‘The Five’ reacts to Overstock CEO’s explosive Russia probe claims

‘The Five’ reacts to Overstock CEO’s explosive Russia probe claims

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  1. Fox is fake news
    How quickly you forget
    These are allegations not factual information from empirical evidence
    Wake up America

  2. Well guess he’s dead

  3. I'm so glad you are doing this show. I had to give up late night comedy because they stopped being funny as soon as Trump got elected so now I get my comedy fix from you. Maybe you should find another liberal to help juan. He seems overwhelmed.

  4. Juan is 3 years behind. Sean Hannity, from Juan's own channel, has been following this for 3 years. Democrats have a problem with the truth. They just ignore it..

  5. Good reason to investigate Seth Rich.

  6. Byrne said he put his trust in a known lier, AG Barr. And Bam! his, contingent, credability goes out through the window.

  7. Quit calling the treasonous coup organizers the deep state! They are traitors to this country that need to be arrested and publically executed for crimes against our country. Period the end! If not then we the people will start our own spying against a worthless government!

  8. so we know why fbi will not give up page and strokes emails still to this day..wrey needs to go

  9. Yeah! They know us too, and we are all being tested for our Grace 🤔✌😇🙏🇱🇷🤓💖 America
    Truth Seekers

  10. This is not J. Edgar Hovers G Men. The F.B.I. has basically become Goons for hire. The F.B.I. and ATIFA and the Red Flag 🚩 Laws all blended together look too similar.

  11. I think he's got BALLS

  12. Bet he’s found after he “commits suicide”

  13. Everything is a joke to this guys, especially that guy in the middle, always looking like his suffering from malnutrition.

  14. She is not a spy. The government didn’t charge her as a spy.


  16. Hell die in a plane crash in a week. That's how they do the rich ones.

  17. Amazing how everyone tap dances around mentioning Obama as the one who politically weaponized the FBI, DOJ and intelligence apparatus. With the Clintons, not against them.

  18. Everyone gives the Clintons WAY too much credit. Neither of them are that smart.

  19. Why does Juan say, "Byrne was forced to resign."? Byrne made the personal choice to resign.

  20. Sometimes only the crazy ones are crazy enough speak truth to power. I say make the state prove him wrong!

  21. Hillary is bring down Comey+… she's a bitter fruit! Isn't it obvious?

  22. Anyone who knows anything about intelligence work (and you can read books on it direct from former CIA employees) understand that what Byrne is describing is exactly how the CIA and FBI work and have always worked.
    Barr and the other investigations are closing in around the conspirators and we're going to see a lot more of the lower tier personnel start to jump ship and try to save themselves while the higher echelon attempt to circle the wagons. Be prepared for a lot more "Epstein" suicides, car accidents, and small plane crashes involving key witnesses.

  23. Uhhh! The poor guy could be Arkancided for what he knows. You''d be a little 'off' yourself when facing the Deep State. It's not a joke; his life is in danger for coming forward like this.

  24. why not go to Congress where he can be sworn in and make his statement on national television under oath he can go through
    all the proper channels that are now under Republican control and it would be all good but there is no reason to make any further theories until it is under oath and can be thoroughly investigated as a whistleblower by Barr but you people are pathetic to hash and rehash this bs I find it odd that a few days after struck and McCabe file a lawsuit against the FBI this crap is circulated all over the place but at this point name dropping oligarchs is not a good look also Barr is investigating Comey don't you trust him to handle the situation and clean the swamp instead of having to rely on this very suspicious character pursuing this expounding on theories is making you guys look really little and unimpressive

  25. All of these politicians that they mentioned would not be favorable to the FBI either by personality or misdeeds. If it comes out that the FBI were the bad actors I believe this would be a key factor in healing the divided nation

  26. And what it all boils down to is president Trump was cleared of obstruction & collusion with Russia but the stranger thing is Hillary was the one working with Russia and as soon as Durham and Barr gets thru I HOPE AND PRAY her her husband, Comey and the rest of that gang are behind bars…but watching politics for decades and never seeing nobody in the upper echelon of politics being charged & convicted I’m really not all that hopeful….

