The Fiend makes a cameo on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

The Fiend makes a cameo on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

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  1. Bray : I'm the best thing on Raw

    Truth: I'm also too

    Dolph : It's should have been me

  2. I'm lovin it this is keeping wwe on track

  3. Today I learned a new word…. Sociopath !! Thanks Bray !!! 👍👍

  4. Firefly Funhouse recap show, huh?

  5. So many good times at the fun house 🏡 ❤️

  6. It's good that r-truth has someone to carry wwe with

  7. I'm still terrified the WWE is gonna screw this up…The best thing they've had going in a LONG time…please dont mess this up!!!

  8. Legend says -:
    "Demon Vince" still hidden behind the "Door" !

  9. I want the fiend vs roman reigns.

  10. Not gonna lie bray Wyatt got me back into fitness on how much he has slimmed down for this character

  11. Promo to WWE Hell in A Cell 2019 Sunday 6 Octuber😈😈😈😈😈😈

  12. Just let him go after Rollins and the title, please.


  14. So excited to see what's in store on more Firefly Fun House coming soon!

  15. This gimmick is what pro wrestling is all about ….larger than life characters. It's really not that difficult……

  16. Mat was in the crowd

  17. Follow my voice don't have a choice. Let Him In!

  18. 1:22 when I'm in the kitchen eating delicious meal and cat behind door

  19. CM PUNK 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 CM PUNK 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  20. Ruin bray this time we riot

  21. No we don't want to see your sercet we want to see you in the ring

  22. 1:23 when u start choking on the water

  23. too bad you pulled back on his look…. he came out one of the scariest ideas you've ever had and you minimized him because kids got scared ???? WWEak

  24. So now you're saying schizophrenia is something to be laughed at?

  25. Alot of people are going to dress up like the Fiend for Halloween this year!

  26. Ok I think it's about time Bray Wyatt get a Movie.

  27. It’s sad to think that there are probably many characters designed by wrestlers with similar amounts of originality as the fiend that will never see the light of day due to the pg family orientated scheme of wwe. Hopefully WWE will allow more characters which actually get the fans interested to debut on tv

  28. I think that's a great pickup line just think about it go up to a woman at the bar and say hey do you want to see my secret? lol

  29. Wait till he meets the DEMON!!!!!

  30. Bray vs the demon !!!!!!!

  31. 1:03 Your wrong, a beated dog may fear you but as soon as you turn you back is going to strike. DJFFNY

  32. Anyone heard about how wwe gotta change Bray because the kids were scared or something?

  33. Laziness, WWE! Stop reusing old clips and give him a damn story line already! The character is all over the place with no purpose! You have him attacking legends and that seems to be going nowhere. Get into his character and give him a reason for what he's doing! your writers have been absolutely useless in this! Stop trying to swerve the audience and write something logical!!!!

  34. Bray Wyatt is a good man. If you let him into your heart, he will lead the way to joy and truth. I was addicted to playing video poker until he counseled me.

  35. I get not wanting to use The Fiend every single week to keep him special but if your going to keep showing little vignettes here and there at least give us a new Firefly Funhouse episode or something else that we haven't seen before. There's a TON of stuff you can do with this character without showing The Fiend character itself.

  36. I hope once he becomes more known with this gimmick. They give him a team, I think Alicia Fox would be great by his side.

  37. I see the FIEND, I hit LIKE

  38. Great character horrible show

  39. Yeah we’ve already seen this so

  40. The Fiend laughs like Reverend Henry Kane.

  41. Don’t blow this please. Only reason I watch.

  42. Fear is the power

  43. This has so much potential

  44. The Fiend Is Here

  45. Alister Black Promo : I'm waiting for Someone who knoks The Door
    Bray Wyatt Promo : Just Let Me In.
    Bray Wyatt vs Alister Black confirmed

  46. The Fiend is such a great character, really hope they don’t mess him up

  47. We're really glad that you are fiend
    and this is a fiendship that will never ever end

  48. I wanna see him take someone out with that giant mallet lol

  49. Omg that scream was from spiderman 1 when the apartment building is on fire and goblin turns around hahaha

  50. "People worship what they fear."
    LOL Christians literally tell everyone to fear God like it's a good thing. You shouldn't be afraid of someone you love who's supposed to love you too.

