The Death of Socrates: How To Read A Painting

The Death of Socrates: How To Read A Painting

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  1. Don't lie, it is an ancient meme

  2. Wonderful narration 👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Great video! Absolutely loved it!

  4. In 1787 how many people were literate? Telling us how to "read" a painting when we can just "read" Socrates is retarded. What happen to experiencing things and interrupting for yourself? T.V. rules all you fools in the land of trump, who needs to think for themselves?

  5. So Socrates is Greek Jesus :'O

  6. Best thing I watched today

  7. this is as much art as the subject

  8. And what abt the TIME all this happened… possibly late night…

  9. What if he is just asking for one more drink and raising his hand to say. Lets partyy. People are upset coz he is drinking too much?

  10. Well, i'd keep it short. This is the causal chain, when comfronted with death, which may even be demanded (center).
    Right side: getaway – disbelieve – sadness – recognition – sympathy
    Left side: acceptance – despair – reminiscent desolation
    When you have gone through all, you can wave goodbye and leave this as past with the left ones you have.

    It is kind of like todays divorces. 😉

  11. @ 5:45 ! (Huge point – of the 3 Main Statements – possibly 1st)

    Clearly the Artist was both of their "Plato" as well.

  12. It's so beautiful….It made me cry.

  13. Now.. do this same kind of analysis on a white painting. Because as the artists themselves say, there is an endless sea of emotion in the lines of white paint.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. Even though I hated art in school, I've always interested in it and want to understand it or at least have a better glimpse into it, so your video is do just that in a very interesting way.

  15. Great video! 👍

  16. I used to mock Socrates for arguing himself to death. As I’ve grown older all I have is admiration for Socrates.

  17. The closer you are to the truth the tighter the rope around your neck.

  18. I did not think a simple picture has such deep meaning but hard to understand…..

  19. Overthinking at its best

  20. That Plato thought!

  21. Fascinating — thank you!

  22. Saw the original at the Met in '81. Much smaller than one would think. One cool detail: in the far distance the last person ascending the stairs looks back toward us with a stricken face identical to the classical tragic mask.

  23. This is so cool. Loved every bit of it

  24. "How to understand art." 😂😂😂 If it has to be explained to you, it's NOT good art. 🙄

  25. He's giving them the finger …..


  27. I still want to hear directly from the artist "yep, these are al my intentions", i still feel like we are reading too much into paintings

  28. wow you just changed my whole thinking about art i never really took any interest in these things and always thought they're boring but damnnnn that was sooo deep thank you 🙂

  29. Ohkayyy….. I see the art in a new light

  30. people in the comments just cant stop making jokes and begging for likes even in videos like these, its sad sometimes

  31. Now, this is art, not that white canvas bullshit.

  32. There is need of in depth knowledge of history to read the painting in a just way

  33. That's not Socrates. That's Thiccrates

  34. why was this subtitled in jew?

  35. Bruh i dont understand the art of reading art. Splash paint on a piece of paper and everyone will look at it differently. I think the art of reading a picture is entirely depended on your own perspective and experience, maybe reading a paint can say a lot about a person more than you would expect. Its all perspective. offcourse there are somethings wich overlap that everyone can get at.

  36. I start by looking at it.

  37. Love love love love lovvvvvve it !!

  38. "How to Read a Painting" (no need to capitalise the "a"), was 10-15% reading of this painting, and the rest a history lesson on the death of Socrates. What you have done is to describe the knowledge and genius of David, having been able to inscribe so much historical content into one still frame.
    Whilst the actual readings of the painting as a painting were brief, I enjoyed the readings of this painting. Nevertheless this was not a "how to…" video.
    I hope you referenced Will Durant for your words on the links between Plato and Socrates (5:18). Couple of phrases there almost verbatim from his book, The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time.
    Also you may have it wrong about the person handing the hemlock to Socrates. It is more likely from the clothes and their positioning, his gesture and apparent age in contrast to all others, that he is Socrates' boy…if you know what I mean.
    Your reading from the back of Plato's head as a projection of memory – I'm sold! Loved that reading.

    Although it could be Larry David is on the box at the foot of the bed, not Plato. L.D.

  39. I thought this was gonna be some bullshit video where someone who finnished school is pretending to know something and says some smart things that dont make any sense. Thank Goodness I was wrong 🙂

  40. I love that idea of a dream or memory of Plato, thank you for the insight!

  41. brilliant. Thanks for the share….this was fantastic

  42. As I thought, a painting is completely opaque to me unless a great deal of effort is maid to research said painting.

  43. Plato seems be the flatist of them all. This painting maybe really about Plato.

  44. Absolutely brilliant.!!

  45. I think Socrates was a prophet

  46. By far the best video ever seen

  47. how to read when someone is all sham no lol, he articulates alot. sees great depth in stuff, talks about complexity.