  27. The movie the Net with Sandra Bullock and Mel Gibson …come to mind…..

  28. If its out there on MSM its a deflection exercise…..

  29. His story is very consistent from interview to interview, This is the mark of truth. No one can keep all those details straight.

  30. They are trying to cover up for Hillary Clinton! She is guilty for her part in the sedition!

  31. He doesnt need a lawyer he needs a steel room that has tons of cameras so when he commits the unexpected suicide someone will see it.
    Also it's funny this comes right after the Epstein surprise suicide, well it was a surprise to Epstein anyway.

  32. The five clowns. This isn’t news, or serious commentary. Bread and circuses.

  33. Patrick Byrne is Telling the TRUTH MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA GOAL is to ASSASSINATE his CHARACTER.

  34. If this were real, it would never have been on fox or cnn

  35. Someone, told someone, something. Promise.

  36. Treason charges needed to be handed down immediately.

  37. As soon as he mentioned Hillary among the real victims I knew this was some kind of psych op. Plus every time he was asked a question, he had to keep looking down to his left before he would answer.

  38. Ya cause this guy is such a heartthrob with his movie star good looks and Adonis body

  39. Stinks like Bilderberg Group type shenanigans. (*adjusts foil hat*)

  40. With respect, your not listening to what he said!!! He said that the FBI was delivering the walking orders on behalf of the top guys…. above the FBI… if the media tries to discredit his story… I’d wonder just who is directing you?? Why would he drop out of his company if this is bs? Smart people know the deep state is pulling strings and pushing buttons… however we’re sick of the corruption and waiting for justice! Stop the propaganda! Please

  41. Still trying to figure out who he is accusing of doing what to who?

  42. Covering for obamahell/Clinton’s

  43. Peter is a CIA officer after all… what's so surprising?

  44. Why hasn’t he name real names

  45. FBI should be terminator

  46. Ok working with obamahell and Clinton’s

  47. Jesus H Christ these people are f**** idiots no wonder we have to rely on alternative media

  48. Notice Juan only says Clinton?

  49. Hope warren buffet was ok with this guy implicating him in all this. He made it clear he told him everything and that’s why warren urged him to tell someone. Lol. Warren buffet sitting at home watching Fox News like you IDIOT!! 🤦🏻‍♂️. I told you not to tell anyone you brought this to me 😂😂. Great friend. Yea. I just showed a bunch of my best friends information others have died just for knowing. No big deal.

  50. I predict he will be found murdered by suicide in the new month or so.

  51. Uh oh…. someone just made the suicided list.

  52. Blah, blah blah, nice of you all to let juan lie about him being forced to resign. He stated emphatically on Fox he resigned willingly because of the retaliation from the left and liers like juan :)_;

  53. What do ya bet this CEO ends up dead?

  54. He's already lied to the wrong person and they ripped his lips off.

  55. I am so sick of still hearing about this story…….that seems to never end. They have all gotten away with this for way too long. It's like reading a book that you can never get to the last chapter to find out who the killer is. If you watch Fox News at all, you already have a good idea of what happen and who was involved. The problem is, the players have not been indicted or arrested to make the corrupt MSM cover it in an honest way. Surely to God, this book will have the last chapter published soon. Trump deserves closure on this illegal attempted coup.