  51. He can't speak clearly
    But laughs

  52. I think they should not use laugh track at the end anymore it makes it feel more gimmicky.. Just leave it to darkness and silence let the viewer wonder

  53. Bray Wyatt is what has me watching wrestling after not watching for like 20 years! More Bray PLEASE!

  54. 0:25 WWE finally paid attention to their lure 👀

  55. If there was trailer with just him in it’ll make a killing

  56. He's gonna get someone. Soon.
    When he let's him in at hell in a cell

  57. Isaid it be great for MK and WWE to do a cross over DLC pack. get Undertaker in there, kane, the fiend, the demon. and you know HHS ego wouldn't allow him to be left out.

  58. i really hope we get to start seeing more of Bray i really hope they dont just bring him out for special occasions and then just have him come out and attack someone now and again

  59. Could it be as simple as the fiend merely wanting some tv time?

  60. Since rey mysterio is coming on raw on Monday Why not have the fiend show up

  61. The Fiend reminds me somehow to the Venom – Eddie Brock relationship… asking to take over .. “let me in”

  62. Really good show .. in a sick way lol

  63. is this character based on resident evil 7??

  64. I would love to see his next target get attacked in a unique way. I can imagine the lights going out with someone in the ring like we've seen. They know what's coming and try to run but this time the Fiend doesn't show. The Funhouse comes on and the Fiend is on the "happy" version but instead of just him on the show, he has whoever we see was just in the ring trying to run away on the Funhouse with the Fiend. The Fiend just stares at the screen with the next victim we see in the arena and also on the Funhouse and he just mercilessly beats them and makes them watch. He gets the giant sledge hammer we saw him use on the Rabbit and just before he comes down with it on his victim, it cuts out and we see the wrestler in the arena watching completely confused and terrified. Trippy, maybe campy, but if done right would look awesome.

  65. I love Firefly Fun 🏡

  66. Kids are crying and mothers are threatening to sue the wwe

  67. The fun house is basically a dark version of blues clues and sesame street

  68. Bray wyatt has come up with two phenomenal characters : The Eater of World and now The Fiend… All of Mcmahon has to do now is to "LET HIM WIN"

  69. Wyatt vs braun for universal champion @ hell in the cell 2019

  70. I hope woken Matt hardy appears in an episode of firefly funhouse

  71. The fiend sucks and you should feel bad. Bring back HUSKY HARRIS!

  72. You just have to bolieve.

  73. Universal Title….please

  74. Go to Sleep Mean GTS CM PUNK

  75. Now from this stage WWE can make this character a legend… Plz don't ruin it

  76. Im going to be the fiend for Halloween
    Everyone bet

  77. I still wish there was a way to bring Jake the Snake back to work with Bray. I always wanted Jake to comeback as an elder in the Wyatt family. Give him a trench coat. Bleach his hair white. It would be so good.

  78. Just lemme see commentary normalise this character in a heartbeat good god. Please point out how crazy he is.

    Make him a loveable heel. Basically, we love him. But Kayfabe commentary hate him and play that whole "he's killing him in there" approach while one commenter is a heel who while still thinking he is overboard, shows respect to the fiend and trys to defend accusations put upon him.

    But still! This heel commentator acknowledges he's a bad guy but still likes him, the other two just hate him strait up.

    I dunno. I just wanna hear a dynamic in commentary. Arguments or points of discussion that are being completely thrown away by the lack of opposing views… these can really emphasize the strange murderous intent of this character.

    Point out stuff like this, talk about backstage, make it real, if someone got knocked out in a real wrestling match you wouldn't just say "oh and a super kick" Youd be asking is he ok, or screaming for the ref to check him. Let the audience do the screaming for you (or use the heel commentator as the back up scream)

    You get the gist, emphasize the moves, feel the realism.

  79. This is a great character for WWE right now

  80. Bahubali Bahubali

  81. With the fiend/bray being this good in the PG era can you imagine him being in the attitude era it would be insanely good lol

  82. I’d love to see a long universal championship run with the Fiend , him basically being unstoppable, piledriving through all opponents.

    It’s been a long while since we’ve seen a decent long championship run.

  83. The fiend vs Brock lesnar. C'mon WWE. Gotta make that one happen.

  84. Fiend should attack Stone Cold in September and retire the Undertaker at Survivor Series before eliminating John Cena Last at the Royal Rumble so he can beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.


  86. Go to sleep you old hag

  87. You woke me up for this?! It better be good.

    Abby the Witch is hilarious

  88. I love the whole gimmick but what are people’s opinions on Wyatt’s wrestling?

    Does it entertain you?

    I find his gimmick is more entertaining but his wreslting isn’t the most entertaining

    (I’m not a wrestler so my opinion doesn’t really have education to it, It’s just based on watching wwe for the last 20 years). so once again I’m not educated

  89. The Fiend vs Retro Kane would’ve been epic

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