– So, what you’re about to see is a really interesting interaction. A lovely lady that I kind
of spoke on the stage after my talk, and then,
came up and got a book. Then, she came back and kudos to her to ask some questions about her business. As you guys know, normally
I’m giving one or two quick answers ’cause I don’t
have time unfortunately, in settings like this, but
something caught my attention, and I dig into the details and get into some of the
kind of questions I would ask if I were with you and
kind of the questions that I would hope that
you’re asking yourself as you’re trying to figure out
why something’s not working. – I’m going to tell you my
story, if I can take over? I’m running a food truck. I’m not the market here. I’m startup. The reason why I’m here is you. I’d never know what this market is for. I learned a lot today. My story is I had one truck one
year ago, American barbecue. Nobody knows about the barbecue. – Here? – I’m talking about 100 kilometers out. It runs really good, really good. And then, think big, take the market. I bought another one and another one. Then … – Got stretched. – My revenue … – You moved too fast. – I moved too fast. Now, I’m at the bottom and I don’t know what was wrong. – You’re not sure why it happened? – No, actually not. Is it the market? Was my message not clear enough? My product is good. – So let me help you. – My product is good. – Let me help you a little bit. Let me help you. – Please. – The first thing I would do to … First of all, I love you for being honest. To say, “I don’t know what went wrong,” is very important, very powerful. If you go backwards, the
first thing I would do, like if I was buying 50% of your company. Now, we’re partners. I would say, okay, first
meeting, 9 a.m., 7 a.m., you know, first meeting,
“Tell me everything.” Tell me what you did, everything you did when you were running one truck. Then, tell me what you did,
you, you when you had three. My belief is that when you had one all the energy was going in one places which means you were going
further down the line, deeper and somewhere in there was
the most important thing that you had to not be able to do when you became the manager of three. That’s it. That’s it. I’m telling you, what’s
very exciting for me to be– – So what is now the advice? To go back to one? – Probably, probably. – To focus or to go to diversity? – Or. – Say, “Okay, I’m selling Italian pizza?” – No, no, no, definitely not that. Definitely not that. – Italian pizza is good. – Respect, respect. – Yeah, but I’m a barbecue person. – Definitely, definitely not diversity. Definitely not. – Okay. – If it worked at one,
it would work at 100. You stopped doing something at three that you used to do at one that became the vulnerability. So did you used to be
the front of the truck? – Yeah, a lot more of course. – Great. Now, you’re not. You can’t be in three trucks. – No. – So the next question
becomes are the two people that are the front of the
truck not the kind of people that people want to buy barbecue from? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. – It might be one of the problem. – Next, you can take a step back. I believe you the quality of the food, but everything I would ask:
was the food consistent? Did you have the same exact ingredients? Do you have like all that? Probably yes ’cause that’s not that hard. – Yeah, sure. – But maybe not. Maybe you had a little less this. Maybe you had a spread. I don’t know what your allocation. – We did some adjustments to the recipes and to the portions and
so on, but it’s normal. We were stocked up, we did
mistakes, we corrected. – I get it, but– – But the market punished
me with no revenue and now I’m there and I don’t know. Do I sell? Do I keep going? I am working, working, working
and it’s not going better. – Understood. So, let’s go back. The number one truck, did
it stay in a certain area? – Yeah. – Does it still stay in that certain area? – Yes. – Is it still doing the
same revenue or down? – The one truck is doing good revenue. The other two, they are
not meeting expectation. – Understood. Your overhead is greater
than what you’re getting? – My assumption was one
truck is doing revenue X, three trucks is going to do– – Three X. – Three Xs. That was wrong. – Let me ask you a question. – Why is it wrong? – I got an idea. Can you type in the address where you park the cars? – Yeah. – Go ahead, type it in. Yeah, I mean, it goes so detailed. That’s how you win. It’s in the trenches. – Yeah, that’s the right one. – Okay, I’m gonna show you something. – Yeah? – Everyday what time do