  56. I do not believe the part where patric byrnes "claims" that he didnt know what he was doing. He called the fbi 3 times they told him to take 2 tylenol and dont call me in the morning . suddenly the russiagate hoax begins 2015 and the men in black lololol 😂 who says that MIB.. Anywho.. He says the men in black tell him to rekindle sexual friendship with The Russian girl. Then Byrnes wires the girl without her knowledge and she asks if he want to come to conservative meeting of Trump Jr or whomever and Byrnes says no.
    So Russian girl goes to meeting snd Byrnes sits with fbi or MIB LOL , and listenes to whats said at meeting. Byrnes has an untreatable asian form of hep c and i bet he never told the Russian girl. Thats criminal. As for Warren Buffet , he actually started a company , Geico insurance with Patric Byrnes father and Buffet lived in Patric Byrnes family home for a time when Byrnes was a teenager so yes he knows him well. But i believe the SEC license for Blockchain that Patric Byrnes was granted even though none of the other bitcoin companies could not get , Byrnes was given as a favor or pay ? I do not believe he was not aware of absolutely everything he did. Also video is available 2016 of Byrnes supporting Johnson for President and Byrnes called Trump names and said Hillary might off someone ? He said in a lecture that he hates wallstreet and goldman sachs who cost him 30 million dollars in a dispute. Cruz' wife worked at Sachs and Hillary got money from sachs as did Rubio. But i believe he really doesnt want to get offed so Hillarys name is the first when he says " oh i helped the men in black blackmail Hillary and spy on Rubio and Cruz , when obviously those 3 were all in on the Russiagate scandal.. Too much evidence for that to ignore.

  57. If we give this entire Russia hopes any sort of focus, we have to ask ourselves how it's possible for basically simple, unelected agents of the DOJ and FBI could possibly cobble together this entire disaster? What makes it even more amazing and difficult to accept is that anyone who could actually put this together and put it out there, would probably be intelligent enough to not be dropping breadcrumbs all through the setup.

    If you are trying to overthrow the United States government, would you use the United States government phone, e-mail system, or any thing at all. That could connect you to what you're doing? I really hate these FBI guys,/people, and I would mock them for eternity because it's an incredible effort that can only indicate. Unfortunately, a great deal of intelligence and capability, but how stupid is it to talk about it on "an open phone line." After but are Democrats, and every other evil pig on the planet, that you would actually create an e-mail trail, that leads right back to you? It's not only illogical and improbable, it's downright stupid, which as far as I'm concerned, means it's the Democrats.

    If the stupid people hadn't put things down on text message services and on e-mails, no one, would be the wiser. It's a frightening thought, but the other stupidity of someone bragging to their girlfriend that they could do this, all the while depending on the idea of spying, is completely improbable. It's stupid, it's asinine, and it's got "Democrat" written all over it. The queen bee, actually thought no one would notice her e-mail server, and she is the head honcho, the great seditionist and traitor, it would seem rational that having been caught and robbed of her life's dream, you'd think others would realize "hey. We're gonna commit an incredible crime, we probably shouldn't write it down."

    If it's in comprehensively stupid: there is going to be a(D) . Next to it.

    But it will require even more stupidity in the upper echelons of government., In our "leaders" are happy to indulge in that experience.

    Oh by the way, "repeal the 17th amendment!" Give government back to the people.

  58. At this point , if an FBI agent said good morning to me I would not utter a sound without at least three lawyers present . Dam shame , from the worlds greatest law enforcement agency to an Enemy of the Constitution .

  59. Juan starts off by saying he was forced out of his companies. Left-wing spin/slander from the start. This Overstock CEO has already said he went over this in a manner of moving away from his very successful companies and new startups to break ties as to not effect their success. Why can't the news be reported verbatim without lies? Despicable!

    Edit. There is a way to prove this, he has emails from the contacts.

  60. Could only watch 2 minutes of this, can't stand that f*cking Williams voice!

  61. Wait n see game .

  62. Fox news is even creating it's own news stories these days… Guess it's an entertainment channel now!

  63. R.I.P. that guy..

  64. Patrick Byrne was not "forced" to resign Juan. You weren't listening wre you, you stupid fuk-stick.

  65. Patrick Byrne was not "forced" to resign Juan. You weren't listening wre you, you stupid fuk-stick.

  66. Patrick Byrne was not "forced" to resign Juan. You weren't listening wre you, you stupid fuk-stick.

  67. Patrick Byrne was not "forced" to resign Juan. You weren't listening wre you, you stupid fuk-stick.

  68. It's hard to imagine Juan is really this ignorant. Is he paid to act that way?

  69. I've been looking into this, it looks like the girl was not a spy. More disinformation linked to the Russians. Well you are talking about this the bad guys go free.

