found it. (Da is ordering coffee) If you order a Hot Americano,
you have to wait 4 minutes. – Unfortunately they don’t have cakes here at Koko Drip, but that’s no problem because they are specializing in good coffee, which comes from Northern Thailand. – Okay. I have ordered an Iced Americano. Let’s see how it tastes. Wow, this is good. Strong. And.. it smells well. – Chatuchak Market is the biggest market in Thailand. There are more than 15,000 vendors. And now we are in the animal area. The animals are all alive. – Look at this. This fish is very expensive. 65,000 Baht. – Wow. Somewhat cheaper are these smaller fish. One of them costs only 10 Baht. Oh, look Da. Our lunch restaurant from today has changed to a bar. It’s not very easy to walk from the one side of the market to the other with losing your orientation.
The market is huge. Okay, it’s 6:30pm now. Most of the shops are closing at this time. So I would say it’s time for a final meal. – This is ice tea. Wow, tastes very nice. A little sour, a little sweet. Okay, we’ll start with the
Crispy Fish in Hot and Sour Soup. There is mushroom and fried fish. And there is also chili and spices – galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Mmh. Very delicious. It has a slightly sour taste to it. And also a little bit spicy from the chili. The next dish, stir fried mixed vegetables. And there’s also a black mushroom. This is baby corn. Mmh. The taste is okay. – Mmh. Outside crunchy, and inside really nice and strong meat. – If you like it more spicy you can add some chili. Mmh. Let’s taste it again. This tastes even better. – Okay. Even though we’ve already visited Chatuchak Market before, but usually only for shopping. Today our focus was really on the food. We hoped you enjoyed the video. Like always, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel
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  1. Wow Genial, Video zweisprachig. Jetzt kann ich eure schönen Berichte mit meinem Schatz teilen. Sie hat halt am liebsten Thai, bitte mehr davon.
    Das Angebot ist ja wieder soo lecker das ich das beim Abendessen schauen musste, dann sabberts weniger 😂😂😂 wieder ein tolles Video mehr, ihr macht auch Lust wieder mal nach Bangkok zu kommen. Danke ihr zwei Lieben. Fröhliche Grüße aus Chiang Rai
    Renato 🤩

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