the trucks start operating? – 11:30 to two o’clock and then on the weekend
you know when we are out. – Good. I’m gonna show you something
that I want you to do. I want you to click this everyday. Everyday. You have Instagram, right? – Mmm hmm. – Okay, so this is that
town that you’re in, right? – [Lady] Right here. – I want you to click
the photo of the person. So you’ll get the person, right? I want you to send a message. Do you know how to do that? – [Lady] Of course. – [Gary] You sure? I want to make sure you get this. When you go on somebody’s
profile, the button’s up here. – [Lady] Okay, send message. – [Gary] And then send message. – [Lady] Okay. (clicking) – [Gary] Saw your profile. Come by my truck today
from 11:00 to two o’clock and I’ll give you a free barbecue. I want you to do that ten times to 20 times every single day. – [Lady] Okay. – It’s my belief that … Now, pay attention to what I showed you. I’m gonna go a little slower. When you go to a town and
when you get to your phone maybe you can even say the street so it could be even closer. When you go there, what
it shows you on Instagram is the nine posts that
are the most popular and then in order the people
that did it the most recent. – [Lady] I don’t see your influencer. – See, she did this 13 minutes ago. So either it’s people that
are right there right now or it’s people with bigger
influence who are there. I could tag myself
here, but then I’m gone. But if you look, she has 3000 followers. Maybe she lives there. If you message her and say, “I
like your Instagram profile. “I like Instagram. “My food truck is here. “Come by and I’ll give
you free lunch today.” I believe one in every
10 will come everyday and I believe that. – 10% catching rate is
a real dream for me. – But you’re giving it for free. Hear me out. One in every 10 will come and
then one in every 10 of those, ’cause you’re not gonna ask, is gonna post and say, “Delicious.” I believe that that is worth 30 minutes of your time everyday. Here’s why. My numbers could be totally wrong. Four out of every 10 could come and three out of every
10 of those could post, but here’s what’s more important. One post. You get the right girlfriend
of a soccer player, you get the right influencer, one post can change
your business overnight. – Thank you. – That’s one little tactic
that I want you to do. It will work. – Okay, but I’ll keep my three trucks. I’m not going back to one. – So I know I’m going macro. On the micro, you know, for me, me. If you sold one of your
trucks and went to two, I would look at the math of
what that would look like. Intuitively, I’m not ready to make a call. I’d have to look at your
business more carefully. Intuitively, two feels right. – Yeah, but then I have
to go back to the base. Then, I have to do all the work because I don’t have enough
money to pay somebody to do. – And three does that for you? – Yeah, would be if they
would get the revenue. – But they don’t. – They don’t. – So how close are you to the revenue? – I don’t know, 30%. – To 30 of the 100%? – Yes. – What are you doing to market? Anything? – I have Facebook, we have 5000 plus or almost 6000 followers. – What about Instagram? – No. – Instagram. – Instagram is the key? – You have to understand why. Facebook, when you post something 1% of the audience sees it organically. Instagram is 40% organic. – But Instagram is taking pictures, taking photos and posting. – Or video. – I have to go out and take pictures. I have to go out and do the photos. – No you don’t. – Or do I have to pay
somebody to do it for me? – Nope. You’re sitting in the truck
and you take a picture or take a picture of the meal or take a picture of the line or take a picture of one person or take a picture of the flowers that are across the
street from your truck. Build a micro-local presence ’cause you have a micro-local business. – Yeah. – Interview people maybe. This might not come natural to you, but maybe at first, slow. – Am I too old for this? (laughs) – 100% not. – I don’t know. – 100% not. – A lot of people are saying
to me, “Oh, you are annoying me “with lot of posts on
Facebook and so on and so on.” – Instagram. – Okay, Instagram and then influencers. I’ll let you know. – Let me know. (laughs) – I’ll let you know.
– Good luck. – Thank you very much.
– So good to see you. (light music)

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