  48. Thank you random YouTube recommendation in July 2019

  49. Artworks like this are the reason why ordinary people reject modern art. We don't want the likes of Pollock's splatter being compared with this.

  50. So… I now need to look into the connection this guy "David" (Willing to bet that is not his real name) has to Adam Weisshaupt and The Illuminati…

  51. Socrates of course immediately regretted his pig headed stubbornness and idealism once the raw, inescapable suffering began. Death by hemlock can apparently take hours. Symptoms are seizures, rapid heart rate, frothing at the mouth, and respiratory distress. Death comes via a final, horribly long seizure.

  52. Wrong title. It's not "the death of Socrates". It's " the death of death"

  53. Amazing, thank you !! 🙂

  54. Perhaps… perhaps. ORRRR! Perhaps not… Perhaps not. That is the question isn't it? Wait, I think I might be onto something hear…. My interpretation is that socks (as they once called him) was saying ,"up yours!" And as he pointed upward ol' socks was mimicking shooting a fowl later the middle finger was used and it was called "shooting a bird" and still, to this very day means, "hey guy, up yours! " IT WAS later misinterpreted as, "sit & spin." Sorry to bust your bubble mister nerd.

  55. Kya aapki har artist ki videos hindi me available ho sakengi


  57. someone know the name of the paint in the minute 2:32????''?'

  58. Socrates has a female skeletan and enjoys throwing satanic hand gestures;

    she's a WITCH

  59. I am astounded that you failed to mention the shackles at Socrates' feet beneath the bed as if to declare that death is about to free him from the shackles of the governments of men.

  60. Really love your videos❣❣❣

  61. This is not a "how to read a painting", this is "dude who read up on the thing gushes over a thing"

  62. I feel your video has a great impact on the legacy of Jacques-Louis David. Truly.

  63. We are just putting words into paintings ourselves.

  64. hebrew subtitles
    My brain: So 9pm tops?

  65. David: *puts signature on Crito's seat* hell yeah i can totally make my name look like a cool engraving on this chair

    Nerdwriter: It's because he connects with Crito

  66. I what i see in the painting is that everyone is face palming.
    Socrates: I will drink this hemlock and die!
    The rest, including the one who gave the hemlock: *face palms

  67. You and I will never be a hero like Socrates

  68. Будем друзьями? давай подписиваться=) что вас вдохновляет

  69. 2:10 oh so that explains how they used to store stuff in ancient times. It's so simple they just had 1 extra hand for holding more stuff. Genius.

  70. does anyone know what is engraved in the stone that Crito sits, the drawing not his signature

  71. Beautifully put. Congratulations and keep the good work!

  72. I have options this options are for all same

  73. how to read a painting : pretend you're understanding anything at all, and pretend you appreciate the colored thing, so the rest think u're the shit, or something. ,,,, how far got humans….

  74. That was the best analysis of a piece of art I’ve ever heard. Absolutely gripping from beginning to end!

  75. Too bad he was making little boys suck him off so they could “learn”

    also Thomas Jefferson was at that painting unveil because of his love for Thomas Weishaupt and the French Revolution he initiated with his “illuminati”

  76. Your commentary is a "work of genius!"

  77. Since the immortal soul is nonsense, and death is the absolute end of perception, Socrates won’t have to regret not fighting for his life.

  78. You are a genius too

  79. Bravo & thank you!

  80. This is how to read this painting… not every painting. There is not always hidden meaning in great works of art.

  81. What a load of rubbish! This is akin to being able to "hear" Autumn in Vivaldi's Autumn which is nothing but a delusion. This condescending man descends upon us with his personal interpretation of a paintaing and advertises it as authentic. Art is indeed a domain dominated by delusional imbeciles.

  82. Wow nice

  83. Why couldn't he be ripped?

  84. this is my suggestion to you and to all youtuber that make legit information about art, music, or anything worth to tell. please. please. please I beg you all to put the subs in english. Because I'm a non English speaker and my english understanding without the subs especially some facts with more complex explanations are so medium to low. I bet many people out there are just like me. when i like to learn something new, then suddenly I've lost my interest because of this. thank you and I hope you and other youtubers will find this message.

  85. This video is a work of genius. Thank you for your analysis.

  86. Holy Shit i wanetd to draw a mural for Crimson king . And i just realised where the idea for having teh scene esplode out of a characters head came to me. Thank you

  87. I love everything about this video. Bravo 👏🏻

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