  70. Hold it, Byrne was forced to resign or, did he resign? They talk about Byrne but show no clips of BYRNE? Why would I want to listen to this?

  71. I believe its totally true. Given the corruption of the FBI at the top.

  72. why don't you have Warren Buffet on

  73. Why does everyone give so much credence to the FBI when they have thier fingerprints on all of this. Rogue clandestine NWO waterboys?

  74. The only reason she is in prison now is because they put her in solitary confinement UNTIL she agreed to take a plea.

  75. So funny, everyone is laughing as the "deep state" keeps rolling along. How many times do the five have to say, "he may be crazy" in order for us to believe it. This is what the deep state does best, discredit the accusers as much as possible until the story goes away. This has been going on for over 50 years.

  76. You guys have simply confirmed that his story is true. All that

    is documentary evidence.

    Greg, what are you thinking of? If he's telling the truth, what difference does it make whether he's nuts or not?

  77. Why do people always say something is 'bizarre' or it sounds like 'something out of a 'spy novel' whenever they hear something that doesn't fit into their world view perspective?
    The bigger question is …WHY can't it be true? And it was apparent by the careful choice of words used by everyone on The Five and reading between the lines…they discredited Patrick Byrne without coming right out and saying it boldly. The American public's stubborn inability to look beyond their own narrow biases and perspectives of what they think/believe the world is or should be…is their Achilles heel and it will be the eventual downfall of our country. Its past time that people stop listening to the media and start remembering what it used to be like to think for themselves.

  78. Juan it wasn’t just Hilldabeast…… it was also President Trump And others!! Quit trying to push your narrative!!!

  79. McCabe and Comey have no credibility whatsoever

  80. What reason does a multi-millionaire have to put himself out there like this?
    It's not like he's trying to get off on other charges you got played by FBI top brass McCabe Comey Peter strzok same f**** names he's pissed cuz he finally realize that they played him

  81. I believe him. Period.

  82. Juan Williams: "Can he prooove anything, like for example are there any pictures of him and Maria Butina?" woof

  83. This is too stupid from a man this smart …Patrick is a con being conned ..he’s trying to protect Hillary or was and why no lawyer really ..
    He doesn’t want to go to jail..he might have been part of scam against Trump if first try failed.

  84. stopped watching the moment host said "he was forced to resign".

  85. Juan, that my friend is real non bias journalism you just engaged in. Without opinion. Thank you sir.

  86. Wow! Caught up in Bitcoin Laundromat and now he's back tracking the lies he told Martha. Alzheimer? Bad Memory that he was the keynote speaker at NRA so he lied about the dates, what's next?

  87. How many more people will come out now as sleeping with Russian Spy, Maria Butina. She's now the reason for illegal activity.

  88. there are real problems with his story . and yes they are lying through his teeth.

  89. The men in black were working a trap for anyone they wanted or did not want. Laying down the tracks to set a trap and then spring the trap.

  90. You folks are really damaging in some of the trash you say.

  91. this is like a Shi# Show and it just keeps getting better

  92. Wake up America, were falling apart.. this faux news station is dividing us

  93. JUAN have you apologized for the Russia collusion narrative you have spun? Do you Feel apologetic Because here's another one You definitely won't apologize for. You do make a great whipping post And I'm sure are paid well Best wishes I know it's just a job. Dam it you do it well

  94. Has anybody gone to the prison where the Russian Spy is being held and asked her? She has nothing to loose so she probably won't lie.

  95. The timing of Byrne is suspicious, i'm a sceptic at this point.

  96. I like Byrne generally and find him believable

  97. Is Juan mentally slow…he kept saying Hillary Clinton's name as the only person being looked into by this Russian chick. I mean he's truly despicable. He has no bottom in his delusions. He still can't admit that he's been wrong and an idiot during this entire Russian hoax!

  98. Strzok should be tried for treason among the rest of the leftist involved

  99. He was not FORCED to resign he did it All on his own!!!!! Juan Juan Juan!!!!

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